We Gave A Teen A College Makeover
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We Gave A Teen A College Makeover

– I’ve actually never
gone shopping before. – Are you being serious? – Today, we’re gonna be giving
you a whole new haircut. – Revamping your social media. – Shopping for some new looks for you. – Alright, Andrew. Get ready, and come on out! (gasping) Hey, guys. I’m Chloe, and I’m a producer on As/Is. The summer before college
is a time lots of teens use to reinvent their style. We wanted to help someone
with that transition, so we found Andrew. – My name’s Andrew, and I’m gonna be joining UCLA in the fall. When I was in high school,
I did a lot of theater, I was ASB Vice President,
I did Model United Nations, Mock Trial, debate. – Aw, he’s such a little nerd. – I spent a lot of my time studying and not a lot of time making friends. It was hard for me to make friends anyways because I didn’t fit that
classic masculine stereotype. I didn’t do any sports, I
didn’t follow any sports. Growing up, I spent a lot of time under the guidance of my parents. So, I was always trying to be
perfect straight A student, but I got into high school,
I found another side of me, which was this clown or a jokester that always had a joke ready
to make people feel better. – Sounds like he really
was trying to fit in, which is really tough. – I think that a makeover
would be a great opportunity to find my style, really
figure out my identity, and figure out who I’m gonna
be for the rest of my life. – Aw, you don’t have to plan
out the rest of your life, but we can help you with this transition. Andrew seems like such a sweetheart, and I think I have the
perfect people to help him. Let’s go pick him up. Hey! – Hi. – That is a very yellow shirt, sit. – Thank you, I aim to impress. – Yeah, you’re doing that. Alright, seat belt on. So, why did you reply to our casting call? – I’m going to be going to UCLA. In high school, I spent a lot of my time
living other people, how they wanted me to live. I kinda wanna figure out who I am, especially since I’m in college, my parents’ influence isn’t
going to be as strenuous. – So, you’re just sort of understanding that you don’t have to be
like 1,000 different things for different people. – Right. – So, how would you
describe your current style? – It’s like a… It’s a mixture of tourist t-shirts, cargo shorts, and then long white socks. – Where do you get your clothes now? – From the hand of my mom. (laughing)
Yeah, I know. – So, what would you
want your eventual style to say about you? – Sleek and something
with a lot of personality. – Alright, we can totally do that. – Awesome. – So, we’re on our way
to H&M to meet Jazz, and she’s gonna take you
shopping for a new style. – Oh, I’m excited. – Yeah, me too! – Hi.
– Hey. – How are you? – I’m doing very good. – So glad to meet you. When you go shopping, where do you normally get your clothes? – I’ve actually never
gone shopping before. – Are you being serious? – I’m being dead serious. – Wow, this is so cute.
– Yeah, so… – What do you want out of this? – I’m looking to find my style, like find my colors and stuff like that, and some shorts would be really nice. – Alright, let’s get goin’. I’m not saying these are definites. We’re gonna try ’em. The things is is you don’t know your style until you try things, right? So, I can tell you a whole bunch of things that I don’t like on myself and it’s because I’ve tried them. I like these a lot. It’s really light, good for the summer. How do you feel about the color red? – I wear a lot of red
with souvenir shirts, so I might as well try it. – Where do you get these shirts? Go ahead and take that. – Okay. Stripes are slimming, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, not these, but who gives a (bleep)? We’re gonna try these pants even though we’re looking
for a lot of shorts. You said you didn’t have any joggers, and joggers are super
lightweight and very comfortable. You have a great jacket. Honestly, no one’s gonna know. We’ve got a lot of options here for you. Some you might hate, that’s fine. We’re hopefully gonna find
you something you love. Alrighty, first outfit come out. Oh, okay. – I like the pairing of
the red and the white. The jean shorts are gonna
take some getting used to. – [Both] For sure. – Joggers are definitely comfortable. – Do you like them? – Yeah! – Alright, so I think we found the outfit. I have one more little surprise for you. These first ones, just a
little bit more modern, but still kind of old school, in between. I think these are good for you, but I think they’re a little thick. These next pair are a little bit more hip. Oh, these are trendy,
they’re smaller on you. These last frames are the
hipster of all hipster frames. I don’t know, the last
two are my favorite. I think we had a lot of fun and you got to try out some new things. – Being able to actually
pick out my own clothes and stuff like that, it’s pretty nice. – Oh my gosh, and I’m not gonna see
you ’til your big reveal, so good luck. – So, now we’re on the way back
to Buzzfeed to meet Chrissy who is gonna talk to you about
revamping your social media. – Alright, let’s do it. – So, social media, I feel like, is such a big part of 18-year-old’s lives. Do you like social media? – I wanna like it. I really do, it’s just I
