Welcome to Borrego Springs Unified School District
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Welcome to Borrego Springs Unified School District

“My teacher is good.” “Every day I learn something new.” “I
wake up and not going to work.” “I prayed they would offer me a job. Being a teacher is a high stress job, but being in Borrego is not. “You recreate yourself and you refind yourself out here.” “It’s easy to make friends here.” Borrego Springs is a jewel of a little town located right in the middle of this vast
Anzo Borrego State Park. It’s eclectic It is dynamic. One of only two dark sky towns in all United States People come out here just to gaze at the night sky. We have three thousand year-round residents. Come october with this huge influx of snowbirds overnight. We have orchestras. We have symphonies. We have art shows. They change the picture of this
town. They also become a part of the school The community is very supportive of its youth and
everyone wants to come together and help us and support us we have good one people that are
involved with clubs and sports The events that happen here at the school, we
always have a wonderful turnout parent involvement having volunteers
here is great Your opinion truly matters the district really listens to your ideas for possible changes or improvement. You get to make a lot of
decisions on your own You wanna work in this just because we’re
small and small can be so good. They aren’t dictating exactly how they want me to teach. I can adjust that
year to year based on my students’ needs. There’s nobody breathing down your
back and saying “are you on page 27?” We have some freedoms to be creative There are opportunities for growth; enormous
opportunities. That means you can wear a lot hats-as a principle I do everything
from remove rattlesnakes, to clean the bathroom, and take car of a sick
child. you have this incredible idea for some activity for the entire school.
You’re listened to and everyone goes, “okay what can we do to make this happen?” our population is basically very low
socio-economic, many many English language learners I wasn’t born here, I was born in Mexicali. I live in some city and I get to school on the bus. We have to get up at five forty five or something like that. It’s no big deal though. You get used to doing it, so it’s kind of fun. Borrego Springs is a very small community;
there are a lot of opportunities we have things going on in our llittle
school would never find in a big city There’s a UC Irvine Research Center out here. There’s a
paleontology lab PhD volunteers from Harvard who come out
here and work Students are interfacing with really some highly
educated and great cultural events. great place to work because of the kids I want to major in psychology, that’s my passion when I get out of school I would like to
be an architect I’m looking forward to going to Borrego Springs High School We’re all one community. One school. One family. So I think that’s the most important thing. we are not a little quiet dusty town, we
are a vibrant desert town, surrounded with fabulous
people and families and students. They just trust you to teach, so it’s very, very pleasant. I truly never want to leave this place. I love it. I love it. If you’re thinking of coming here to teach, preschool to high school, you can make a
huge difference

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