Weird Japanese School Rules
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Weird Japanese School Rules

We went looking for strange rules at schools
around the world and discovered that at Longhill High School in the UK the rules are nothing
out of the ordinary. Students aren’t allowed to smoke in school,
no running in the halls, etc. But things get stricter when we hear students
can’t wear jewelry, nor can they use their phones unless it’s break, or lunchtime,
and they are in a “Phone Zone.” Westlake high school in New Zealand tells
its students they can’t have visible tattoos and they shouldn’t bring knives or pornographic
material to school. N.K. Public School in Jaipur, India, doesn’t
want its female students to wear fancy ribbons in their hair- and just in case anyone still
owns these things- bringing CDs, VCDs, or DVDs to school is forbidden. But as you probably know, the Japanese often
do things differently. Today we’ll find out how, in this episode
of the Infographics Show: Most Insane Japanese School Rules. Respect
It’s a Japanese custom to show respect, and that certainly counts in the classroom. When students greet a teacher they must bow,
which isn’t really anything unusual if you know Japan. But there are unwritten rules, such as students
can’t sit on tables as that is impolite. One former English teacher wrote in the Irish
Times that you must learn etiquette in Japanese schools, and that includes using a more formal
Japanese when you meet the bigwig, the principal. He said his students were always courteous
and polite and the worst thing he ever had to deal with was students falling asleep. This is a far cry from most schools in the
west. No subs
In the west students often take advantage of their substitute teacher, either by not
studying or just being a pain in the backside for the poor sub. Well, in Japan you will rarely see a substitute
teacher. If a teacher doesn’t turn up students are
expected to sit quietly and study. According to some sources, that’s exactly
what they do. While not an insane school rule, it certainly
seems pretty crazy for most Westerners. Everyone’s a Cleaner
In most schools around the world you might catch a glimpse of the janitors as they arrive
after school, but in Japan the students are expected to get down on their hands and knees
and clean. The Japan Times tells us cleaning or “o-soji”
is something all students must do, though the school still hires professional janitors. The writer says that while the kids do an
ok job, they don’t clean so well that you could eat your lunch off the floor. The writer, a former teacher in a Japanese
school, said student cleaning happened 4 times a week and each session lasted for 20 minutes. Student’s don’t just clean their own class
either, but are expected to clean other areas of the school as well. Shoes Off
A student’s cleaning job might not be that hard, because in Japanese schools you should
take your outdoor shoes off and exchange them for your indoor shoes that you keep in your
locker or on a shelf. It’s the same when you go to the gym, you
must have a separate pair of indoor gym shoes. Hmm, that could get expensive. Get Smart
Ok, so many schools have rules about appearance, but Japan takes it a step further. It may change from school to school, but one
blogger wrote that when she taught in a Japanese school students had to follow very strict
rules regarding how they looked. It goes without saying that uniforms must
be worn, and they must not look ragged- even when you are wearing your uniform outside
of school. If you are a boy, you cannot have long hair,
even in the back- so no mullets! Girls can’t wear scrunchies and hair bands
can never be tied around the wrist. On top of that, no makeup, no hair dye, no
nail polish, no colored contacts, no plucked eyebrows, and definitely no wearing of necklaces,
rings, watches, or earrings. It gets crazier. In 2017 The Japan Times wrote that one 18-year
old girl was suing her school because the school had threatened her with expulsion if
she didn’t dye her naturally brown hair black. The school thought her natural hair was already
dyed. Don’t fall in love
One American blogger who worked as a teacher in a Japanese school said his school banned
“romantic involvements.” The Japan Times writes that this was a rule
for a long time but it didn’t stop Japanese school kids from dating. In fact, surveys show that many students were
at it. Sometimes these relationships weren’t great,
with women’s rights organizations saying a lot of these affairs involved “violence,
coercion and restrictions.” One survey found that “27 percent of the
female students said they suffered psychological violence such as verbal abuse.” Maybe dating should be allowed, but teachers
and parents should talk to kids about how it should be done. No Late Nights
In Japan students have curfews, and that usually means they cannot be outside on the streets
after 10pm. In Tokyo it’s 11 pm, and the police will
pick you up if you violate curfew. According to the Japan Times many of the arrests
(picked up but not charged) were of foreign kids that just couldn’t follow the rules
after coming from countries where staying out late is a given. The paper wrote in 2015, “Last year, in
karaoke parlors alone, Japanese police picked up more than 18,000 minors and brought them
in for guidance against smoking and staying out too late.” If you are young and going to Japan, you might
want to read up on the rules. Be on time
Arriving late to school in Japan, even by a couple of minutes, is a much worse offense
than it is in most western schools. Each school has its own rules, but if a student
comes late a few times that could mean being given a week of very early morning cleaning
duties. Sit straight and eat up
In Japan lunch is usually served in the classrooms. And while Japan is famous for serving excellent
nutritional food (maybe that’s why Japanese people live so long) students are also made
to follow standards of etiquette and are expected to finish their well-balanced meal. That’s not a rule, but wasting food is looked
down on. One website writes this about lunchtime, “All
of the students come prepared for lunch with reusable chopsticks, a cloth placemat and
napkin, a cup, and a toothbrush.” Yep, you have to clean those teeth as well
as clean the room. Overtime
Until 1992 students were going to school six days a week, Monday through Saturday.. The 6-day week was still a thing with some
students after 1992, but it wasn’t by law. Japan Today wrote in 2013, “Nationwide,
1,100 elementary (5.7%) and 590 junior high schools (6.4%) are conducting classes on Saturdays.” However, Japan’s Ministry of Education,
Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, has over the last few years been mulling over
a reintroduction of the 6-day week for everyone. Would that suit you? Get off your phone
Throughout Japan most schools will not allow students to use a phone inside the school. They can have them and use them outside the
school, but certainly not indoors. Some schools have banned even just bringing
phones to school.. One city, Kariya city in Aiichi prefecture,
took that a step further, banning any student under the age of 15 from using a phone after
9pm anywhere in the city. You’d be in a lot of trouble there if caught
out after 10pm taking a selfie of your newly plucked eyebrows. Do you think you could live with these rules? Which would be hardest not to break? Are they a good thing or a bad thing? Tell us what you think in the comments, and
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100 thoughts on “Weird Japanese School Rules

