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We Dress According to California High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

I don’t think this works it’s so cute and cozy well it’s not cozy for your vagine err constant breeze Oh get an oxygen tank I’m the junior scuba certified welcome to the newest edition of dress code yay with me today is the lovely hello thank you for having me cretons you know I haven’t done this before I wore uniforms though throughout all my schooling it was just like okay here’s your polo here’s this and then girls would like roll up their skirts but I never did cuz I was a nerd and I would just wear cardigans over my pillow so I was very safe and Christian so for those of you who don’t know today we’re going to be seeing how much of our adult wardrobes would actually work according to a bunch of high school dress codes this time from the state of California as this is both of our entire adult wardrobes everything we would wear to work we’re going to pick out the clothes don’t work and put them on the no rack once we go through all the rules we’re gonna put out an outfit for each school and then we’re gonna see if we can get it to the approval of our principal who is going to be Miss your Mike ah he’s so kind but for one school you have to try to trick mr. Mike oh this’ll be fun so if the principal catches you you have to wear the dress code violations shirt okay but if you either successfully trick the principal or the principal calls you out it turns out he’s wrong he has to wear the yellow shirt that’s what I wanted to happen justice justice against an enemy who was not wrong to me I’m not gonna wear that yellow shirt the first dress code we’re gonna do is Monterey High School in Monterey California the following are not permitted sleeveless or tank top style t-shirts see-through or halter tops spaghetti straps and they’re calling a spaghetti strap as less than two inches wide that’s a normal tank top I’m a Getti strap is like a piece of spaghetti as the name implies ripped torn or ragged clothing jeans top excetera pajama bottoms is so same rule I forgot about like ripped jeans and shorts that’s so many of my bottom welcome to hell this rule looks like a lot so we made mid thigh it’s not these that’s like mid thigh yeah that’s like really you know I would any of my shorts are okay just two inches first of all it’s see-through I think if I can see you through it it’s to share if it’s a window it can’t be a door writing pictures or any insignia that are profane or sexually suggestive for example I love boobies items Jenny I love boobies like this actually I have another shirt that’s probably not permitted it blows it have you seen Janelle monáe’s music video pink yes completely this dress also just not on any shoulder it goes like here it’s like as a strap that’s smaller than two inches that fits right here beautiful got a beautiful wardrobe okay I think we’re done we actually have a surprising amount of clothes leftover I’m sad about my shorts I’m sorry but it’s January I’m trying to be a really good girl and just play it safe I have NASA which is silastic I have couple high waisted pants so there’s nothing show in there literally everything is covered cute outfit so I think that I’m gonna be good for this t-shirt but dress are okay try it listen I am through this turnaround show you to try to get this on Oh let’s walk past this table of those people who obey the dress good show your dough next we are going to do California High School in Whittier California a modest clothing including but not limited to low necklines tops are held together with a strap in the back what do they mean you see how this is held together with the strap in the back so this is work shirts that are longer than the tips of your fingers are also oversized is froggy ghana shirts that are longer than the tips of your fingers wait oh yeah you want try it on you should try it on try it on the shirts I’ll do it yeah okay short shorts are short skirts that are immodest when sitting down or bending over are not a proper for school when I wear this and I bend over can you see my would jr. try it on ah this was supposed to look well the thing is if I’m upright it’s Ashley so I go like this then I’m starting to see some some cheek are they just making girls bend over and then the administrator like okay I’ve seen the trailer the movie will not be showing here today hahaha the whole Rack is looking particularly full and robust today alright we’re trying our luck with California High School I feel very safe in this aina – okay I should say maybe trying to fold principle a little bit Oh cuz like there’s a thing here about how things can’t be held together with a strap in the back and there is so strap in the back but it does have a V I don’t know how principal micros will interpret this V so we will see let’s go March off to the principal hello I’m sucking up to the principal I feel like there’s ethics issues there I am a student at California high school all right no gang-related clothes the aquarium is not a gang torn clothing I assume that these little guys over here are not considered torn well let’s look here discretion Oh I’m interpreting Torrance it means like bowls like distress clothes whereas these are just like a low-ranking around the end of Chantal I believe that you pass the dress code good myself hi I’m gonna really have to read the rules carefully now because I see some see-through stuff and I just want to make sure everything’s kosher the short shorts or short skirts that are a modest well sitting down I knew that have you sit down I am a professional and I’m trying to figure out if this bill is the dress verse the volume and cheers – hi my feet don’t touch the ground that’s your problem not by me I think you’re sustained no you don’t need to next goal is gonna be Oceanside high school from Oceanside California clothing is selected for school must cover students from their shoulders to their mid thigh mid thigh is measured by observing the point where students index finger extends when the student is standing was his or her arms at their side that is not mid thigh as I’ve said over and over and over again that is not mid by yeah where does my index finger go to you actually arm inside you on the other your girl is not your very upper stuff that’s cuz I have a long torso and short legs and I have long legs short torso so we’re actually following two different sets of rules even though it’s the same school that doesn’t work and then also the tattered clothing so yeah very good hold my shorts why doesn’t my cute dress they’re just in that pants holds up my boobs and shows my whole tummy why is that never allowed but hey it didn’t say anything about profanity we’re not there yet you I’m noticing have just a lot more clothes and play than either Fred or Jen I just have a lot of like normal shirts but so did Jen although we did do a lot were like we need to lift your arm oh well I guess if I have to lift my arms and this doesn’t work there are no rules about lifting your arms in this one tell me if you like to move your body and it shows midriff oh why are you not telling on yourself so that means this is gone too oh god yeah you see what you did oh no all my crops sweaters everyone that was in like an actual coat cold zone is gonna be like writing have cropped sweaters I mean honestly I’m older it’s to take the chill off or if it’s just slightly chilly in the morning but it’s warm during the day that you do shorts and these soak a baby son doesn’t do well that’s more cut weight of a wet tarnation’s second that is low-cut [Music] clothing accessories must be free of writing images and insignia which portray persons dressed in a manner that does not comply with this dress code it has a picture of a girl with shorts that aren’t index finger length and it’s against the dress code yeah it’s not only doing you to follow the dress code but all the images of people on your clothes must also follow the dress code I want to wear these shirts so badly now I don’t think you can wear this or that this is a lot especially since most of my wardrobe is just shorts and t-shirt yeah