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We Dressed According To Texas High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

so the first dress coats video got over 6 million views so we’re gonna make another one we’re gonna go to frame right now come on come on let’s go tell Freddie hey Freddie hey first dress comes video got over 6 million views oh yeah which means we’re gonna make another one oh yeah so what I need you to do is to bring all your clothes back to the office so Jen will be joining me for this edition of dress codes hit me with them rule girl we have 5 dress codes from 5 public schools in Texas that are not uniform based you’re going to see how much of our adult work wardrobes will actually work according to these 5 dress codes and then we’re going to have a special guest principal come in and evaluate the outfits that we’ve chosen and see whether or not they are appropriate or not for one of these schools you’re gonna try and trick the principal by wearing an outfit that you know is probably not okay but that you think you can get away with our principal is Ali who is an actual team oh I know a teen I don’t care we have these big yellow shirts that say dress code violation on them and if we violate the dress code we have to wear the big yellow shirt but if she’s wrong she has to buy us ice cream she has to wear the big killer shirt Oh I would have preferred ice cream do you think you’re going to be surprised that any of these rules affect you in ways you didn’t think I mean I’m sure some of them are gonna surprise me because I feel like I’m going into this very confident because I’m like I dress like a butch nun yeah I kind of dress we can put none all right so you’re ready to test out these dress codes as I as a dress because aren’t like Oh be gay I’ll be fine probably I don’t know if that’s really something you can put on a lot of these dress codes have like a really lengthy preamble that it’s like just go we want it we’ve made the rule simple we think as I read these rules we’re gonna take the things from our wardrobes that don’t work and put them on this rack back here and then at the end we’re gonna see how many clothes are left sounds good first goal we’re doing is Duncanville high school in Duncanville Texas all shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulders this is usually the rule that gets me but what you’re done with your this isn’t a fun game for me I thought I might earn any more I’m gonna play a fun game for you soon I promise tops without callers must be of a solid color it may not contain logos emblems or designs oh yeah well like t-shirts now my done playing yes I hate this thing [Music] pants / capri pants skirts dresses and jumpers must reach the bend of the knee [Music] this is going worse than you expected it’s hot in Texas like we don’t know what kind of air conditioning situation is happening in Duncanville but Texas is hot and getting hotter oh that might be commercial Wow I still have like a decent amount of clothes left I’m just like honestly I think have a problem with authority I have a surprising amount oh wait that’s not one also that’s not odd just look through the cracks this time for real I’m surprised that they had so many rules against like teachers how old are you supposed to tell people what your favorite band is about shouting yeah exactly the government’s for Duncanville first christen oh we’re gonna pick out our outfits and then we realized that what we’re wearing may or may not already work and Kristin kinda wants to Trek test the principle with this but I think it’s breaking two rules because it’s too short then you’re not allowed to show your back if the last dress codes video taught me anything it’s that the clothes that I think are gonna work for this probably also don’t work for this all right so you’re gonna pick a new outfit are you a trick principal or not no I’m not tricking the principal this one I will be honest this one I wasn’t allowed to wear my t-shirts though right yeah so you could trick twice I’m not interested in tricking more than once I just feel like I don’t like risk that often that’s truly false oh you know what this shirt is like pegging free of a solid color but there’s little dots of color so I’m wondering this doesn’t have a collar so technically I might not be allowed to wear it but I feel like I can get away with it I’m actually I’m gonna wear this I want to see if I can trick the principal I do see your interconvertible twice go yeah that’s what happens cool [Music] creative undress right beside now learn reward is that I go to class I can clearly see this is the put it on so I’m really getting roasted Kristen no one asked you always works that I think it will go I don’t know why you think I’d know by now technically I kind of cuted the principle cuz there are little specks of color on this shirt I literally cannot stand you what school we’re looking at right now is Hereford high school it’s in Hereford Texas hair must be styled out of eyes and must be cleaned it must also comply oh stop how often is your hair in our eyes I don’t like hair covering their forehead so it’s usually like this but could it cover your eyes it could but so could your hair we just did a flippy there’s so many teenage boys whose hair is like this if you flipped it forward and cover their eyes but that’s skirts must be no shorter than a maximum of six inches above the knee