Voice Teacher Reacts to Kpop Idols WORST vs. BEST Live Vocals
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Voice Teacher Reacts to Kpop Idols WORST vs. BEST Live Vocals

Hi! My name is Sam Johnson and I am a voice teacher. Go to my website: www.vocalease.net if you’d like to learn more about me, read blog posts, or sign up for a voice lesson. Today I’m going to be reacting to “Kpop Idols Worst VS Best Live Vocals Compilations Same Song Comparison” It’ll be fun! I used to live overseas, I taught in Hong Kong for eighteen months and so I’m kind of familiar with some of the music from over there, but I don’t know specific singers very well, so here we go! [KPOP MUSIC] Okay, so this is the worst… Yeah, she’s kinda flat on those notes. There’s a lot of post-processing even though this is live. Much better. Yeah, that’s an ‘E’. So that’s a- that’s above most women’s- well, that’s above all women’s passaggio. That’s a really high note, actually. It’s very difficult to just pull that up, so usually you hear people make a choice to flip into a head voice, falsetto-type thing or use more of a mix, which is what she did in this clip. So in the first time that she sang it, the bad one, you could hear it was really in her throat. Uh, it was not a very forward, present, sound and a lot of times when that happens it’s usually because of tongue tension, so, maybe she was just feeling a little tense and it fell back but she did not get up there. On the second one, on this “best” version, she absolutely made some sort of adjustment that let her go into more of a mix up on that note, where before she was just trying to pull chest voice up and it did not work. [KPOP MUSIC] Woo! Yikes, that’s a huge difference. Here, I want to listen to that again. [KPOP MUSIC] Yeah, he just tried to put so much weight up there. It’s impossible to sing that note [Plays ‘F’ on keyboard] That was an ‘F’ [Sings high ‘F’] And I can only get there if I thin it out like crazy. If you try and [Sings off-key ‘F’] It’s just gonna be awful! So, listen to the second time he- it’s gonna be a lot better that time. [KPOP MUSIC] It’s already starting thinner. Yeah, just whiny is crazy. It’s awesome. [KPOP MUSIC] It’s just more forward in this clip. Just singing more forward is out of her tone. It was a little unstable before. Yeah, she flips halfway through that because it’s just not sustainable. It’s pulling up so much weight, and that’s happening because she’s choosing a very wide vowel through it. But it just pulls so much weight up that, uh, the vocal cords can’t stand that kind of compression for very long. And so she flips into a really breathy place. The muscles are like, “Oh no, it’s too much for me to handle!” and they just let go and so it- tons of air going through instead of resisting by those muscles. [KPOP MUSIC] That’s not bad. That one’s not bad. That was pretty good [KPOP MUSIC] That sounds like compressors. I don’t think he’s doing much different, honestly. I don’t know… Tell me if that was wrong, but it sounds like it might have- it’s just compressors. It’s post production. That’s not anything that he’s doing different with his voice. [KPOP MUSIC] That’s sad. She was going up and it just started getting so unstable. [KPOP MUSIC] She sounds more relaxed in this one. And she doesn’t try to pull up any sort of connection. She just chooses to completely flip into a head-voice, dominant configuration. But, she’s not pulling up any chord closure, and so, because before, her chord closure as she was going up because of her vowel choices, was just not ideal. It was like, uneven and coming together a lot and then falling apart. With this one, she just comes up, and it’s like, “Hey, I’m gonna let it go!” and then it flips into head voice. It’s a choice to get out of that hard thing. I think she could do it either way, and maybe neither of those are the most ideal, but, it sounded easy, and that’s all you can ask for. [KPOP MUSIC] He’s just doin’ a joke… He’s tellin’ jokes This guy is a joker! (You got that right Sam) [KPOP MUSIC] That- yeah. He was still just pulling chest voice up like crazy. He’s a good joker, he knew that was gonna happen. He didn’t want to do that note on the one that was “worst”. With this one, he still pulls [Plays notes on keyboard] up chest like crazy [screams of the fallen] [Better screaming] [Worse screaming] He’s just pulling up chest. It’s just not an easy note for him. [KPOP MUSIC] He sounds tired. [KPOP MUSIC] That’s still yelling it out. He’s completely pulling chest voice up He’s not letting any sort of head voice mix into it. Once you get above a certain point, it’s just not sustainable. And that’s why you see some of these guys pull of right after they start the note. Because they can feel that it’s completely unstable. It’s just not gonna hold through the phrase. That’s not ideal for either of them. It’s just on this “best” one, it was a better day, he wasn’t as tired, and it decided to hold. But still, it’s a very compressed [Plays note on keyboard] sound. [KPOP MUSIC] All of these people are just trying to do unsustainable sounds. Like, the way that they’re trying to produce all of these things is not gonna work, and that’s why they’re gonna be so inconsistent across recordings, from studio to live, it’s gonna be very inconsistent because the way that they’re using their voice is not sustainable. It- not for a full night. It might be once every ten years or something, but it’s just not sustainable. They need to start thinning out their vocal folds rather than pulling up so much weight an then adjust vowels to match it. But right now, they’re just pulling up all of this weight. Their vocal folds are thick and tight when they’re singing lower notes and as they go higher, they’re holding on to that rather than letting it thin out into something that will actually work for it. That just- it’s not gonna work. [KPOP MUSIC] That’s not bad. That started out inconsistent but that was not bad. [KPOP MUSIC] Her vowels are the exact same for both of ’em. No, she was- she sang both of those pretty good. The first one, she wasn’t listening as well. [KPOP MUSIC] These guys are so funny! They’re such good performers that it doesn’t matter what they sound like! (Hooray for BTS?) [KPOP MUSIC] It went significantly thinner on that one with his voice on the top. The first one, he was pulling up a little weight. That one he did, he was willing to thin out a little as he went up so it was a little more successful, but you could see he’s so nervous! Like, none of these guys trust their top- the technique that they use for their high notes. [KPOP MUSIC] The height- just drop his jaw a little bit. Not a big deal. [KPOP MUSIC] He just dropped his jaw a little bit. Nothing else changed. That was just jaw tension. [KPOP MUSIC] Just let go of all the tension. And in that one she did and let go of her tension. [KPOP MUSIC] That was great! [KPOP MUSIC] Both of those are… the same. That was fine. [KPOP MUSIC] Yeah, that is straight-up pulling up chest voice… and being scared about it. That’s mental. Already more forward. It’s a nastier (?) sound. More clear. She’s mixing rather than pulling chest. And so when she goes for that high note, she’s doing it with some vocal chord closure rather than being in a completely falsetto place, She knows how to sing, it just gets in her head. Please comment below what you thought about this video and tell me if I was completely right or completely wrong about some of these singers. Again, it’s my first time listening to them and I’m just trying to explain why they might sound different in each of them, and what some good choices that they made were, and some of their less good choices! Thanks for watching!

