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100 thoughts on “We Tried Passing A High School Driver’s Test

  1. Omg I love Jazz and Lindsey but the instructor stole the show for me! I was cracking up so much with his reactions and humor😂 “oh they’re not cute”

  2. “You had to parallel park twice and that’s a strike” I have to move like 15 times pulling into a Walmart parking spot so what does that mean

  3. I did not get my licence until I was 28, only got it then due to working shiftwork and having trouble getting to work and getting home.

  4. Also I've had my permit for like 6 yrs lol I've gotton it renewed twice already lol and I still dont feel like I would pass if I took a driving test rn lol

  5. what great timing to upload this….. my behind the wheel driver's test is this friday… and im so nervous 🙁 it's supposed to rain and i'm not familiar with the city i'm taking my test in.

  6. Please take my google survey! It’s for a class project and I need 250 responses!! https://forms.gle/DiNKzaU2buFu9qBW8

  7. As a pretty white girl i would like to say that it doesnt matter what you look like. If you speed you will get pulled over a lot 😓

  8. I usually love them both but jeez this is such a California video, (i.e. a car isn't a necessity to get around so you can just let your license go), I'm so annoyed and agitated 🤣🤣!!!! I'm 22y/o kansas girl, started drivin at 14 but since I was lazy and already driving so i didn't go get my license till 18 and in August this year I went and got my CDL driving is not that hard 🤣

  9. I love this series so much!!!! 😂 I would like them to do something related to college like if they went to a college football game 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Driver's Ed was part of high school but Driver's Training (behind the wheel) cost $$. I didn't get my license until I was 27, no car so I figured I didn't need it.

  11. Wait, wait, wait. California stop? I've always heard California roll cause like- you're not really stopping. you're rolling.

  12. Good to see you girls doing great. Good to see that jazz passed her exams and license. Congrats girl. Now, you're free and wild to drive. Some of the road rules are pretty much different in nz.

  13. It wasn't that crazy to weave backwards through the cones. My driving instructor had me do that. It was only for practice though and I can't be sure how close they put the cones just to mess them.

  14. Unless its a California thing you can use you back up camera because its standards in modern cars. I looked it to make sure when I took my test. Thankfully in Virginia you do not have to parell park.

  15. I, like Lindsay, cried the first time i got into a car to drive; more specifically I had a panic attack and cried approaching my 1st stoplight because I was terrified that even if I hit the brake the car wouldn't stop.

  16. I had to pay €48 a hour for driving lessons and money for the theory and practical exam, Americans are so lucky you can learn it at school.

  17. This can't be the way you get your license. Where I live we have 7 days of lectures then test, two days of first aid lectures then test and 35 days of driving with an instructor, and after all that you can take the driving test. And also our cars are with manual transmission. After passing the driving test you wait for your licence 15 days, and after all of that you can drive legally but you need to have a sign that you are beginner for 2 years.

  18. Hahaha Lindsay and I are both from Texas and I did the same thing where my dad taught me to drive and I never took a physical driving test. That has since changed in Texas thankfully.

  19. I love how you brought up overuse of backup cams. In Canada you are required to turn the cam off to complete ur driving tests.

  20. wait you’re telling me that you guys get drivers ed in school in the us?? over here in europe he have to pay a lot of money for that lol

  21. Okay but my driver instructor acted like that! If someone was being stupid he’d yell “run into them come on I gotta work here” and we’d all laugh (besides the one driving cause that’s nerve wracking) 😂 it made it so much fun tho

  22. I have drivers ed I’m taking it to help me learn more about driving and I didn’t keep track of my driving hours so all I have to do is show the card when I graduate which is nice

  23. It says that to pass you have to get 30/36. That's really lenient, here you're allowed up to one mistake and that's it.

  24. I laughed way too much at this.

    I didn't have drivers ed at my school…I had my mom and dad yelling at me and causing a flood of anxiety. Hahahahaha.

    Thank goodness…what made me a better driver was having to drive large, oversized containers at my job. Lol

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