Voice Teacher Reaction Freddie Mercury | Somebody to Love 1981 Montreal
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Voice Teacher Reaction Freddie Mercury | Somebody to Love 1981 Montreal

Hello there, my name is Valerie white Williams and vocal splendor studios I am a voice teacher and vocal coach and I offer online lessons anywhere in the world if you are interested click on my website At vocal splendor calm but today I am going to do a react video to one of the most iconic rock singers of all time Freddie Mercury singing Somebody to love with his band queen. Let’s have a listen Let’s piano skills. I love all the beer on the piano, too Some did somebody fun Winn stop just a minute. I want to share something that he does so effortlessly, you know He is changing his mouth shape all the time. So it’s like goat up here – Yeah – So the way he’s doing that his mouth is completely relaxed But he is a master of going to different tones. He started with a little broth with the cool jazzy I love that jazzy intro and then he could do riffs a little bit of air on the breath and then going from the road to the right So watch that notice his jaw is completely relaxed it’s what I called the puppet jaw because his mouth is just Enunciated really freely with no tension whatsoever in his jaw. So look for that as we go on Another new one in you knows – is that this isn’t the era but there was no drum machines Everybody had to play in time The other thing that he is moving his body With the beat to sing rock and really rhythmic music you have to feel it organically in your body This is something that if your class or choir trained It’s really difficult because you’re taught to not do that you get in trouble if you do that but when you sing in a rock band or anything rhythmic Feeling it in the body is gonna really help you and of course with him. It’s just all incorporated with what he’s doing Suppose some backup I Love it. He just gets done doing all that stuff on stage jumps right back in the piano Which is great and you know to be honest, sometimes when you’re playing the piano I played keyboards and bands there’s a sense of security because keyboard kind of keeps you grounded But it’s awesome that he jumped up Well, he has to he’s the foreman and just want to say since we’re frozen on Brian May. This guy is an astrophysicist Really so he’s a rock Guitarist and a huge scientist. It just blows my mind It’s awesome just see how he added just a little grit that glaze LZ so he is so much control of his voice he can totally change the texture of his voice at will and part of that is because he’s very Relaxed up here and he knows how to power the voice Those are the two things I talk about a lot on my channel is keeping relaxed Energizing from here and then that grit which gave it just a little bit of that edge Wish I was there And notice it’s easy boys, it sounds like it’s singing right it has another great side really line and this Plot sounds So organically The long song hold it up again Ah Making things up as they call it catching Awesome folks know what Oh Awesome Awesome. All right. So what’s the takeaway here? Huh? I don’t know what to say Freddie Mercury is just one of those gods of singing I have to say because he has all of the right stuff First of all, he is a big guy He is big tall man with a lot of vitality and he also has that singers face I’ve talked about before So the people with the big sound tend to have a pretty large face a lot of width through the cheekbones big chin huge mouth as you can see dentistry wasn’t his thing, but Lots of spread on the teeth and lots of power. He actually could sing almost anything that he wants He could sing opera if he wanted to and he does and I’ll actually review that one a little bit later But let’s talk a bit more about that performance. It was so amazing because he covered so many different things. He played the piano He did a little jazzy intro which I loved. I love jazz and you can hear that improv So improv the way means making things up. So you’re doing riffs Perfect control of the breath and it was really fun And then he actually did a lot of variation like we talked about he actually had that Mm-hmm could go back and forth between that really bright edge even with a little rasp and she was really round almost Baritone color and the way he did that is by using incredible breath Now the thing about the British singers, I’ve noticed they have a little bit better vocal training. I’ll just straight point say it the United States the vocal training is kinda hit miss really depends on the school district on how much You are getting actually some good musical training Somehow those Brits just have a bit more Education on that. So I’ve noticed overall the British bands tend to have really strong vocals so for him He just had notes top to bottom and the other thing is his face was always relaxed something to look at I mean, I know I did distracted by the big stash too, but his jaw and his mouth were always like this you saw this You know you saw that but the chin what he was doing with his cheeks and chin is completely passive So whether he was belting or he was doing more round tones Everything was relaxed here energy comes from the breath comes from bringing in that breath and having The passion and the power now on top of that he was an amazing act. He was an amazing performer with tons of stage presence and charisma Bottom line and of course I have to talk about the guys Brian May and I can’t remember the drummer’s name but they offered amazing compliments and they were playing just as hard as he was and perfect harmonies, and it sounded awesome and tons of Yeah, also the end there’s a bit of that jazzy Interlude where he was doing a lot of ad libbing ad libbing improv It all means the same thing making things up on that Chord structure and we call that a tag so you can keep going and going so someone probably cut the band offs Okay, we’re gonna end it and it was awesome. I so wish I had seen him when he was around I was too small to probably go to his concerts, but it was great. Thank you from YouTube We get to see all this So let me know. Who else should I react to I? Appreciate all the comments and suggestions and I look forward to making more videos for you Thanks again and have a great day

