Welcome to Hack the Classroom with Anthony Salcito
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Welcome to Hack the Classroom with Anthony Salcito

>>Hello and welcome
to Hack the Classroom. I’m Anthony, and I’m so happy to have you
join us here today. We have an amazing session
for you today with some great educators from around the world and I’m sure
you’re going to love it. This theme is really
important to all of us. It’s about changemakers. We’re going to be celebrating some amazing changemakers
on stage here, and I know all of you
watching around the world, are changemakers
in your own right. Now, change is critical. It’s important, but
it’s about people. Not about technology
and about process, it’s about you and how
you can inspire students to drive the change that we
need to see in the world. We often celebrate
educators as heroes, and I know the heroes are driving change in the classroom. Change is constant
and it’s growing, but it’s about mindfulness. How do we shift expectations
of what’s possible? How do we change
the expectations of students on what they want
to achieve in the future? And how do we use the work that we do in and out of the classroom to shift that dynamic mindset
to help the world? We know our students are eager to use your insight and education experience to put their talents to use to make the world
a better place. Today, we’re going to learn from educators who are putting change in the classroom, making it possible for their students
to achieve some great things. Now, one of the things
about education is we often hear that we’re not
changing fast enough, and I think we should
dispel that myth. The reality is change is
happening all around us. I see it when I travel to
classrooms around the world. We often hear this example that, if you took a surgeon out
of a hospital theater from 100 years ago and put him or her into an
operating room today, that she would not know what
to do with the tools and techniques and practices because things have changed so much. But if you took a teacher out of a classroom 100 years ago, and put him or her into
a classroom today, they’d feel right at home. That’s often used to criticize the realities of
change happening in education. I want to dispel that. I think we need to bring
a new growth mindset to this dynamic and recognize that
teaching is timeless… that the roles
educators play to drive impact to unleash the talents and students is not
going to change. What changes is the way in which students see
themselves in the world, the workplace that we’re
preparing for with the skills that are
needed to drive the future. That’s changed. That’s changed dramatically. The way in which
students use tools, technology to connect, to share, to learn has fundamentally
and forever changed. The workplace that
we’re preparing students for,
the skills required, the talent gaps have fundamentally
and forever changed. Change is constant. You’ll continue to change as
we go along and I’m happy to celebrate some amazing heroes who are driving that change. To join me, a
changemaker herself, please welcome Sonja to take us through
the session today.>>Awesome. Thank you,
Anthony. Thank you so much.

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