Wakelet – share your collection directly into Google Classroom
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Wakelet – share your collection directly into Google Classroom

Hi everyone this is Brad I’m on Wakelet I just
want to show you a collection that have made about baseball and just as a
reminder to share this is the number of months ago this became available but you
can share this directly to Google classroom so if we select oval classroom
you’ll notice your classrooms come up choose your class and then you can
choose the action so let’s go ahead in and just make an announcement select to
go and I’m just going to call this sample play clip and then post it’s
already in there for your class to have quickly so it’s a great way to share
resources with your class again there are all these other ways to share as
well Facebook Twitter Google+ you can also del head in and you could use this
QR code and share that out as well if you have any questions let me know
thanks for watching take care bye-bye

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