Weekly Thai Words with Ja – School Supplies
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Weekly Thai Words with Ja – School Supplies

hello welcome back to thai weekly words
with me prathana this week we’ll be learning about school supplies cream
China durian drop Mouse of Highland backpack
Nick Nick Micropulse of Highland idly and the kids use backpacks when they go
to school and cry scissors our second guy para dad he uses scissors to cut the
paper Dean’s of God mechanical pencil Naomi tidings of quote math word inside
Hamada children these days use mechanical pencil more than normal
pencils my band had ruler ten tiny Manhattan
acanthus in I use ruler to draw lines young globe eraser on dick Nixon come
young low crying boy man when I was a kid I lost my eraser very often it’s
something that you never finish because you always lose it before you finish one
and that’s the end for today’s Thai weekly words if you have any comments or
any questions please be sure to let us know and we’ll see you in the next Thai
weekly words

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Thai Words with Ja – School Supplies

  1. I have tried Thai and Vietnamese, but couldn't imitate even a single word! these languages are damn hard. I'm a same Asian though…

  2. I think Kun Kruu speaks a little too fast in Thai. Could you please slow down?
    ขอ พูด ชาๆ ครับ ขอบคุณมากครับ

  3. Not trying to be mean BUT: It his hard; however, you need to practice learning at this speed. She speaks VERY well and clear, and actually, not that fast. If you struggle understanding her, you will never come close to understanding other Thais.

  4. Any chance you will be continuing these lessons? They really do help and it would be very much appreciated if you were to upload more videos in the future. Thank you very much 🙂

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