  1. (No jewerly )
    Me : is that strict in arabs schools no phones to school no jewelry no bandanas 😬😬 i think that is strict

  2. 3:54 WELL THEN we wont make any babies THANKS TO JAPAN SHID NO LOVE RULE

    Edit: What i mean if japan doesnt allow grown up to make babies
    Then how are we suppose to be born
    If it werent for japan SHID rule

    Any people who is offended sorry.

  3. Infographics. my shcool we dont have a library, science room, computer room, and we came at shcool cleaning so i would go on shcool late.

  4. In France you are allowed to smoke in a high school as long as you’re outside but still in the school property.

  5. In my High School, we're not allowed to use mobile phones AT ALL. (Were allowed to bring them for walking back home)

  6. My old school doesn't allow phones, like bringing it, or specific jewelry in school. Hair ties must only be either black, white, or green. Highschool gym shoes should be white canvass and it's a pain when it rains. It's also not allowed to have dyed hair. No relationships. No colored nails. No make up. Socks have to cover the ankle or you get a written warning. Skirt has to be below the knee or you get a written warning. Must water undershirt and have a skin tone bra. Well, it's normal at this point -_-

  7. In my school from grade 1-6 we had indoor and outdoor shoes too! Now we don’t unless it’s winter.

  8. 😂 you think the UK one is strict.

    -No phones at all, if you do detention.
    – Only drinking water unless it’s in the canteen/playground.
    -No walking through reception.
    -5 minutes late, detention.

  9. Some of the rules are crazy, but showing respect, eating, cleaning up and using a uniform are not bad at all

  10. Most of these sound normal besides no dating smoking and 10-11PM curfew ? no wonder their sucide ratio is that high to many cancer rules

    anime doe

  11. 私はこのアプリを愛していたが、それは私がそれをやったも知らなかったが、私は私が何をしていたのか分からない

    I don’t know what I just said

  12. Interesting but I do not know where this guy gets his information from…. Maybe from other miss informed you-tubers?

  13. 3:37 that’s pretty much like at my school, except for the hair band, scrunchies, and watch rules. We aren’t allowed jewellery, just a watch and one earring in each ear. We can’t have hair longer than a grade 2 for boys.