don’t know what to do with it. It’s like everyone around me knows. – What is the best part about social media and what is the worst part? – Being able to see all
my friends regularly. – Don’t you think they wanna see you since that’s how you feel about them? – If I’m posing pictures
of me in cargo shorts, I’m not so sure. One of the worst things, there is this idea of a public image and can be very stressful if you don’t know who you
are in the first place. – What do you think it says about someone if they don’t have any social media? – Maybe unconfident. – I mean, you come across as
quite a confident young man, so I think you need to just
put yourself out there more. – Hey. – Hey. – Who are you? – I’m Andrew. – So, how do you usually use social media? What platforms do you use? – I mainly use Instagram and Snapchat. I use Snapchat a lot more, though, just ’cause with Instagram, I don’t post because I don’t
really know what to post. – What’s the worst thing
that could happen, though, if you just went for it? – Oh, I mean, there’s some pressure to have a good Instagram account. It feels awkward to me,
especially as a guy, to ask one of my guy friends, hey, why don’t you take a picture
of me eating this salad? – But that’s what friends are
for and you should force them. Alright, let’s take a look see. Oh, your color vibe is dark. That’s it? – That’s it. – You have so much potential. Cool, love it. How 2016 felt. See, that’s funny. You liked your own Instagram. Love a good TBT, this is adorable. Okay, what’s happening here? – So, I took this because I’ve never seen that kind of outfit before. – I have never once in my life been like I wanna take a photo with some old men. Is this public? – It’s not, it’s private. – Why, is it to hide from
your parents or something? You’re in college now.
– It could be. – Okay, this is what’s
gonna happen in college. There’s gonna be all these hot people and you’re gonna be like
oh my God, can I date them? Yes, you can, because
this is a fresh start. If you are meeting
someone for the first time and they’re like, oh my God, I gotta stalk his Insta and it’s private, then you’re like, it’s done. This is my Insta. I’m not saying this is the end all be all of how Instas should be, but I feel like you and I vibe on some level of you like being weird. Daylight photos always
perform best, by the way. This one has a lot. I think it’s all about being
yourself through a photo and being funny. If the photo is you being
hot, have a funny caption. If you’re down, we should go outside and we’ll take a dope profile pic. Alright, let’s do this. We’re going to get a
temporary new profile pic because I know that, you know,
you’re gonna get a haircut. This is just a test run
to show how I take photos. So, I love this chill look. This is already cute. We got a straight forward one, but we want to switch it
up a little bit, you know? So, I’m gonna try other angles. When you have a friend do this for you, they’re gonna find out
what your best angle is. Right now, I’m discovering that
actually every angle’s good, you’re fine. Just go, and I’ll try to… Oh my God.
(groaning) – I think I got my pants. – His pants have a giant hole. What do you wanna do? Despite the pants incident, I think we got some amazing photos. Now, I’m just gonna wait
’til your full reveal. Are you stoked? – I’m very stoked. I hope it’s worth the wait. – Oh my gosh, it will be. – Okay, so now I’m gonna
take you to Daniel Alfonso who is gonna give you
a totally new haircut. How long have you had this hairstyle? – Probably a year. So, I figure I should
change it up a little bit. – Yeah, what’s your
hair routine right now? – I just throw some gel in
my hair and then I comb it. – Where do you get your hair cut? – My mom’s barber. – So, you go to your mom’s hairstylist and your mom picks out your clothes. It kinda sounds to me like you need to get
your own individuality. – Yeah, I’m a little bit of a momma’s boy. – Aw, what’s stopping you
from being more adventurous with your hair? – It’s hard to change a hairstyle, especially because I don’t
really know what in style. Again, since I do wanna
be this new person, I kinda want a new hairstyle. – Oh, well, I’m glad to hear that. (rock music) – How’s it going? – Hey. – We’re here at Daniel
Alfonso Men’s Salon. What do you wanna do, man? – I wanna try to do something
a little bit more modern. If I don’t style it, I get a bowl cut. – Well, we’re gonna revamp it up and we’re gonna make it look awesome. I’m glad that you came in here
with a little bit of length so we can start with a blank canvas. So, you tend to style your
hair to the right side, right? – Yes. – So, let’s try going against the grains and seeing if we get some of that volume. So, we’re gonna take your
sides down relatively short. So, I’m giving you kind of
like a G-Easy type haircut. You know, a 1920s look. When you apply the product, put it in your hands and
go like this a little bit because a lot of kids, what they usually do is they’ll
put product on the hands and they’ll just go boom and put all the product
right in the front. Alright, are you ready to check it out? – Oh, yeah.
