Voice Teacher Reacts to Linda Ronstadt – Por Un Amor
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Voice Teacher Reacts to Linda Ronstadt – Por Un Amor

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
today’s episode, I’m excited to react to American singer Linda Ronstadt. So well
known and I’m thrilled to jump in today and listen to one of her Spanish songs.
So many of you have been requesting these and today we’re going to be
listening to “Por un amor” or “For a Love”. Oh my gosh. You guys, Linda Ronstadt is so
good. I knew this already. She had a great
career here in the US, tons of hits, lots of awards. But my goodness.
I knew that she had put out some Spanish songs. She has a rich Mexican heritage in
her family. She grew up in Arizona and so many of you have been requesting these
songs but I had never heard them. Wow. Her voice just melts my heart. It is so
good. Let’s look at an approximate translation of the lyrics, “For a love. I
lay myself bare and I live impassioned. I have a love that left forever in my life
a bitter pain. Poor me. This life would be better if it would end. It is not for me.” What a chest voice. Wow. She does so well at this and I’m not
surprised. She is in such control of her voice.
She’s singing in her lower chest voice sound here
but as she ascends through the phrase it just gets stronger and stronger. She lets
a bit of a crack come in here and there to show the passion of these lyrics.
She’s pouring her heart out into this song and I expect no less from her. Wow.
I’m also impressed with her control of dynamics. I knew they would be great but
it’s been a while since I’ve heard Linda Ronstadt. The way she’s able to phrase –
giving us loud sound softer sounds all within one held note especially at the
ends of the phrases. Truly impressive. The lyrics go on to say, “Poor me, poor me.
How much suffers my heart that beats for you alone,” and goes on to say, “For love, I
cried drops of blood from my heart. You left me with a wounded soul, without
compassion. Poor me. This life would be better if it would end. It is not for me,”
and then goes on to repeat a bit. So good. Ugh, so good! She has that cry and call in her voice. I am so impressed with that. Oh wow. And
very typical of some of the best singers from Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking
countries, but especially Mexico, they have this “call” or “cry” that they give.
They put their vowels to a very frontal sound but almost up into the nasal just
a bit. So it’s a combination of the two that just really shows that passion and
emotion of the lyrics and I think she did that so well. Such a wonderful song
by Linda Ronstadt, I can’t wait to hear so many more of these songs she
performed in Spanish. Truly impressive. Thank you all for letting me know about
these. I hope you enjoyed this reaction. If you did, please click like, leave me a
comment down below, hit subscribe if you haven’t already done so, and click the
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me. I truly appreciate it. Have a great day.

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100 thoughts on “Voice Teacher Reacts to Linda Ronstadt – Por Un Amor

  1. Hello Andy Davis… If you don't tell us that she is Linda Rondstat, I would think she is another Latin singer, because her Spanish sounds very good. Eureka, what a nice surprise… Greetings from Chile!
    Note: Ronstadt I wanted write…

  2. Andy hechale un vistazo a María de Lourdes cantando Juan Colorado…
    Ella era la reina del falsete..hasta ahorita nadie como ella..
    El video no es de muy buena calidad, pero la voz esta ahí y se escucha bien.

  3. Good reaction to a nice song, a great voice and a very beauty talented woman, Linda have a eternal place in México's music heart, I just love her!!…👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️

  4. Para ser un gran intérprete del género ranchero se debe cantar con el corazón y tomar la letra como propia vivencia del cantante…he ahí el éxito de los artistas, cuando al cantar fluyen los sentimientos y los que escuchamos las canciones nos identificamos con las letras. ¡Saludos Andy y muy buena reacción! 👍

  5. Thank you so much for reacting to this one. She is such a beautiful singer. I hope to see you react to more of her songs. Try, Hay unos ojos and Crucifico de Piedra or Los Laureles.

  6. Please react to another Mexican American singer like Joan Báez "La llorona", Marisela "No puedo olvidarlo", Lisa López "Será el ángel", Ha-Ash "Perdón, perdón", Marisoul (Santa Cecilia) "Ódiame". Thanks

  7. There is a good documentary on her life and career. Parkinson’s has robbed her of her beautiful voice but she has quite a legacy!