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100 thoughts on “Voice Teacher Reacts to Kpop Idols WORST vs. BEST Live Vocals

  1. Hi! Before you rip me apart please read this. If your comment isn't addressed I'd love to hear it.

    1. I know Hong Kong and South Korea are different places. I lived in Hong Kong for 18 months. What I was so poorly trying to refer to in the video was how I worked with a lot of clients on KPOP. I misspoke.
    2. Compressors and auto-tune are completely different things. I was not talking about auto-tune, I was talking about compressors. Compressors are often used in live and studio environments. They are not a bad thing, they are a good thing. I thought that singer was fine in both clips.
    3. I don't know everything, but I have spent an enormous amount of time learning what I know. I am actually a professional voice teacher. My students make progress every lesson. I'm not perfect but I'm always trying to learn.

    Thank you for watching!

  2. I am not a vocal trainer or what…but i have a pair of ears that can work well. 😂😂 When they sing bad….its sounds bad ,,doesnt matter how beautiful their make up or dance is. 😂😂

  3. "She knows how to sing, it just gets in her head."

    As a SONE since 2009, this sentence just hurts a lot, seeing Taeyeon sometimes explain her anxious on stage and the ongoing depression, I just wish she can sing freely with no worries

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    Bro I was like
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  14. I really love all your videos so please stay motivated to continuing making these kind of videos and don't mind the childish kids who are trying to come at you for criticizing their faves🥰 Take care!❤

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    Anyway, I love your insights, as always, and makes me understand the dynamics of singing and vocalization. 🙂

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  24. You have some very interesting things to say and though I'm not a professional singer I do sing alot for myself and some of the things you are saying make a lot of sense to me. My mum tends to be quite nasaly when she sings in church and tries to push her voice to be just a little too loud to suit her capabilities which makes her think she's a bad singer because she over stretches alot but I've told her if she just stopped trying so hard and listened to herself and the people around her she would sound a whole lot better and I've noticed her actually sounding a whole lot better because of that.

  25. The flaws in technique need to pointed out. A lot of k-pop idols belt notes in a way that visibly hurts their vocal cords. Onew had to get nodules removed because of years of unsupported singing.

  26. Yes companies keep forcing idols to do notes without teaching them proper techniques. That’s why most of the high notes in produce 101 shows sound so forced and strained because they make the contestants learn the notes in like one week lmao

  27. This is a really good way to make a review, we can see and objective opinion as a professional. As a singer in progress and a girl who likes korean music Industry I agree with the fact that Agencies just strain idols voices and they want just to be perfect, and the body just says, that's nono. Good video!

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