Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try 2017! Natalies Outlet
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Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try 2017! Natalies Outlet

I’m gonna look so pretty today in school with my beautiful hair. Straight hair, don’t care and the weather today is What? Rain and showers? I worked so hard on my hair! Fear not, I have a solution. This weird school supply is going to help you maintain beautiful hair whether unexpected rain decides to ruin your parade. Check out this waterproof backpack. And best part is that has a built-in rain hood to help you stay rain proof all year long No rain will literally rain on your parade or in this case your beautiful hairdo And the best part is the backpack is completely waterproof so all your supplies such as computers or notebooks will be safe. Okay These books are not comfortable If you’re feeling a bit tired in class and you have some free time to relax, get yourself a travel napping pillow Seriously, it will make your school big that looks better, and you’ll fuel up some extra z’s anytime anywhere ahh Alright, let me write this down. Oh my gosh was that again. Yeah, page 31 dang it I have to open this This book will stay open if you’re trying to hold a book open on its own if you’re not the thumping book page folder is Here to help simply open your book to the page you want place the book folder in the middle and passions come right through that Way you can multitask open doors read upside down or simply keep the darn book open with just one finger? All right another day of class all right Let’s do this gotta finish typing of this english paper, and I’m done. Oh my God it is so cold in here I swear this teacher makes this class. You’re like antarctica if your class is always cold Here’s a weird, but keep school supply that will always help you stay warm These are heating warm gloves that you can wear in class and connect to your computer or to the wall for some heat use these If you have a lot of typing to do in class put your fingers are stiff from the low temperatures in the classroom They will definitely turn some heads and spark up an interesting conversation with anyone in class very weird But simple have to also make friends despoiler Alright. God makes this classroom to look pretty good. Oh gosh. That looks bad, okay, whiteout time. Oh, okay, not again Okay, let’s make this a little more legible oh my God Oh, no, this looks bad, okay? You what I just give up. Oh this looks so ugly oh All right, sure done is in pencil. All right posture map just erases okay murray Rip oh my God weak paper If you’re constantly making mistakes or your perfectionist when it comes to taking cute notes Here is the Golden solution by abused pen seriously. They’re the best thing to ever happen to my school life career If that’s a thing it doesn’t matter how hard you press on your right or how many mistakes you make it will always erase em With brand new like untouched paper it seriously matchable the best part as the racers never run out They don’t smear they write perfectly they race perfectly and they also have markers I know right yay. Took your notes and let’s ugly mistakes After a long day at school or bus ride near warm drink may no longer be warm so here’s a solution introducing the portable mug warmer Boo-yah connect it and plate the next year that’s any time you want to warm up anything Turn it on and let the Magic begin in just a few seconds It will quickly warm up your drink perfect for any time you’re in need of a warm, homey drink Just be cautious to turn it off after every use right now warm drink at hand If you’re feeling anxious or stressed about a big exam reporter and if you’re finding it hard to concentrate because of your nerves Don’t resort to using things such as chewing gum to relax you because for one you’ll probably make a lot of noise chewing and secondly probably not allow in your class I Would suggest getting yourself a fidget ring similar to a fidget spinner This is used to relax and calm your mind the good thing about this is it’s silent and your teacher won’t find unusual since it Looks just like alright. Let’s dress it means you’ll perform better and get better grades. Oh My glob, I can’t forget to do this tonight. Let me write this in my planner, whoo go Yes time, and no homework get I hear let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go Here’s someone who’s very forgetful of important School deadlines this school? Hack is guaranteed to always help you remember I fell sticky notes right out the most important things We remember that day and stick it right on top of your phone by the time you get home you most likely want to throw? Any photos pull out the window however? Comment below how often do you check your phone with the school hack your guarantee to check your phone and never again forget important deadlines oh My gosh, I’ve been doing work for like five hours my neck oh my god my back Nowadays a lot of school work is on the computer Which can be extremely tiring for your neck since you’re hunched over and looking down if you want some neck and back relief get yourself a laptop stand this will help you stand up straight and have better posture you will also feel much better after hours of Working on forward because you will no longer if you’re looking down on your computer which puts stress on your back and neck say goodbye to those painful days Sticky notes aren’t great But they only have so much place you can write on and you can lose them quickly instead get yourself something like a roller note Roll the sticky note onto your notebook and use it as a way to separate important notes use this to practice math problems by covering the solutions and practicing on one side Sitting for seven hours straight and a school day can be super tiring for your back Very weird schools apply to help you with this is called a wallow cushion Sampler weird, right it looks Super strange But will help with back pain tremendously Wobble cushion is actually consider therapy for people with back problems because the challenges used to find stability and at the same time you’re straightening your core muscles Personally I’m someone who makes a lot. I mean a lot of mistakes If this is you two and having ugly notes bothers you scared a simple school Hack to help use a normal white out to cover up mistakes and then to blend in the mistakes make them look cute with these Awesome decorative white outs. They’re super awesome, and they make any boring class notes that much more fun They also come in a variety of style, so it’s going to make studying that much more fun If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments What is your biggest struggle when it comes to school seriously and his boys is it not knowing? Mask like me or just let me know because I want to make a video all around school struggles to help you guys out click This button right here to be notified of my future uploads. I love you guys so much fiscal year is yours I swear to you. I know I keep doing this it’s you up and now for the giveaway winner If Giveaway was done with all my heart to say thank you So I have the giveaway winner in this envelope just to make it much more dramatic now for the Giveaway winner the Giveaway winner goes to Michael Parris from Texas Well congratulations to you for winning Demamp book giveaway. It is awesome. It is currently on its wake and yesterday I was at Disney Springs and I met a bunch of you from Texas So that was so awesome also last minute thing do not be sad if you did not win I will be having another giveaway very very shortly I’m currently doing this thing where you guys can send me a picture of yourself as a polaroid and it’s going to be Posted on my Brand-new house to get our house in October and this is our phone So if you would like to send me a polaroid of yourselves, just like smiling or saying hi or your text That would be amazing. I love it Send it to this address right here and again gratulations Monica for everything don’t forget to live weird or die normal. Bye oh

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