  8. Hello Andy. Can you react to Lorenzo Negrete – Yo soy mexicano? (Lorengo Negrete – I'm Mexican) You will be surprised … He is the grandchild of Jorge Negrete, a singer of Mexican music very famous internationally. Jorge was known as "El charro Mexicano" for his bearing and presence that he imposed wherever he went. I highly recommend it, you will really be surprised. If you listen to Lorenzo, you would practically be listening to his grandfather Jorge, since his voice is almost identical. Here I leave the link of his video where you can hear his clearest interpretation.

    Sorry, but my english isn't good so I used the google translator.

  9. Ty!!! Pretty please do la cigarra from linda ronstadt!!! Or better yet crucifijo de piedra!!! Great falsettos!! Please it would mean alot to me! I used to sing these. My dad introduced me to her when i was a kid!!

  10. Please react to Peruvian singer Carmencita Lara (The Queen of the Peruvian Waltz)!!!

  11. Hoy descubri tu canal Andy…. y he visto ya como 6 videos de nuestros cantantes mexicanos, me impresionan tus comentarios y reacciones…… tw sugiero si puedes reaccionar a " GUADALUPE PINEDA…. la cancion se llama: Yolanda. La Voz de ella es tan hermosa que quiero ver esa reaccion sobre su voz….la.voz de ella literalmente te enamora. Saludos ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  12. I love how you’re making so doing so many Spanish/Mexican songs and a lot of the greats and please keep doing them 🙏🏽🙏🏽 but can you also do more modern people like Julion Alvarez, any banda singers, Christian nodal, etc? That’d be great and would really boost your channel!

  13. Please react to The Hobbit Misty Mountain performed by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra live!!! Please I know you’ll love it!!

  14. Hello mr. Andy , please react to la cigarra. Linda ronstadt… gracias saludos.. i love you reacts.. ☝🙌👌👏👏

  15. By the way here is a link to a beautiful song from Juan Gabriel. "Ya lo sé qu tú te vas" He performs spectacularly! https://youtu.be/kqqsZ8bLVXI


  17. OK You got me hooked now. I grew up on Linda. She is everything a singer should be. Today I'm over the top Jessie J. Glad I subscribed!

  18. Please React to
    Juan Gabriel – Que Buena Suerte
    You Won't be dissapointed you already reacted to song (Asi Fue) which is from same concert where he is wearing white. MUCH LOVE TO YOUR CHANEL!!!!

  19. Just a couple days ago a video came out of a vocalist named LiSA. It is on a channel named THE FIRST TAKE where the idea is to sing any song you wish and you got one shot at it, live in studio. She had an amazing performance if you are interested. Here is the link @

  20. Wow, I have not heard her in such a long time. But she sounds amazing. Thank you for choosing her in this video 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️

  21. Hi master of voice
    React to ANDRES DE LEON
    From Chile
    Here it is a Link of one of your songs


  22. React to this great Spanish interpreter for not saying the best voice in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_59MxOmD0I

  23. Had such a crush on Linda Ronstadt growing up. While all the other boys had posters of Bo Derek or whoever, I had my Ronstadt poster, lol. always loved her.

  24. I thank god every day for blessing me with the gift of speaking spanish. Spanish is my first language and I consider myself lucky that can enjoy the music that my fellow Mexicans have blessed us with over the years. I used to think that you had to know spanish to appreciate the beauty of the art these artists share with us. You have proved me wrong Andy.I love your videos keep making more. My favorite artists are juan gabriel and jose jose.

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  27. Listen to her rendition of "Poor Wandering One" from "The Pirates of Penzance". This is an operetta, not an opera, but her operatic style is fantastic and many people are not aware of her operatic voice..

  28. https://youtu.be/jDrjx64eZJQ Perdón de Vicente Fernández y su hijo Alejandro Fernández.

    The Best song in the mexican music

  29. That' reaction is very nice. You have to react to Natalia Jiménez & Pedro Fernández – Ya Lo Sé Que Tú Te Vas, a song of Juan Gabriel. I wait your answer, 😃

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  32. Timeliness and Classic 😘🇲🇽👏…. If you have a chance you watch the entire concert "Canciones de Mí Padre"… You'll Love it.

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