in a kneeling position a super super super demeaning way to test that rule but the rule itself is actually relatively lenient which is like a very much way of saying well the Titanic is sinking but the music is great lots of kneeling there’s gonna be a kneeling montage later – sorry yep get it off it just doesn’t make it exactly six inches you’re good this one works ten days away wait a min home hold on oh yeah miss high school dress code was easier for me because they don’t have any specific rules about t-shirts which leaves most of my wardrobe intact I of course lost most of it although this one’s here and this one’s here I believe these two are different than most these are so cute but you can’t wear any mmmm welcome to my life doing this video just picked out our outfits for school – I’m wearing a t-shirt and black jeans Kristin’s wearing a cute little striped dress we tried this yesterday it should be fine yeah here we go here’s the train come in to see if we are full of shame are we doing here we have no shorter than a maximum of six inches above the knee in a kneeling position so get on your knees the principal actually said this to me to get my knees are my chill now you think you don’t pass me thanks Prince agree to get on your knees sounded creepy this is hard but think about the ground beside it super okay oh no yes oh my god it’s fine now I have to get my knees together yeah we don’t feel bad I’ll get down too but I won’t say what disobedience once against their will once into the Bob stick this is 7 inches way look at that evidence wait a minute honk honk oh yeah we’re disappointing the part right the crumbs terrible principal judge with the badge measure she’s a moment authority here but we don’t know if I put up measuring was that sarcasm insects a shirt on and you’re on watch list wow this is annoying because we were pretty convinced that your dress yeah that’s all the rules I honestly feel like she was the one that messed up measuring no I think you messed up measuring you have any proof other than her yeah I do it’s her eyes are younger than your eyes you so now we’re doing Monaghan’s high school from Monaghan’s Texas all shirts will cover the midriff area even with arms raised above the head okay this is where I think you’re gonna get date I actually don’t see me a dink here I think you’ll be shocked I’m not taking any of these out because I have worn all of these shirts with your arms above your head yeah you’re just not gonna test it test it I know it’s gonna work there’s always some spying it’s a spy no it’s not you definitely see your major publicize literally just aren’t gonna put it on the no rack this is what I have in common with the climate change denier I don’t care I mean here’s the thing you could wear one of these shirts where you’re trying to trick the principal yeah I’m going to that is a shirt that is so not inappropriate and if they would dig me for that it’s like for smells all both okay where’s travel things yeah all the trapples things we’re getting rid of all of them and we’re moving on boys are prohibited from wearing earrings or fingernail polish that nail polish this up people grow up feeling like they don’t deserve to be who they are yeah and that it’s not okay well this was a bummer you have the same clothes almost every time usually yeah it’s the same team some of those videos reminding me it’s just how like infuriating it is to be a teenager it’s hard because you have very little control over your life and adults have a lot of opinions this is the outfit that I’m gonna try and trick our principal with because when I lift my arms according to sources it shows my midriff I don’t really agree with that well you know this isn’t worth clip like truly lift your arms over your head like no like actually lift them over your head this is what it looks like when you lift your arms over your head no anyway what are you wearing I’m wearing this but you’re in trouble we’ll see I feel like your clothes have been through the wringer today yeah dry cleaning day tomorrow ah hey Google sent a reminder for me to go get my clothes dry-cleaned tomorrow at noon this is a beat thank you well you both passed we did where you passed in style as well your book look fresh as heck so congratulations what okay so I regret to inform you Prince wah-wah but you actually are wrong about a thing I did not pass what because I guess what happens if I raise my arms up you know that even with the arms raised above the head no what’s up I mean that’s not what’s up that’s what’s damn I’m upset I know it’ll make you feel better this is for me yes to be in someone else’s shoes so I will gladly accept my punishment I’d say that’s not what I would have done I would have been protesting the entire way she’s more mature than me I guess historian that if I went to Monaghan high school I would be fine no you wouldn’t you just didn’t get caught I actually feel like it’s just super fashionable are you eating a sandwich [Music] so good oh my god I can’t or field High School in Orange Texas pressor skirt lanes must be closer to the knees and the fingertip place your hands down at your side the hem should fall around three inches or more below your fingertips my fingertips are shorter than like to my Volvo area for how long are your arms my arms are decently well so we’re the same height but we have I’d like slightly longer arms we can fight crime feel like I’m just taking