Voice Teacher Reacts to Tool Sober Live at Reading Festival 1993
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Voice Teacher Reacts to Tool Sober Live at Reading Festival 1993

Hi, my name is Sam Johnson, and I am a voice teacher I’m going to be reacting to and analyzing tool performing sober at Reading Festival in 1993 I’m gonna do that with my hair probably next week He’s so good that was up to an a and the B flat and it had the exact same sound that his voice had for his lower notes It’s just pitched up a little bit higher just like how with the piano there are different sizes of strings But the overall sound is that of the same piano the same thing is happening with Maynard where his high notes He’s not overly thinning them out He’s just keeping the same amount of resistance and pretty similar amount of thickness to his chords And then he’s also keeping his vowels really the same from what his lower notes are so the result is that he’s singing this note that usually sounds like really really hard but it just sounds easy for him and then someone goes to sing along with it and you’re like Oh, no, this is actually hard because he makes it look so effortless He’s also a really good example of someone who I’ve heard that he had really bad stage fright and that it was just like really bad anxiety every time he’d go to perform where he had to even face away from the Audience and that’s really hard but through practice. I mean he’s at least able to do it and not let it affect his voice I don’t know what strategies he’s adopted But usually with just time if it’s something that you love if performing is something that you love and singing is something that you love You’re kind of able to get through that kind of stuff I don’t know if he’s had outside help with it or therapy or if any medications or anything but It’s really cool to see that someone who I’m pretty sure had really bad Anxiety and stage fright is able to do it and perform in front of thousands of people He also just looks so relaxed right now I know he’s like kind of hunched over and people are always about with noble posture when they’re singing and stuff You don’t have to and you see really great opera singers who move around and they’re singing these incredible things While they’re moving and they’re not always in this perfect position. You see him. He’s right like this You see other great singers who are able to dance it’s just finding a place of balance and usually people are able to feel what good singing feels like if You’re lined up a little bit better But once you know what it feels like it’s just holding on to that feeling Sure If he was having any troubles or something that might be something to look at but it’s totally possible to sing while you’re in different Positions and he’s proving it And it’s still such a narrow vowel at the top something about that rather than sound thing out And that’s one of the reasons that he’s able to keep it sounding like His low voice even though it’s up at that A or the B flat It’s it’s incredible and he has a ton of power with it, but it’s not from pulling up chest voice It’s by letting the feeling move up a little bit but not letting go so that’s the thing That’s kind of confusing for a lot of people is Letting the feeling move up into your head so that it is head voice because you’re feeling it up in your head But you’re not letting go that’s the thing that kind of gets coupled together a lot of times when people are learning to sing is as you go to high notes, it flips it goes like [sings] ahhhh, and then the high notes they all sound a little bit different But what he’s doing is allowing his vocal cords to stay together as he goes to those higher notes So there’s not that moment where it flips the sensation still has to move up because there’s a change in Dominance of which muscle is being used the most and the resulting feeling is just that it’s gonna move up a little bit But there’s still a sense of connection a sense of holding on And then he’s starting to add in some distortion He’s just kind of going into overdrive with everything But his mouth is actually the same you can see there is a little bit of extra tension But that’s what he’s doing to create this sound. It’s not going to be a perfectly balanced looking Exhibit of how to sing it’s there’s gonna be some weird stuff going on sometimes and that’s what he’s doing with that But he’s not throwing out all of his vocal techniques to go get that sound. He’s just getting really intense with it So he’s still connected to what it feels like to sing good Such an interesting performer [Maynard sings: I am just a worthless liar, I am just an imbecile] [I will only complicate you] [Trust in me and fall as well] [I will find a center in you] [I will chew it up and leave] [Trust me , trust me, trust me] I really loved that last part because it kind of drops out all of the instruments where he’s singing some of it acapella or with Just a little bit of guitar a little bit of drums, but he’s maintaining this pulse He’s staying right in this rhythmic pocket The entire song is able to still feel like it’s moving because if you fall out of rhythm it Everything gets messy and that’s the thing that a lot of singers neglect is rhythm So I think it’s super valuable for people who are wanting to be better singers to go pick up some other instruments learn guitar Learn how to play rhythm guitar because then you can accompany yourself learn piano learn drums Like all of those things will just help increase your musical ability in ways that you can’t get by just practicing voice well You can get it but learning instruments like that really makes you focus on rhythm a lot more than pretty much anyone teaches with voice and I think that that’s super important because it allows you to keep the integrity of a song moving when things like this happen A little bit of distortion on it even though it’s a lower note a Lot of the times you hear him go to the distorted sound when he goes to some of those higher notes It’s just a little bit easier to add in a Fry scream rather than having to growl with it At least that’s how I’ve felt it with my own voice But it’s kind of cool that he was singing this lower note and he still added a little bit of that distorted sound on top Of it And it’s interesting A lot of people have been commenting Asking if I have perfect pitch if I can hear a note and just know exactly where it is And I do not and he’s kind of throwing me off like crazy with it because even though I’ve listened to him a lot It’s still he sounds so similar through his range and most of the time what I listen to is like people sound different as they go to or tie notes or when they go to low notes or There are places in the voice where people tend to sound a certain way with him. He’s kind of breaking those It’s like there’s he’s singing so well that I am having a hard time placing where he is Like what notes he’s singing and I’m just jumping all over the place with it because he’s not letting the pitch that he’s choosing Influence the tone that he’s choosing He’s having what tone that he wants come first and then that tone just gets applied to whatever pitch he’s singing whatever he wrote for the song That’s a cool performance I’ve never seen them live and I would love to he’s such an interesting Performer and just an interesting guy and he it shows through in the music that they write. It’s really complex Instrumentally, and it’s complex lyrically There’s just so much complexity and I think that it stems from their ability to be honest as musicians because they’re not trying to be something that they’re not they just found how they can let this genre, tell the stories that they’re wanting to tell and Express themselves in the way that they’re expressing But it’s super authentic And I think that Maynard is just one of the best singers in this genre where he just sounds like himself No matter what note he’s singing He has unbelievable breath control with his distortion and with everything He’s just really good at that and very in control of his instrument and I think that maybe that kind of control and knowing exactly what’s gonna happen and then just repetitions through it is probably how he was able to start getting more comfortable in front of crowds because if you’re feeling a little bit nervous about going in front of crowds That’s the benefit of a good technical Background because you know what You can trust and what you can’t trust and then you can make decisions Towards those things that you can trust and when you go into a performance Knowing that you can trust certain things that you’re gonna do. It’s no longer scary And so having that kind of repetitive background is really good, and I don’t know if he’s taken lessons But it sounds like he just has such facility over his instrument and I think it’s awesome. Thank you for watching Please like and subscribe go check out my description below where there’s a link to my patreon To my Instagram and if you’re interested in signing up for voice lessons over skype or facetime go check out my website vocalease.net. Thank you