  14. In my school (I'm from Poland) students are not allowed to wear bright colours like orange, red, yellow, pink, green and purple cuz these colours are "distracting", so all of my hoodies are only black, grey or navy blue..

  15. In my school, if you bring a phone, they will take it away for the rest of the year. If you bring a phone again, they take it away forever. You can't use your phone ever Girls can't never jewlery, head bands, ribbons, wrongs, braclets, earnings, etc. Boys have to have short hair. If you have air pods they will take it away forever.

  16. Phones In School Really !! In Our India If You Bring Phone To School 1st of all u will get a jhapar(Slap) On Your Face Then Guardian Call And Finally T.C

  17. 0:24 They can't use their phones unless it's break, or lunchtime, and they are in a "Phone Zone."
    Pssh, my school doesn't allow students to bring phones there.

    And also I don't have a phone so…

  18. In India its a customary rule that students cant bring any smart devices like phones or laptops in case its not told for the class. In case of a surprise raid the bags of all students are checked any time at the day and if your mobile devices are caught it wont be returned any time soon!

  19. My school is also strict. We need to wear belt to school everyday, if we forgot we will need to use ropes as our belts like a suspender as a punishment. Many schools still do 6 days of school in a week. You aren't allowed to use your phone in break time only when finishing school. We have 4 different uniforms and if we wear the wrong one, you will be put in a room as small as an isolation cell to do the work that your teacher gives you. You aren't allowed to leave that room except on break time. You also need to dressup propperly. Shoes need to be black incuding the shoelaces. Socks needed to be white except on friday you need to use black and you need to have your socks 5 cm above your shoe. The punishments are having us to be barefoot for the enire school. After school we are allowed to take our shoes and socks back. The minimum passing score is 75. Thats why many students don't pass. You're not allowed to drink without permission too, but no punishments for that luckily. Getting late often might result in failing in the school and not pass. Any students getting caught swearing is also punished ( only warning for this one). We are not allowed to bring food and drinks outsids the canteen except for water. School says that it is not easy to clean them up if they spill or fall over. Does any of this things happen to you?

  20. I went to a private school in Australia and we had to follow most of these rules. We just didn't have to clean once we reached high school

  21. I legit laughed at this. These are nothing compared to the school I went.

    • Youre not allowed to bring your phone (If you do, you're never getting your phone back that's for sure)
    • You're not allowed to sit on a bench even if the teacher is not there, I saw a student getting slapped because of this.
    • You must greet your teacher properly.
    • You’re not allowed to sit with crossed legs during class.
    • Dating is extremely restricted.
    • You're not allowed to apply makeup, nail polish, hair dye, keep long nails, have any piercing.
    • You must have short hair, you must shave.
    • You are not allowed to drink water during lectures.
    • Nobody cares if youre sick, you still gotta come every single day.
    • Extremely strict dress code.
    • Tests after tests after test after test….
    P. S. All schools in my country aren’t like this. I was just unlucky I guess.

  22. Most of these rules aren't too bad, except the rule that you couldn't go out at night cuz I'm a night owl and no using phone

  23. my school were not aloud: (british)
    shirts untucked
    skirts rolled up
    our own trousers
    trainer socks
    white socks
    phones anywhere
    no smart devices
    chewing gum
    bubble gum
    no makeup
    no acrylics
    bright coloured items
    nail polish
    running in halls
    food inside
    going to toilet in class
    jewellery (only small earrings)
    coloured hair
    fake tan
    our own planners
    to ask for a cup to get waters
    hang in classrooms,bathrooms etc
    spend over £5 in cafeteria
    basically have fun

  24. I go to japan eh its the best but Remeber STRANGER DANGER
    also ive see Students walking Being like an anime girls
    Edit: Yandere simulator anybody??

  25. Japanese here! Everything is true but the being on time thing. I've never heard that rule. If you come late constantly, your grades get bad but that is it. Also you could have included school lunch thing, (that students serve lunch) also in high school, each student club such as baseball club, kendo club, and student councils have their own rules that are even more insane

  26. Only using your phone during a break or lunch is actually a fair rule tbh. I dont think teachers would let their students use their phones during a lesson

  27. Do I get partial credit for simply having the courage to get out of bed and face the world?

    Unfortunately not my boy. I know from experience.

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