Wanneroo Secondary College – STEM: Engaging students | Innovation Partnership Schools 2018-19
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Wanneroo Secondary College – STEM: Engaging students | Innovation Partnership Schools 2018-19

♪ [music] ♪ – [Rahila] I don’t want to leave because
it’s actually fun, interesting. ♪ [music] ♪ – [Pauline] The school is an outer
suburban school. We need to make sure that we’ve prepared
our students well for tertiary education or the jobs market. So, we’re always on the lookout for
things. – [Stephen] You’ve got all the equipments… – Innovations came along,
the Innovations Project and it ticked the engagement and the preparation for the
future. Go, go, go! – And the case for change was how do we
get a majority of our students on board or how do we get them engaged better than
they are now? – [Nathaniel] I’ll let you grab that. – The Innovations Partnership gave us some
of the tools at the start to find out exactly what our students wanted. So some of the surveys that we did with
the students, sort of, delved in depth about what they really
wanted from school and what interested them. ♪ [music] ♪ We’d already started, sort of,
project-based learning in science. So we thought that it had a pretty good
pick up to start with. It was only in a couple of classes, so,
how about we go down that pathway? – Every term we add a project in that can
either be taught part-time or full-time for over the term. – [Girl 1] That’s the right… – Year 8s this term are learning about
the body systems. – [Girl 2] It splits into two which has a… – Their job is to teach each other. – When they do metal knees,
where’s the metal? – Each Year 8 student becomes
an expert in our body systems. – [Boy 1] The heart actually beats over
2,000… – The moment when we realized it was
having a big impact was just the comments that we were getting back from the
students. – [Girl 3] It’s just so hands-on. – [Boy 2] Yes. – [Girl 4] We, kind of, also get to learn,
like, about everything about us. – I think it’s also really interesting
because we get a chance to work with our friends as well. – They’ve really shined with what they’ve
been able to create and given a little bit of flexibility and creativity. That has been amazing. – …any companies make stuff that’s… We can show the kids,
“This is what you can do with the information
that we’re telling you. There are things out there that people are
making and creating with real jobs that you are doing in the
classroom right now.” – You can just take a breath and watch
them actually work and be happy in the knowledge that they’re achieving
something. Working pairs to start with,
what you can do… – It gets people to…what’s it called? – [Poni] Actually, do things that no… – Yeah, just physical stuff instead of
just…yeah. – …like, stare at the computer and
research, yeah. – The engagement is there and how to bring
about change have been really well covered in the project. And I know myself and the staff have been
involved have really enjoyed it. ♪ [music] ♪

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