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100 thoughts on “Voice Teacher Reacts to Tool Sober Live at Reading Festival 1993

  1. Hey Sam I had a band recently that just broke up but we did a lot of The Doors and pink floyd and chili peppers but I'd really like to see somebody review L.A woman that song is one of the vocal wonders of the world in my mind considering how burnt out Jim's voice was at that point. I'd really like to see you analyze it.

  2. Its pronounced redding festival btw, its a place in the uk. Easily misunderstood though due to the spelling

  3. I have watched some other vocal coaches react to this and you in my eyes are way more analytical which I love. Just subscribed.

  4. I love how When I listen to Maynard, you hear the feeling through the music like he is doing in this video. I believe that is why he is so popular.

  5. Finally a reaction to Tool Sober where I can actually hear Tool playing, Maynard hypnotizing the audience with his words. Others have Tool volume too low for these tinnitus ears.

  6. How's about you react to anything Mike Patton does. Only human alive that can sing in 6 octives. Let alone 5 different languages. He's god! Try this for a starter: https://youtu.be/JNqmMaJ6N_4. Or https://youtu.be/eXI47_URvmE

  7. 3:20 Maynard's always worn costumes and masks for this reason. It hides who Maynard is personally and gets the listener to just focus on the music.

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  10. Sam, did you get the idea for this review from any other Vocal Coach? I see about 5 or 6 other vocal coaches reacting to the same performance from Tool but, chronologically, your's appears to be the first. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, than you should certainly be flattered if, indeed, this was an original idea for you.

