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We Surprised This Teacher With a Christmas Miracle – Random Acts

– Today is the day,
and I feel Christmas in the air. – That’s right,
we have a house to decorate. – And I have 500 schoolkids
to wrangle. – Oh, that sounds fun,
enjoy that. – See ya! – Does that sound fun? What could go wrong? ♪♪ ♪♪ Man on walkie: Guys,
she should have left by now. Will: Okay. We have been waiting
for Emily to leave for like, fifteen minutes now,
but apparently, there is a delay. Man on walkie: Do we have
contact with Emily’s husband? What’s happening? Man on walkie 2: Haven’t heard,
we’re not sure what’s going on. – Can we get some of those
camping chairs over here if we’re gonna be waiting? Man on walkie: Let’s hope
it’s not that long. Jenna: I guess uh,
we just keep waiting. [intriguing music] [Will muttering
pattycake softly] Man on walkie: Guys,
just head back. – Wait, w– where’s the walkie? – So we’ve actually been sent
back to the RV to stand down because there are no signs
of Emily leaving anytime soon. Cancel those camping chairs. ♪♪ We have crews waiting
from around the corner to drive up and start workin’. Man on walkie 3: Okay guys,
we’re back on, we just heard from the husband, it’s been a rough go
this morning for Emily, they’re gonna be leaving
any second. Man on walkie: Guys,
it’s happening, they’re heading out. Jenna: Oh, yes,
let’s go, let’s go! Man on walkie: They’re
pulling away, let’s see if we can still
pull this off. – Okay, so Emily and Eric
just left an hour after we thought
they were going to. Jenna: We are on a very tight
schedule today; here come the troops now. Will: Lawn Butler’s gonna design
the perfect canvas for our Christmas wonderland. – Which Art Department
will bring to life. – And all of that has to happen
before we get to snow. [engines revving to life] – And we’ve lost an hour,
so Art Department will just have to start prepping
in the street while the lawn work
gets started. – Hey, Keith, hey! – Hey, how we doin’? – Life’s good, what’s the plan
with these things here? – The original plan
was to tear ’em out, but since we’re short on time… Jenna: Just cut ’em. Keith: We’re gonna have snow
and stuff covering ’em anyways. – Well, I will let you guys
do your thing, sounds great, thank you. – Hey, Meg! – Hey! – So what is goin’ on with this
little village right here? – So we’ve got this backdrop
to cover up the carport, to make it just feel
like a Christmas wonderland. So we’re gonna put trees
and decorations everywhere. Will: Well, I know
we’re behind schedule, so I’ll let you get back
to work. – Okay, thank you so much. – This is cool. – It’s exciting! – Much better. Meg: Are we mowing the lawn? Okay, good. I’m setting up some candy canes,
to make it look a little festive. We’re not doing well on time,
we have so much to do, there’s lots of things that need
to be in play that are not yet. – You wanna cut that edge
all the way around. Man: Guys, we have
to take these out; we still need to trim the edges. – I’m in speed mode right now. – Our producers
always build in a little bit of contingency time,
just in case something goes wrong, and well,
today everything’s gone wrong! – Oh no! The head fell off. Jenna: We’ve used all
our extra time and a lot more. We’ve gotta get this done. – So I just got word
that 100 percent of the kids are participating today,
which is awesome! But also difficult,
because we were only planning on about 80 percent of them,
so we don’t have enough buses. We have to take all of these
kids over and then bring all the buses back to get
a whole ‘nother load, so we gotta go. [chatter] Are you guys ready? – Oh yeah! – All right! Oh, hi! On the bus. Look at this jar! Awesome. Here we go, we’re gonna hop
on the bus! Are you excited to go
on the field trip? – Uh, yes! – I’m excited too. This bus, you guys, this bus,
over here. Is this everyone? It’s not, we have more. Look at all those pennies! – Woo! – Yeah!! Are we ready? All right, you guys,
we’re headin’ out! Woohoo! So, when we are surprising
a person, the most important thing
is to be patient and to be quiet. – Yeah! – Awesome. – Hey, Jill! – Hey, Will, how ya doin’? – Good to see you again! I know we talked about you
having two hours, but it’s actually gonna be
less than that. – We’ll make it happen, I guess. – Okay, well, I’ll let you
get to work, then. Meg: Is it okay
if I step on this? [upbeat music] Jill: I’m just layin’ out
some snow blanket, makin’ some mounds,
tearin’ the edges so it looks better. Will: So you wreck it
to make it look better. – That is correct. – Thank you! ♪♪ Jenna: We have a lot to do. – [speaking softly] All right,
