Voice Teacher Reacts to LP – Lost on You
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Voice Teacher Reacts to LP – Lost on You

Hi, my name is Sam Johnson, and I’m a voice teacher today I’m going to be reacting to and analyzing LP performing lost on you in a live session Well five so far When we get on the plane a saint When you remember all the danger we came from It almost sounds like she’s singing with a cold a lot of times people start I can’t do it very well, but they they cut off every little bit of Nasality and it kind of sounds like there’s just a cold going on with everything It’s a really interesting sound and it’s continuous all the way through so it sounds like this singer from the moment that it starts I’m assuming if she continues to sound like this. I’m assuming that that wasn’t just like a bit that she was doing Smoke impose its goal such an interesting tone I’ve never really heard a singer like this before there’s quite a bit of Air getting through you hear that like at the end of phrases Sometimes there was one phrase at least where it looked like she was actually running out of air most of it It hasn’t been much of a problem She’s figured out how to get this style of sound Without exhausting her tank every single time that she goes to sing something the sound that has a little bit of rough Extra noise to it from just getting a lot of air through without as even a vocal cord resistance Usually when you’re in that kind of a situation you’ll be losing your breath a lot of the time I think that she’s figured out how to mitigate that so she can get this sound and also Continue to get this sound And there are times that it goes into more of a full moderate vocal cord closure situation where it’s not you know an excess amount of air getting through there are times that she actually has a really clear sound and Going back and forth between those two like I always say is super Interesting. It just lets you see the contrast between two parts of someone’s voice something that’s a little bit more powerful or a little bit more clear or has a little bit more of a rough rasp to it and going back and forth between those I think is a really cool way to Showcase more parts of your voice where you’re not just wearing the same tone all the way through your song Yeah, like that stuff sounds clear and easy But then at the end it just feels like it collapsed on it a little bit and maybe that’s to get the sound I don’t know if that’s gonna be hard in the long run sometimes if we start collapsing Something and I’m not sure exactly what it was but the sound wasn’t continuous all the way to the end of this sound something changed near the end of it and this changes that I hear I Associate with some sort of tension or running out of air and squeezing in a weird way Just some sort of change the thing that’s important to ask is whether that change was necessary to get the sound that they wanted or whether that change was in fact making it more difficult to continue and it was a sound that they didn’t want so it’s just things like that to Start weighing and when you get to this level of performance where you have to decide, you know Is it gonna be worth it to make this sound a thousand times when I perform this and do it all the time Over and over and is it gonna wear me out to do that? I don’t think that just this one little bit is going to but that’s where you start asking questions is where things become More of a your body has to do it in a certain way rather than a choice that you’re making That sounds really cool To patients tell me So that’s chess voice Because it’s low enough that you’re probably gonna feel it in your chest so most people are gonna call that chest voice is It as full of a chest voice as some people asked for no, not at all It’s not nearly as heavy as a lot of people even speak Most people tend to speak in chest voice the coordination that people call chest voice Where if you’re speaking and you put your hand on your chest, you’d probably feel a little bit of vibrations happening That’s pretty much where the term chest voice comes from So yes I do think that this wasn’t chest voice because she’s probably feeling it in her chest when she sings this stuff It’s not very heavy though Which I think is helping for the rest of her style because when she goes up higher She doesn’t have excess weight to pull up She’s starting in her low notes with a pretty balanced sound even though it’s kind of weird It’s kind of like a funky sound or a sound that hasn’t been used as much before which is way cool I mean you have to find what makes you you and that’s really cool But she doesn’t start it really really heavy A lot of singers would start that a lot heavier And then when they start going to the higher notes get increasingly heavier because she’s starting in a place That’s not heavy to begin with she’s able to just hold on to that same amount of resistance as she goes higher and the weird changes that she’s making of having a little bit of extra air through one part or just Resisting a little bit too much for a second actually I don’t hear her do that as much as just getting a lot more air at some parts of this Those parts don’t matter as much Because she’s already in a pretty good place up at the top because she’s not pulling a ton of weight up so I really do think that rather than focusing on how someone sings high notes if you focus on How they approach their high notes and where they sing when they say it’s easy usually you can see where they’re gonna hold and how they’re going to approach their high note to begin with and so if I heard someone Vocalizing like this at the bottom of their range or in the middle of their range I’d probably feel pretty good about their ability to start going towards high notes because it doesn’t sound hard It just sounds light which is a characteristic that makes higher notes you a little bit easier And in this kind of whiny who cares one it’s helping her achieve this sound So, I think that she’s doing a great job, I think it’s a nice performance and it sounds really cool and interesting watching her I am just seeing so much activity in her neck that I would be Curious to see if she could make some of these sounds without as much of that Activity, or I’d be curious to hear from her exactly what this feels like, that’s the thing about what I’m doing I mean obviously It’s all speculation and saying what I feel like this usually would be every single person is different and everyone’s gonna have a different view of their reality and how to express it and just what their goals are everyone is different and voice training just like any other instrument has to take Whatever that person is right now. Anyway, I don’t know if this is easy for her I don’t know if it feels easy or if she’s losing her voice at times That’s something that I would really need to know. Just watching this I think that it would be a good question to ask because I do hear at the end of every single phrase just a little bit of weird tension starting to creep in and I don’t know if that’s gonna affect in the long term the same thing with just all of this Musculature in the neck. I don’t know if it’s gonna affect because the sound sounds pretty good I don’t know if that’s because they went in and have done some nice fixes with computers or anything Like I don’t know what she sounds like in my front room, but it sounds easy But then other parts of it totally don’t make me think it’s easy at all So it’s completely impossible without knowing her perception of What it feels like to give any good advice with it because I don’t want to mess up this sound and it’s such an interesting Sound that if it’s not hurting and if it’s not making you lose your voice after going through it once or twice or singing through a set then it’s probably not worth changing the sound like it’s just that simple of a question if it’s sustainable and it’s Marketable and that’s what your fan base likes. It’s probably not worth changing the sound too much I don’t know if it is sustainable though. So that’s a question to ask I’m leaning towards it probably is And that’s just because of my ears just What I’m hearing rather than what I’m seeing Has enough clarity and enough ease in the sound that I don’t think that it’s gonna be a huge issue Again it’s all speculation And that going between the more whoopy Type sound at the very top and the more Yeley. Whoa Wow Wow It’s kind of cool going back and forth between them and it actually makes me feel a little bit better about her voice just in The future because when she does that ooh type stuff at the top I didn’t hear any Difficulty having her chords come together or making an easy clear sound there Wasn’t that extra air noise getting through it was just a nice balanced phonation when she went to the uh-uh She did spread a little bit more, but it was clear still, you know I think that she does have the ability to go between a more clear sound and I hope that the one that she has found Feels just as easy as that one But it’s it’s really promising when when you’re able to hear someone go into a place. That is very Traditionally easy sounding when they’ve been doing things that slap the face of tradition for a second It’s good to hear them to be able to go back to it just that ability shows that they’re probably aware enough of their voice that if it was hurting them they know how to kind of Mitigate that and they’re they have other options if it starts becoming a problem Yeah, her tongue actually looks pretty gray That’s a cool performance the more that I watch it everything feels like it’s a choice enough and That she has other options. I’m not like worried about this I think that she’s gonna be able to have a pretty easy career in that like she won’t wreck her voice But I think that it’s worth thinking about more especially when you’re using Sounds that are a little bit more erratic It’s worth going to like an ENT and getting scoped and getting pictures taken regularly every year even I’m not sure exactly how often they’re recommending I think for a minute it was every year but go talk to an ENT if it’s Part if that’s a thing that you can afford to do and if you’re making music like this or if you’re making music at all but especially like this get a baseline every year you can check in and see if anything is physically changed if it has and you’re able to kind of tie that to actions that you’ve made with your voice then you know what you need to work on and That’s really good information but especially when you start walking on the line of Sounds that could get hard when you’re working with sounds that could get hard like this. It’s important to check up and not just throw everything else out because you’re throwing out some things of Traditional vocal performance or vocal technique just because you’re not singing like bel canto Doesn’t mean that you don’t have the resources available to someone who’s singing bel canto, and so it’s important to take advantage of those and still work with coaches because there are good voice teachers who can just make sure that this is gonna keep Working for you and all of those things are available for people outside of the traditional World where people think that they need to have voice instruction because I know in classical music in musical theater It’s kind of expected at this point that you’re just gonna get vocal instruction but when you get into rock music there still seems to be a group of people that don’t want it or it’s not punk rock enough to have instruction and it’s just Neglectful because when you’re making sounds like that the danger of causing something that you’ll actually have to deal with With surgery or therapy or something. It’s a little bit higher than when you’re singing other styles of music It just is because like people when they start adding distortion can mess things up a little bit easier. There’s danger all over but Go see your doctors. It’s really good. Let everyone work as a team. Thank you for watching please like and subscribe click the bell notification if you’re interested in seeing any more of my videos in the future and Comment below what you thought about this was I on bass with this Do you think that this is a sound that’s gonna be sustainable. What are your thoughts on this singer? And Also, if you’re interested in signing up for lessons with me go check out my website vocal e’s dotnet. Thank you