this one got you the most yeah this one got me about as much as the first one okay we’re doing Oceanside high school I am wearing my torn jeans because this dress code actually doesn’t say anything about torn jeans this neckline I’m like some may argue that it’s low but I would argue that you can’t see anything you just see a little bit of my chest acne which is a hallmark of high school so according to this you have to be covered from shoulder to mid thigh yes so I’m wearing this shirt I guess I got a button-up more with this skirt because I don’t know if this is mid thigh it could start here or could start here okay like a sharp this is all to say I’m trying to get away with something we’re pushing limits a little bit I do think that you’re gonna be completely fine and I think that I’m gonna be completely fine I went to a school that had uniforms okay bye I was glancing of these rules and they seemed much stricter clothing selected for schools must cover students from their shoulders to mid thigh which is here is measured by observing the point where the students index finger put your index finger is standing with arms beside okay yeah you’re sure you’re wearing pants with your back okay are you rendering you just rhythm so I’m sorry to say but because I can see cleavage and because the back is exposed when you sit down especially well from this angle I see a significant amount of sorry but we’re at the shirt machine it’s not my fault that you’re at all and I’m looking down my you’re 5 2 and 3/4 told you they’re gonna get distracted by your beautiful body contestant the contestant I’m the principal you have to do what I say all right time to render what’s up Jeffrey Baker okay so for this one I need to make sure that your card in the mid thigh area that you’re supposed to come in according to this dress code he’s my mid thigh determined by where my fingertips are I’m gonna take the least generous approach to this possible and say that your mid thigh is over here and you’re safe I don’t know that looked pretty okay you need to sit I’m spinning Jimmy you sit on the table like you made me sit on I think she’s gonna have the same issue because her blouse is tucked into her skirt yeah cut to Chantal wearing the shirt well actually there’s a twist justice against an enemy who is not wrong to me well you should be wearing the shirt too if I stood doing the other shirt was ducks yeah and plus it’s a little dirty because he found the [Music] [Laughter] raspy scratching my beautiful in oh great then my know this dress code is Central Valley High School in Shasta Lake California this high school is actually located in a county that overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in 2016 excessively ripped or loose clothing bare midriffs or tops that are strapless or having plunging necklines are not permissible so basically everything that I just moved back onto the rack I think it’s gonna be a no but it’s only stops there strapless so like you’re actually allowed to have skinnier straps like this is still okay oh yeah this is a lot more lenient don’t judge a book by its voting color what I found is like an areas like conservative or liberal predilections don’t necessarily determine how conservative or liberal their dress codes are anyway you have a cape on go in shorts skirts dresses must be a suitable length we do not prescribe to the fingertip test as a general rule oh this is like very very progressive for a dress code I think honestly everything for me is fine pants shorts slacks and skirts must be free of Tears that’s where they can for holes that are visible to the skin okay this is where all my shirts go as far as dress codes go this one is very reasonable how its implemented on a day to day basis I have no idea but on paper someone’s trying this is our red county surprise you never know Central Valley High School coming for you we’re both playing safe yeah and we’re a little matching we’re dating we’re some bricks we’re sunshine baby is gayness allowed in your school I don’t give a f— allowed in our school yes it is according to your dress code yeah okay come on girlfriend all around my collar I am immune to all of your feminine wiles for any number of reasons this is not a muscle shirt or loose clothing good thank you you passed I don’t know any Margaret Ricky might cover your up this is not a muscle shirt and it’s not Richter’s loose I mean there’s some cat girl but that’s not against the rules short slack since groups must be free of tears or holes that are visible to the skin okay there’s no holes no clothing that contains messages that are sexually suggestive promote violence intolerance or potentially incite conflict okay this is the dress code for a whole district it’s for Alameda Unified School District in Alameda California I wanted to include this one because this is a very interesting dress code 2016 with a small group of Lincoln middle school students and their teachers began working with their school administration on the dress code middle schoolers Wow in 2017 the group brought their concerns about the existing dress code to the Board of Education the policy they noted was enforced inconsistently between and within school sites it also had a disproportionate impact on girls that is because more of the policy was focused on girls clothing and boys girls were being sent out of the classroom for infractions far more often than boys besides the students and teacher noted measuring the width of straps and lengths of shorts in class are pointing out that a student was showing too much skin was resulting in embarrassment and shame for students such feelings can make it hard for students to concentrate on learning and can create long term issues with body image it can dress codes disproportionately affect girls under the revised policies students must still wear bottoms tops clothing the covers genitals buttocks and areola nipples with opaque material I have some see-through things oh but then if I wear like a cami underneath it it’s fine yeah cannot wear clothing with violent language or images profanity pornography does the boob shirt and the vulva pants count I don’t think my vagina shirt is pornography is the boob shirt pornography it’s art I don’t feel like if you’re just looking at it it doesn’t look profane I don’t think so but then again I’m not the person who makes the rules discipline shouldn’t be given disproportionately based on gender race body size or body maturity body maturity is also a very real thing yeah my body would turn a lot faster than most my friends yes and like how tall you are also can like factor into how long your shorts have to be this never happened where I move nothing onto the nail rack while now our racks are bursting our final dress code mm-hmm Alameda school district mm-hmm this is the chill one that’s why I’m wearing a halter and that’s why I’m wearing my Janelle Monae vagina pants we are cute gals who are hoping to not get dress code violations because if we get a dress code violation with this one it’s embarrassing I know look I feel like you didn’t have to do that much you just had to put on clothes yes we go okay nice time is over meantime begin familiar with the music video pink it’s peach profanity pornography it’s not pornography very beautiful beaded flowers on here which in my opinion does not depict any violent languages or images in your opinion principal Mike principal mangas had three gloves yeah I will not tolerate this kind of disrespect in this respect it is a bet mine look we had book club and there was wine holder dress allowed to wear it you can show some may be simple is where they just didn’t know we did it so what do you think it was kind of exhausting did you think it was gonna be this hard no I really don’t think that that outfit would have inhibited me from learning but instead I would have been pulled into the principal’s office taken away from the classroom and then me to wear a shirt that would have made me feel sad this just feels like a lot of unnecessary stress except for Alameda yeah we do next oh what’s stayed I think we’re gonna have a surprise guest nice oh I can’t wait I’ll be tuning in [Music]