follow your teachers right here, quiet voices, good job! A community center two blocks
from Emily’s house has agreed to let the first
group of kids hang out and play while we go back for the second. Here we go! Round two! [wintry music] – We’ve got one hour left;
one hour! But on the plus side,
it’s snowing! Will: Uh-oh. There’s dirt flying
while there’s snow flying. This is not how we planned this. Jill: That’s their water
pressure? That’s not gonna work. – It’s leaning. – Come on. – It just sits on something. Jill: So we just had some
water pressure issues, but this awesome neighbor
let us hook up to their line, so hopefully that’ll…
it’ll fix the problem here, that’d be great. – There’s always ways
of making it happen. – That’s better. Jenna: Hey, Keith,
where you guys at? – Well, we’re just about
wrapped up. We’re tryin’ to get cleaned up
so we can get out of you guys’s way. Jenna: Thank you so much. – Not a problem,
thanks for inviting us out! – All right, we have
45 minutes left, 45 minutes to finish everything
and get everybody out of here. 45 minute check, everybody!! Emilie: Here we go again. Merry Christmas! – But it’s October! – Shh, no one knows that. [mischievous music] Are you guys ready to go? [children shouting] Teacher: Kids are coming in
and saying, “I dumped my whole piggy bank
in this jar for them,” and it’s beautiful. Emilie: That’s fantastic! – Yes. Emilie: We had families
who were so excited to help, they sent us videos
of their kids filling their jars. – That’s a lot of coins. – What? [sound of coins clinking] [knocking on door] – I found a whole handful! [more coins clinking] Emilie: I love that kids
are so eager to help! – I know, so I asked ’em,
I said, “Why would you do that? Why did you dump your whole
piggy bank in there?” “There’s people in need!” And I’m like, yes! It was making us all cry. Will: So we should have
about twenty minutes left, but we’ve lost communication
with Emily’s husband Eric. He’s been writing us back
and forth on his cell phone, but we think it died! So we sent a producer out
to see if they could find him, but they could actually drive up
any minute right now and see all of this going on,
so we are scrambling to get out of here. – Soon as I get this done,
then we’ll get the trees. [intense music] – We’re laying red carpet
to put all the coins on. Will: Whoa! ♪♪ There you go, thank you! ♪♪ Meg: Putting final touches
on it; I’m gonna carve a path here. It looks like winter! We did it! Man on walkie: Just got a text
that they’re almost to the gas station, which means
they’re not too far from us. – All right, let’s move it out! Man on walkie: Everybody
hide yourselves if you don’t need to be out,
we got one minute! Man on walkie 2: They’re
about to turn up this street. Jill: Do we have power to here? – We need snow, we need snow,
Jill, right now! – It’s not working right now. See if it’s got a breaker on it
and push the breaker button. Man on walkie 2: Okay, they are
coming up the road right now. – Let’s see. Oh, hold on, I know
what the problem is. – Hey guys, are we
gonna have snow? – Okay, there it goes,
there it goes. – Here we go! – It’s snowing! – Hey! [delighted laughter] Hello! – Why, hello! Come on over! Jenna: Welcome! – Welcome home! – To your winter wonderland! – Winter wonderland,
oh my goodness! – Emily. – Hi! – I am Will. – Hi, I watch your show,
I love your show. – Oh! – Oh, that’s fantastic! – I actually started watchin’ it
when I was in the hospital. – Oh my goodness! But now you are on it,
where we do nice things for amazing people. – Well, thank you, I don’t know how amazing I am,
but this is pretty cool. – Oh, no, Emily,
we know all about you. You’ve done such incredible
things for your students. Will: And in spite
of all the struggles and different challenges
that you’ve had recently, you persevere. – [laughing] It became a storm. – It’s a blizzard now! – It’s a blizzard! – But here’s the deal,
you love Christmas, yeah? – Yeah. – You don’t know if you’re
gonna be in a surgery, or recovering in the hospital. – That’s true. – So we wanted to celebrate it
early to make sure that you got a good
Christmas in. – Oh, thank you, I love it,
it’s wonderful! – And the entire community
got together, and donated to this beautiful
Christmas jar. – Oh, wow! – To help you out in whatever
way that you want. – Thank you! – I really want a group hug. – Yes, oh my goodness, yes. [laughing] – Oh, thank you! Well, Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas! To one and all! – That’s right! – Awesome, well, I wanna get
to know you better, is it cool if we go inside