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100 thoughts on “Voice Teacher Reaction Freddie Mercury | Somebody to Love 1981 Montreal

  1. I would love to see your reaction to Sarah Brightman singing live. "phantom" would be a great one, with Antonio Bandaras.

  2. Queen had the same manager as Elton John. When they first hooked up with him Freddy invited him over to his place. Freddy gave him a tour of the house. In the bedroom the headboard to Freddy's bed was an upright piano. Freddy would lay in bed and make sounds using the piano to put music to it. Laying on his back he would reach up over his head turn his wrist 180 degree and play the piano. Doing so would have his right hand playing the left hand keys and his left hand playing right hand keys (like looking in a mirror. ) When he finished Bohemian Rhapsody he had his manager listen to it. The manager didn't know what to think. Freddy asked him to take it to Elton John to see what he thought. The manager played it for Elton and when it was done ,Elton said "Is he fing nuts?".

  3. Brian May's knowledge of Physics and Electronics are all embodied in his guitar. It was custom made down to the type of wood, potentiometers, and custom wound pickups. He wanted a specific sound and feel he had in his head.

    This is actually one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. If you know about Freddie's Life…….he was rich and famous. He had access to all the drugs and casual sex he desired, but he could never find "Someone To Love"……especially after he got AIDS. That is why he sang this song so soulfully.

  4. Note: May is not "just" an amazing musician and an astrophysic, he's also a luthier… what a skilled genious bastard !!!

  5. He was born with 4 extra incisor teeth and refused to have them removed because he believed it would affect his vocal range. People laughed at him, but maybe he was on to something! He was amazing for a man with no vocal training at all.

  6. He actually had a chance to get his teeth fixed but decided against it because he was worried it would change his voice. I'm not sure if you can confirm that or not but I can understand not taking the risk with a voice like his

  7. Enjoyed your reaction. I heard you say about vocal training in Britain. Freddie never had any vocal training at all!!! He taught himself breath control after being fascinated with the breath control of Frank Sinatra. Freddie was such a musical genius.

  8. Freddie Mercury was in the school choir when he was attending boarding school in Bombay India. When he was about 15, he and some other guys made a band and they called them selves “ The hectics”. I’ve seen video and they were really really good for that age. Freddie Mercury really never had any formal vocal training but he did definitely take piano lessons starting around 88 or nine. Is aunt said he could hear a song on the radio and then go over to the piano and play it note per note. He just did not know how to read music. That’s why he took piano lessons and initially he was playing everything by ear. Brian May said that he always played by ear and never ever learned how to read music.

  9. What’s phenomenal about Queen , is that they have a lot of fantastic multi track background vocals on their recordings. Roger Taylor and Brian May do an impeccable job of trying to duplicate it live on stage. Brian’s guitar sound is so beautifully British . It’s only way I can complement him. It sounds like it came from a Shakespearean play or WW1 or 2 fight scene. Deacon is one of the great bass players in rock ‘n’ roll next to Chris Squire from Yes, and Nile Rogers. Roger Taylor, I put them up there with Keith Moon. Also, I like Freddy’s vocal improvisations as well. One of my soul bands😎…

  10. I’d have trouble saying anything. This performance and Wembley ‘86 literally make me speechless. He truly was a master of his craft. Perhaps THE master of his particular craft.

