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46 thoughts on “Washington Huskies Fans | College Football Playoffs in 60 Seconds

  1. I will say this for Bama' fans, their stupidity is only outmatched by their overconfidence. How many times did Washington give up 43 or even 30 points?, none and they went against some of the best offenses in the country, so tell me again about Bama's D. OK realistically Bama' does have a great defense but I bet you that Saban is a lot more worried about this Husky team than the crazy fans are.

  2. so between all four playoff videos you decide to make washington the only one not to make the playoff final, thats messed up.

  3. lol alabama is so overrated. the only reason they were perfect in the reg season was bc of the weak SEC

  4. Should have thrown more to John Ross. He is technically the fastest player 👌. Not a Washington fan, but I'm just sayin

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