and do a little interview? – Sure, sounds great. – Awesome, you lead the way. Emilie and children: [chanting]
Almost there! Almost there! Man on walkie: Is Emilie
gonna make it in time with the kids? The interview’s about to start! Man on walkie 2: Second group
is arriving now. – Follow our teachers
right over this way. – Well, I think Will’s got this,
so I’m gonna go meet up with Emilie and the kids. – So what drew you to teaching? – I became fascinated with,
how does a teacher pass knowledge to a student,
how does learning happen? I loved thinking about it
from a child’s perspective. Man on walkie 2: We’re ready
to start bringing kids down. Emilie: Quiet
the whole way there, we don’t want them to know
that we’re coming. [wintry music] Hey, don’t go past the corner
just yet, let the back catch up. – [excited whispering]
I’m here, I’m here. I’m so excited. This is amazing,
this is amazing! – You would never know
they were here. – We’re ready, we gotta go. – Okay, yeah. Okay, guys, let’s go. ♪♪ Shhh, we are almost there! Shh, shh, shh. Good job, quiet voices. Shh, shh, stop right here. Fill all the way in! Keep coming,
fill all the way in! Wrangling 500 kids, no big deal. – I think what I love the most,
it’s a constant problem-solving challenge,
I mean, you’re thinking
about all the time, how can I help them,
you know, achieve? – This is great, you guys! Keep your jars
behind your backs. Man on walkie: It’s time. [doorbell rings] – Well, I’ve heard that– [dog barking] – Should… should we…? [doorbell rings again] – Uhh, sure, yeah, let’s…
take a quick break. Emilie: [still whispering]
Okay, everybody, she’s gonna come out
and answer, that’s when we’re gonna do
the surprise. Cameraman: [whispered]
She’s coming, come on, come on. ♪♪ [delighted laughter] Children: Merry Christmas,
Mrs. Jorgensen!! Will: Woo! All right, show ‘er whatcha got! [coin jars rattling] We had one more surprise
in store for you. [continued laughter] These are all Christmas jars,
we got the big one, and then each of the kids went
home with a little Christmas jar and filled it up for you. – Wow. Will: Woo!! – Oh, wow. Thank you. – On the count of three,
we love you Mrs. Jorgensen; one, two, three! Children: We love you,
Mrs. Jorgensen!! – I love you too! – Woo! Jenna: All right, here we go! – Thank you! Emilie: You kept the surprise
so well. Emily: They sure did. Thank you! Oh my goodness. This is awesome. Thank you. Wow! Did you count it all? – Yes. – Oh my goodness! Thank you. – Merry Christmas. Emily: Thank you! Will: Thank you, guys! Jenna: Thank you. – Hey, thank you! Will: Aww, thank you! – That’s a ton of jars! Emily: Right? [laughs] – Remember I was
in your kindergarten class? – I remember so well,
I will never forget. Will: How does it make you feel
to see all these? Emily: Grateful to be part
of such a great community. It feels like every time
I’m having a really rough day, something really lovely happens,
and this pretty much takes the cake
on the loveliness, I don’t think anything
can top this! What a great Christmas
it’s gonna be! Will: That’s our show,
big thank you to Lawn Butler! – And Franklin Discovery Academy
staff and students! – Random Acts on three! All: One, two, three,
Random Acts!! – Hey if you subscribe
to Random Acts’ channel, we’ll send you a Christmas jar
full of money. – No, we won’t. – We’re not, we can’t do that. – These belong
to the other Emily, Emilie. Geez. Subscribe for the love
of Random Acts. – Merry Christmas. – [whispering]
I’ll still send you a jar. Jen and Will: [whispering]
No, she won’t. – [mouthing]
Yes, I will.

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  1. Love watching these videos… Im at the hospital with my girlfriend who will be giving birth to our son AJ any day now.. Please keep us in ur thoughts and prayers if u would please…

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  3. Great idea to have an early celebration.
    That's going to be a mission to get cleaned up. Hopefully it's nothing toxic.

  4. I cried all the way through, happy tears for Emily and this wonderful community. What a great experience for the children to learn about love, appreciation and giving. I hope Emily will be well.

  5. thats awesome
    but i wish Ms. EMILY be well soon even sooner
    because she is strong and i know how it feels to fight such illness
    me n my family it trying very hard to save my dad recently
    so from my family they send u blessings n hope to u so that u dont have to go through like we do
    Thank you Random acts and all the little GIANTS love u all

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