Warner Robins High School Performing Arts
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Warner Robins High School Performing Arts

We have the award winning Warner Robins High
School demon marching band, we support the football team throughout the entire fall,
going places left and right in competition and for games. We also have a wonderful concert
program with a concert band, a symphonic band, and a percussion ensemble. We’re starting
a jazz band. We hope you guys will be apart of the Warner Robins High School band.
We really hope that you will consider becoming apart of the chorus family here at Warner
Robins High School, it really is a family. We grow up together, we know each other, we
listen to each other, and we make beautiful, beautiful music together and we would love
to have you! So the Warner Robins High School department
of theatre is very active, we do four shows a year: two children shows, one competition
One-Act, and one spring musical. Within our shows, there’s an opportunity for everyone to be involved. Wether you want to work behind the stage or on the stage, there’s something for everyone
to do. You should join fine arts, because:
It’s a great experience to meet new people and to travel.
How cool is that? It’s a whole family thing.
It’s really close knit, especially our guys group. As an athlete and being in the fine
arts, you can still make all your practices. We’re accepting of no matter who you are. But you know, if you don’t join chorus, you’re a loser. L-O-X… you know what, this isn’t
language arts, but anyway! How’s my hair?

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