– Alright, man. Here you go, man. – (laughs) No way. Are you kidding me? This looks so good, man. – Thanks, man. (mumbles) look this way and check it out. – Oh my God. – So, this is a gift from me to you. This is 1821 clay, it’s really good stuff. – So, just put this on
after my hair’s dry, or… – Absolutely. Well, good luck with everything. – Thank you so much, man,
it was great meeting you. – Absolutely, likewise. – Alright, so Andrew has gone shopping, he’s had his social media revamped, and he’s got an awesome new haircut. And now, we are ready to
reveal him to his friends, his family, his experts, and the world, or at least the internet. But first, I have some
questions for you guys. Dad, what did you want
Andrew to get out of this? – I hoped that he would
be recognized as a leader, people would see his social skills. – Okay, mom, what do you think? – He’s going for the business for college, so I want he looks like a professional. – Do you think it’s okay
if he just looks trendy? – Just like I say, Andrew is my treasure. Whatever he like, I’m happy for that. – So, Karen, you were his teacher. What did you hope he’d get out of it? – Basically, I just
wanted him to have fun. I just wanted this to be an experience that he’s never done before. – Alright, experts, you
guys were there with him. Do you think he had fun? – I think he had a blast. – Yeah, we tried a whole
bunch of styles on him and landed on something that he likes. – He already is really funny and so sweet. For his Instagram, he
was open to anything. I’m so excited to see what… I don’t know anything about his clothing or hair or anything, so… – Okay, are we ready to see him? (all talking) – Bring him out, baby. – Alright, Andrew, get ready and come on out! – [All] Whoa! (cheering)
(clapping) – Alright, let’s take
a look in the mirror. – They were right. (laughing) – And the new glasses look so good on you. I love the clear frames.
– Good job. – And then Jazz undid these two buttons to show a little bit of chest hair. The socks work! – She made the socks work. I’m not wearing cargo shorts. – Bless. – After 18 years.
– Well, you ripped one pair. (upbeat music) Alright, mom, what do you think of him? – I really love your haircut,
your glasses, and everything. – What about you, dad? – Well, for 18 years, we
never went shopping together. So, I had no idea what you would pick out, and you just blew my mind away. – Alright, so how do you
feel the experience went? – Phenomenal, honestly. I never thought I could look like this. – It was not that hard. (laughing) – I had no idea where to start. You guys brought me through
and taught me everything. Thank you so much.
– Yay. (clapping) – Thanks, guys. I’m on my way to see my friends for the first time since the makeover. (gasping)
(yelling) – Who are you? – I’m not joking, this is
such a trendy (mumbles). – Wait a minute. – So, I’ve known Andrew a
really really long time. He just doesn’t really
know how to dress himself, but I think his style now really just communicates who he is. – Clearly, I’m a fashion icon, so my critique of Andrew might be a little bit tougher than others, but it’s nice to see him
get a change up in style and get more confident in himself. – Honestly, the hair was
the biggest win for me. – I think it was from basic
look to this new retro style. It was definitely the vibe
that he needed to go for. – I feel a lot more confident. I think this is definitely a
great first step into really figuring out how I wanna
show myself off to the world and how I wanna view myself as a person. So, thanks, you guys. (upbeat music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new
channel, and now your part. – [Both] Subscribe here. – That was my part.

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