the same clothes and putting them back and forth over and over again I say it all the time but I do not miss high school – pair of shorts and I also have some long-sleeve shirts this shirt with those shorts would be really cute actually okay so you only lost a few things yeah I lost everything of course this is like a running trend but in this top bar you trying to trick the principal this skirt is actually fine I am agonizing over whether to button this button though I think it’s cute or unbuttoned but also I think I have to buy bit I mean I know that I’m fine I’m so boring you’re not boring you just like have a uniform let’s go get in trouble I’m adorable adorable proper that’s what it is okay am I going to attention or not yes wait at this wall I’ve seen a key right there right okay we’re looking at denim the button you gave a compelling argument ok onward man you put your hands down um okay great if Dalton oh this is she passes I’ve this passes this is a sunny look okay what’s going on with Jeb mommy well Karen this is not affect me in the slightest well done both of you all right no just me being like all right I thought that was a face you know something I don’t here’s the thing I think I’m gonna trick John the skirt your arms are down you have oranges Oh what is that a measuring okay we pass it is Wow this might be the first round in dress code so far both people pass I still don’t know if the skirts okay but like we measured it so I think what this round confirmed is that Avalon is indeed questionable a facet measuring effort you’ve never done anything wrong in your life this is actually the Northside Independent School District’s dress code some of the schools in this school district have often to use uniform so this dress code is for schools that haven’t done that skirts dresses and culottes must be no more than four inches above the top of the kneecap that’s all the shorter ones yes everything because off-the-shoulder ones are technically still in play right now there will be no survivors no bandages or any clothes that are suggestive or indecent or which cause distraction are not acceptable what is suggestive or indecent no one’s allowed to be horny at this school this is part of school’s year-long quest to ban horniness in high school so far horniness is undefeated you can move your clothes at this like district that we have throughout this entire process yeah exactly and it’s because this dress code is fake and short I think they thought that when they wrote suggestive or indecent I would get rid of like this dress which does not show cleavage but does have a DP so we shall we’ll see what the principal thinks I decided to go very simple I was repairing a straight up for the as long as I don’t put the hood on they don’t have any rules about sweatshirts so I think it’s fine this is the one code where I can wear the D because I’m not showing any cleavage ooh this can be interesting technicality there in the pillowcase it matters have you ever had your mom tell you to make your bed it matters if the pillows are in the pillowcase okay all right well this is bad news for me because I already see a violation good waitwhat drawings and clothing are prohibited this isn’t a drawing those the print I don’t know I feel like it’s a bit wait a minute wait what it’s indecent such inappropriate Oh see I just totally because this is just a quarry these are very sexy Corgi will get it so legs and it’s a body click beautiful you were playing around oh no I’m not now Kristin what about me much concern Rises winner first off let’s check the slip is that four inches above the knee oh I forgot about that part I didn’t think Oh above the top of the kneecap oops you’re okay as nice as that is we’re about it it may be distracting why is it distracting where’s my boobs what are the rules I feel like there is no I see I know expose Backstrom it drips no see-through garments yeah Wow you think about it I did they’re trying really hard it’s funny because some other schools would be very triggered about them I know there are lots of schools that would be upset about this but at the end of this Jack I think wins I guess I wonder whether the teacher just for fun no competition a little bit principal let’s have four student Wow I mean I just want to know what it felt like but I love winning I’m taking it off this experience was definitely fun but it was also like incredibly frustrating for me I went to public school it didn’t really enforce its dress code so people could wear whatever they wanted and I don’t feel like my education suffered at all because I could see you know shoulders or because boys could wear makeup there were some rules that were specifically zeroing in on like dividing up what was acceptable based on gender oh yeah and that felt like so much to me did you feel like Texas’s dress codes with more conservatives and florida’s I think they’re roughly the same they all kind of get you to the same place they just kind of get you there in different ways the reason why I like to do this is because I think it’s really important to kind of show all the few teams out there that like a built in listening really again to reiterate high school in some day focus one day you can get paid to have teens make fun of you yeah what they do we do next let us know put it in the comments let’s go team still like Harry Styles [Music]

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