WCS Week in Review – October 28-November 1, 2019
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WCS Week in Review – October 28-November 1, 2019

(funky music) – [Boy] Hey everybody,
it’s the week in review. – On today in Walnut
Grove in Kindergarten, we’re celebrating our 50 days with floats. – [Boy] And we did other math
stuff, and the number was 50. – Today in robotics we had a guest speaker show us how robots in the real world work. – This week at Renaissance,
we’ve been doing a dance unit in gym, so everyday we go
outside and work on our dancing. – Today is the fifth grade hoedown. Every class has their own dance, and the parents can be there to watch us. (country music) – We’re at Scales Elementary,
and we’re in the library learning augmented reality,
and we’re coloring birds that are coming to life on our iPad. – At Trinity this week, the third grade did Dance Dance Revolution. We learned how to step the
rhythm with the beat of the song, and transfer our weight
from one foot to another. – We are at heritage
elementary in third grade. – [Girl] We’re doing lots
of hands on stations. – [Girl] We’re doing a lot of rotations, and a lot of multiplication sentences. – We’re having a lot of fun,
and doing a lot of math. – Today in the STEM lab, we maded windows. And my favorite was a plastic paper, and it was transparent. – So this week at Centennial,
the cosmetology students are face painting sugar skulls
to celebrate Day of the Dead. – We’re building a marshmallow structure, and then at the teacher’s
desk there’s Jell-O that we’re gonna put it on,
and we’re gonna shake it to see if our structure that we build
can survive a earthquake. – In the life skills class, we learned how to make
brains with Play Doh. – This week at Fairview Middle School, our history class had Officer Rogers come and talk to us about amendments. – Hi, I’m Megan Munson, the
librarian at Jordan Elementary. We were lucky today to
have author Nathan Hale come and visit our school
and talk to our kiddos. – I’m here at Nolensville High School in principles of engineering,
and we’re using calipers to develop the wheels and
axles of our motorized cars. – In a moment of a lifetime learnings, and we got the basics of doing tennis, and the importance of exercise. – Today at Warrior, we are
writing thank you notes and spreading kindness to people that we care about that go to school here. – We are in Ms. Runnion’s class, and Elvis is in our
building, and Elvis is alive. – [Boy] We are celebrating
the fifth day of school. – Today was pumpkin day,
at Mill Creek we made, we measured how tall the pumpkin was, and then we made a booklet,
and then we took the seeds out. – Hi, my name is Meredith,
and I am in second grade, and today we did pumpkin math, and we got to weigh the
pumpkin and count on the seeds. And after that, we got to
make a jack-o’-lantern. – Chainbreakers is a project
that we did in fifth grade, and we got to invite the parents, and groups go to choose what
was important in their world. – Hi, my name is Riley, and today, I’m in fifth grade, and
we’re using manipulatives. – [Girl] To divide
decimals by whole numbers. – Today in Ms. Ham’s class, we are working on West Africa and their achievements. – [Children] Trick or treat. – Our early childcare
two class got to take out the children, and they got to dress up for a little Halloween, and we went to different classes to
collect candy for them. – This week at Hunters
Bend in the second grade, we made pumpkins into book characters. – We read a book, wrote a report, and we decorated our pumpkin to make it look like the book character. – [Boy] Today at Lipscomb
Elementary in the third grade, in science class, we made the tallest freestanding tower that we could. – In the engineering design process, our materials were a cup of toothpaste, a cup of marshmallows,
and some candy corn. – We had pumpkin day, and
we ate pumpkin snacks. – [Boy] And carved and painted a pumpkin. – We are doing a simulation
of the impeachment trials for Andrew Jackson that never happened. – Today in Ms. Trent’s
class we did an experiment with Diet Coke and Mentos. – [Girl] When the Mentos were put in the Diet Coke, it exploded. – [Woman] Three. (kids yelling and cheering) (laughing) – Today we are building a pumpkin stand. There’s prizes for the
least amount of money, the tallest, and the sturdiest stand. – It’s red ribbon week at
Thompson’s Station Middle School. – [Boy] We’re decorating
doors for drug awareness. – The fire department came
today and taught us what to do in case of a fire, and I got
to climb out of the window. – Today at Longview we are examining how erosion changes the Earth’s surface. – Week has been Hillsboro’s
book fair, The Arctic Adventure. We’ve had fun helping
kids find books to read, and having snow much to read. – Today, students are
walking around the gym and talking to possible employers about employment opportunities and future chances to work
for different companies. – Today we had a Halloween STEM challenge. – We used popsicles, spoons, rubber bands, and tape to make our catapults. – [Boy] We used these little pumpkins to launch them out of
our catapults at targets. – We’re at Brentwood High School, and this is honors English three Juniors, and we are doing an escape game. Edgar Allen Poe, murder
at the rue morgue to see if we can get of the morgue,
before the killer gets us. – This year at Crockett, we read, “Wish Tree” by Katherine Applegate. Once we finished the book, we collaborated with the art department
to create our very own wish tree installation
art here in the library. – Today in Ms. Andrew’s
class, we were doing a lab. The lab was where we
rolled balls down a ramp, and saw which one was the fastest. – At Independence this past
week, the eagle’s nest went on a trick or treat, so
let’s go check it out. – Kenrose is celebrating
Red Ribbon Week this week to remind students to make
responsible and healthy choices. – [Girl] And today, we get to
dress up as book characters, and today, I’m Hermione
Granger from Harry Potter. – And I am Louis
Zamperini from “Unbroken”. – Today, we are tie-dyeing
T-shirts, fifth grade, for physical and chemical
changes, for this upcoming party. – This week at Mill Creek,
the Junior Thespians Society, we’re making makeup scars
that Ms. Isom taught us, so we can raise money to go to the Junior Theater Festival this January. – Today we had storybook
character dress up day, and I am Narwhal, unicorn of the sea. – And we had a parade
to celebrate students who read their A articles. – And we are using the electrical
signal across the muscles. We’re amplifying that
through the circuit board, and with this TENS unit,
and then that triggers the nervous system in Dr. Fantel’s arm. – Yesterday in our band
lesson, we saw a video of what happens in our body
when we play an instrument. – Today we are at Spring
Station middle school in Mr. Landry’s social studies class, and are talking about the
constitutional convention, and we just got done
with the great debates. – [Boy] We are talking about
how slaves should be counted for Continental Congress,
or if they should be taxed. – [Boy] It was a great week. Thanks for watching.

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