  11. When I first saw a perfect circle Maynard faced away from the crowd rage entire time. I didn't know he had stage fright

  12. thanks for giving an awesome critique/review.. you know your stuff. very refreshing to hear you speak about this song

  13. I was hoping you had a reaction to this, I love tool and Maynard is a monster vocalist. You should react to Audioslave's Cochise

  14. a lot of people don't give this guy credit for being the exceptional performer he is with the emotional interpretive acting acting he does in this song

  15. Dude this has been in my recommended for months. Finally got around to it and instantly subscribed. You’ve taught me so much in one day that I felt, but never knew. I’ve taught myself everything through feel. You are my introduction to actual physical understanding and I just want to thank you. Also, not gonna lie I was very skeptical about your personality at first…usually people who come off so happy are very artificial and I can’t stand them to be totally honest. I find they hide behind a veil of light to cover the darkness below…but after falling down a rabbit hole of your videos I can see you are a very genuine and passionate person. You are one of the few who can pull off this intensely happy persona…I can see it in your eyes, you aren’t hiding behind it. You’re passionate, and that’s beautiful. Beyond all of this music shit, you seem to be a good person…and that is truly all that matters. Much love and thank you!

  16. 1. it's reading – pronounced past tense.
    2. you're going to "do that with your hair next week?" – good one. wow.
    3. way to do your homework on the front man there………

    This "review" deserves zero stars.

  17. His stage fright technique he's using here is staring at just one person and focusing just on them. He never scans the crowd he focus on over point and that's it.

  18. I was at that Reading gig when I was 18. Down the front. A quarter century later and I was listening to the new Tool album in the car this afternoon wondering when all my hair went white. 🙂

  19. One of my all time favorite bands/music. They are all great musicians, especially the drummer. I still find them underrated. They should have been mentioned more ❤️

  20. I saw a lot of people saying that his position is hard…but I think that you are right…"to find a position that is confort".
    I think the same way…maybe standing his shoulders could benefict his lungs. maybe….
    And Axl Rose that runs all the stage and sang very well.

  21. Yo who the fuck cares what all these vocal teachers have to say about a tool song? I don’t understand, but I am deeply upset.

  22. first few seconds into the maynard vibe and the guy already wants to be like himm… "gonna do that to my hair probably next week" LOL

  23. You mentioned breath control and his posture. I know he’s been practicing Brazilian jujitsu for some time, so I don’t know if that’s what helps him. And yes, seeing them live is amazing. Another commentator noted his eye problems with bright lights and flashing lights. I have the same issue, even though I don’t have epilepsy, I am at the point where when I saw them last year, I basically had to just bury my head in my hands and just listen. Their video/light show is great, but it’s too much for me.

  24. Seen a few reactions to this performance now. All are pretty much the same in marveling at his self mastery. Does it his own way, and emits an amazing sound doing it.

  25. idk why this got recommended to me but nice Staind Glass shirt! Personally Maynards performance could have used more reverb.

  26. I really liked your point about learning to play instruments to help with vocals. It does highlight how amazing Maynard is too though, as he has stated that he can't play anything…

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    Good shit

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    Such a perfect metaphor for this song. Also maybe why Maynard is such a brilliant artist.

  31. Maynard is not afraid of the stage. He plays charachters on stage plus he is likely afraid of overshadowingchis bandmates and shies from the spotlight but has incorporated it into his acting

  32. Should do Maynard singing live with Carina Round in Puscifer. I feel like his work singing with her and with Billy Howerdel, who are both great singers, has helped him stay so good.

  33. Tool are the closest I will ever come, I believe, to having a "favourite" band.
    Absolute brilliance, across the board; true genius….
    And the greatest drummer in the world, to be sure.

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  35. Nice try, but clearly a fake reaction.. try to be less of a dumbass in future. Thank you idiot.

    The more you talk, the more it irritates me.

  36. ok, just commented another Video…I take the part with "I listen to another kind of music than the Artists you show in your Videos" back. Looked at all Videos you ever uploaded, found what I was looking for. 😀 Nice.

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