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100 thoughts on “Voice Teacher Reacts to LP – Lost on You

  1. you guys concentrate more on the technical stuff but forget the most important part of any art….THE FEELING. Ask any legendary singer, they'll tell you that you should FEEL THE SONG FIRST.

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  6. Dude. You don't even know what this incredible woman can do with her voice. Seriously, she is my FAV! Her voice is so unique and her music and singing ability is beyond any other out there. you cannot critique her. She IS life, she IS music, she IS LP.

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  11. I like her singing style, and she hits her notes. I think that her tone comes from the position of the tongue in the back of the mouth.

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  13. Was blessed to see her live…she is amazing. She maintained the high notes and the intensity for freaking two hours…I don't know how she does it and still is able to talk the next day. Was blown away. It did not feel like she was trying to be careful or preserve her voice.. it's like she literally gave it all to the audience..and then do that again next day as she was on a tour…just amazing

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    Why not describe her vocal mix? head voice and chest voice? vocal fry, etc? this girl is doing amazing things but you need to actually give a real depiction of what she is doing.

    How are you supposed to give anyone advice if it sounds like you’re making stuff up dude…

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    This is my first experience of LP, but the technique she's employing makes me think of 'The Sparrow' – Edith Piaf. Just me?

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    Where the fuck is that voice coming from? like it does not make sense.

    it's fucking incredible.

    who is this?

    why am i only just finding them?
    what the fuck is going on?

    Actual train of thought

  26. I love this song and the way she tells the story, can't help but cry a little bit every time I feel the "To all the things I've lost on you". Great videos! I started following you recently and really love the way you explain music and vocal technique. Thanks for sharing regards from Scotland.

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