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100 thoughts on “We Dress According to California High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

  1. My school has a very specific uniform that has their logo on the pants and shirts. Plus we have to wear loafers. And belts. Plus a dresscode

  2. My middle school has the worst dress code we can't wear anything that has a gender Praising thing like says queen or girls will change the world cause it is not talking about males or yoga pants OR leggings aka jeggings

  3. My high school Glenbard east was recently in the news for its dress code. You should do your next video on dress codes on it.

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  5. Well this is interesting cuz I looked on my school's page and it doesn't have dress code at all so uhhh I confused

  6. BTW the schools they did are one of the fews in cali that have that strict of a dress code i live in La and the dress code is very very VERY lose I've never seen anyone get dress coded

  7. U know what my school doesen't have dress codes you can even wear REALLY short shorts and they won't even care you may even wear REALLY short crop tops and nobody's there

  8. I think it’s hilarious school just started and my friends and I have each been dress coded at least once, I got dress coded for shoulders who looks at someone and is all “mhm those shoulders :0)

  9. I dont remember having a dress code for highschool…. Maybe because there is snow on the ground 6 out of the 10 months were in school.

  10. If you think thats hard just read the dress code for school in israel we cant wear any shirt that is not with our school symbol no shorts of anu kind no rips it is awful

  11. In America, one of the rules are no shoulders
    * girl walks by *
    Teacher: OmG yOuNg GiRl iS tHaT a ShOuLdEr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everybody in the hall: omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHES disobeying the dress code
    Teacher: walks by, and doesn’t notice anything

    Tats why i like living in Australia the have uniforms

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