Voice Teacher Reacts to Juan Gabriel – Abrázame Muy Fuerte
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Voice Teacher Reacts to Juan Gabriel – Abrázame Muy Fuerte

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, we’re back to reacting to Juan Gabriel. This was requested by so
many of you – his song, “Abrazame Muy Fuerte” or “Hold Me Very Close”. This is one
of his performances back in 2002 and I’m excited to jump right in and give a
listen. Nice reception for such a legend. Just singing nice, softly, setting up the
verses here, telling the story. Beautiful violin right there. Let’s look at a rough
translation of the lyrics. “When you’re with me, that’s when I say that it was
worth everything. Everything I’ve suffered. I don’t know if it’s a dream or
if it’s a reality, but when I’m with you is when I say that this love I feel is
because I have deserved it. In telling you love that once again I have dawned.
Crying and joy by your side is when I feel I’m living. Nothing is as it was
yesterday.” Wow. He is such a great songwriter and a great lyricist. All of
his songs that I’ve reviewed so far have such emotion and personal experience
behind the lyrics. And, of course, he’s just, like I said, started out with a
piano singing here, almost a soft, into a mezzo Forte or medium volume vocal, well
supported on the breath. But almost a speech-like phrasing as he’s just
setting up these lyrics, starting to tell this story to the audience. Nice phrase there with a bit of dynamic
contrast within that one phrase. He’s starting into the chorus here. The
phrasing has changed up a little bit. A bit more of a legato line. connected
notes here and the volume has amped up just a bit to full-on mezzo Forte or medium
volume sound here. “hold me because time passes and never forgives. It his caused
damage to myself as in my character. Hold me because time is awful and a very
cruel friend. Hold me because time is gold if you’re with me. Hold me close,
very close. Closer than ever.” I just, you know, now that he has passed I know that
he knew our mortality. He understood that and a lot of his songs talk about living
in the now, living in the moment, and being grateful for those moments. So this
is already touching me so much. Beautiful. The next verse goes on to read,
“Now that you’re with me, I don’t know if time is passing or if it has stopped. I
want to stay this way forever. I take advantage while you’re here. I thank you
for every moment of my life. When you look to the sky, for every star
you see, it’s an ‘I love you’.” So good and he’s doing so well at this and
connecting to the audience. He hasn’t had to do any big, flashy loud singing just
yet. They love this song and they love him for what he’s doing just to tell
this story right now of these emotional lyrics. He’s singing with so much emotion. More volume here, more passion. He is increased the volume here. Gone up
into his upper chest voice a bit, pouring out those emotions and passionate words
that he’s written for this beautiful song. The lyrics continue into the chorus,
“Hold me because time hurts and the sky is witness. That time is cruel and loves
no one. This is why I tell you, hold me very close love. Keep me like this by
your side. I appreciate everything you’ve given me. I want to be with you every day
in one way or another. Love, pain has never made me partisan. But I had to
suffer when I confided and believed in someone who swore they’d give their life
for me.”Such beautiful lyrics. There the crack and the ‘call’ in
his voice there. Signature Juan singing here. I just love these signature sounds he’s
giving us and what I mean by that is that I explained in other reactions I’ve
done to him. This crying out sound of where he places his vowels, the little
bit of a crack here and there that he’s doing intentionally to give emphasis and
passion to these emotional lyrics. Singing from his heart and I love that
about him. I’m not sure if we’re right in sync with the lyrics but they finish out
to say, “Hold me because time passes and it won’t stop. Hold me very close, love,
because time is against us. Hold me because God forgives but time forgives
no one. Hold me because to time it doesn’t matter who one is. Hold me
because time passes and never forgives. It has caused damage to myself and as in
my character. Hold me because time is awful and a very cruel friend. Hold me
very close, love.” You know, I also feel such emotion for my loved ones, my
partner, my family, and this song just really touches my heart right now to
think of that. Time is a cruel friend but we are living now and in the moment and
I’m so thankful to Juan Gabriel and his wonderful songs and that we get to
continue celebrating them, even though he’s passed, to help us through our life
here on Earth. Love that riff he gave there. A great band! Wow! Oh my gosh. Awww. Bless his heart. He poured out his soul in
that performance. I loved that so much every song I see of his, though, just
really touches me in so many different ways. But I think it’s because he always
writes about how we experience life and the lyrics that he’s written are very
similar to things were going through. And so we all identify with that and that’s
why he was such a great songwriter but that can’t discount his excellent
singing abilities and his performance quality. His ability to touch the members
of the audience and even us here through video years later. So good. I hope you
enjoyed this reaction as much as I did. We’ll have so many more songs by him in
the future. Leave me a comment down below of those
you would like to see. I know he has many many more songs he’s written, songs he’s
performed, duets with others. We’ll be getting to so many of those. He was a
true inspiration to all of us and I know why so many of you are such fans because
I’m becoming that fan with you now. I love his music.
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contributed to me and supported my content in that way and I appreciate all
of you so much. Otherwise, I just appreciate the outpouring of support
you’ve given me in every aspect of my channel. Thank you so much and have a
great day.

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100 thoughts on “Voice Teacher Reacts to Juan Gabriel – Abrázame Muy Fuerte

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  2. Hola Andy, me encantan tus videos, disfruto mucho de tus reacciones y conocimiento por el canto. En especial por los artistas mexicanos 😊

    Date la oportunidad de conocer a Pepe Aguilar..


  3. Great video, this particular song or at this particular moment in his life it might no being the most incredible voice but the lyrics.. I mean when I first heard it I might be around 18 or something like this but it really hit me and still does, as a personal note it actually remind me an aunt cause that song was played in a soap opera and I remember those days spending time with her and now she has passed out and just reafirms this song within me and and also remind me of those times and that will never return, so it's great that you take all of this in consideration and not just the voice, also I love your empathy you can see it in the little gestures you make, it can easily be seeing in your face

  4. Thanks to you for taking time to translate and understand the lyrics, there's no doubt, this is a great and deep song. The time is awful and don't forgive

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    Juan Gabriel es un regalo de México para el mundo.

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  9. Thank you Andy for share to the whole world your reactios to Juan Gabriel, we missing him so much but he left us his beatiful music
    and just to let yu know a little fo his life, he suffered so much since he was a little boy and all his pain he reflected in all lyrics he wrote.
    If you have time you can see his life in netflix, thank you Andy!!

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    Que este amor que siento es porque tu lo has merecido…

  17. One important fact I wanted to speak on is, he never considered himself a singer. A writer, composer, poetic, lyricists, arranger, producer, yes but he sang because his audience always requested it. 🙏

  18. Hi Andy – I wanted to take a couple moments to thank you for the work you’re doing here! You have quickly become one of my favorite reviewers. The time you take to do your research on the artist is evident. I also appreciate your genuine interest in translating lyrics.
    This is important because it gives true meaning for people who may not speak the language. Keep doing what you do!

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