  11. I am a retired US Military Pilot (26 years), I use to be a Los Angeles County Emergency Paramedic and I flew EMS Helicopters (30+ years flying).
    I have got to tell you something. Your hair is absolutely amazing!! The two-tone effect is spot on. It's gorgeous.

  12. Thank you for recognising Roger and Brian's vocal contributions to the band! Freddie's obviously the master, but I really can't help but feel if Freddie weren't in the picture Roger could have claimed the spot of best vocalist of all time. Queen wouldn't be Queen without 3 stellar vocalists.

  13. A perfect performance of a great song. Freddie had four extra teeth, but not necessarily an aversion to dentists. I would love it if you would save the comments until after the song is done. One cannot enjoy it with someone speaking over the music.

  14. Freddy had no voice training at all. All those boys have degrees. Freddy art and design. Roger the drummer dentistry. Brian. PhD. In asto. Pyhs. The quiet seilent bass player. John (deaky). Was no ones dummy. He has a first class honors degree in engendering. Then later I Believe a PhD in eltrc. Engeneering. He also invented the (deaky) amp. That amp is what gave Queen their sound. Very Very unquie.

  15. I dont think Freddie needs a voice teacher 😂. Its called talent like elvis and cant Any one teach you. Ohhhh Tina turner to

  16. Please react to Luther Vandross singing 'A House Is Not A Home' at the 1988 NAACP awards! It's here on Youtube. Just search "Vandross NAACP Awards." Vandross' vocal range is simply astounding to me, but I have no musical training whatsoever and would love to hear a professional's analysis.

  17. Please do a reaction video to Richie Kotzen Live. Not all of it, just one song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkKBcEV75WE&t=627s).

  18. it's such a pleasure listening to your explanations….that being said…..I found Freddie highly impressive since he does seems to have been born with that gift……such a thing can only come from God……real talent

  19. Freddie had extra teeth at the back which gave him that overbite. He considered having them removed but then worried that removal would somehow affect his incredible voice. I'm glad he never had the work done.

  20. Just keep the queen coming!!! They were amazing… imagine what decades of this musical genius would have offered the world!!! Gone toooo soon 💔

  21. The band Queen were all born with so many God given talents and we are lucky just to be born with one. ROCK ROYALTY..

  22. Vocal Splendor Studios: How about Jim Morrison of "The Door's?" "Light my Fire, L.A. Woman, Break on Through." Even John Fogerty of "Creedance Clearwater Revival." Great '60's Rock singer's

  23. You should watch the video of Freddie singing with Montserrat Cabale – Opera star. That is amazing. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1fiOJDXA-E

  24. I should have found u when I was a lead singer/lead guitarist nback in the day…I had a good range and powerful voice…now I’m 65 and those days are but history…would love to have met u… PS…love ur part of the country… I got to see Queen…before they made it big….

  25. FM said he never got his teeth fixed as it would lessen his voice. I've read many sound scientists who've debunked this & describe his unique voice coming from rare access to generally hidden parts of the lower vocal chords. That may be, but I noticed something in my voice that leans more to his theory – through listening to your terrific insights and remembering the Alexander technique. Alexander was an actor who was losing his voice, and developed movements that are natural in toddlers but lost as we age. I noticed I too was starting to lose my speaking voice and could no longer sing in tune, yet when I needed to I could shout clearly and loudly. As a big fan of Queen (and yourself) I tried an experiment. When I sang or was losing my voice I pulled my lower jaw back, mimicking the natural overbite of Freddie. I also noticed other top singers pulled their jaw back to deliver difficult notes with power and clarity. With me I noticed I could then sing in tune, clearly and controlled, by this simple technique. It must be that by pulling back I was relaxing my jaw. I'd love to tell you more but not on a public forum! I just wanted to share this as Freddie's instinct re his overbite may well have been part of the iconic sounds he produced, and also to offer this as a suggestion to other amateur singers. I'd love to know your opinion.

    Also, it would be terrific to hear your comments on Freddie's & Montserrat Caballe's (excuse spelling please) opera, such as Barcelona or The Golden Boy. Her voice is highly trained opera delivered through the sound of an angel, & Freddie just sings along like he's trained in opera. Together they were physically and aurally beautiful, both acting as a unit, relaxed and such a pleasure to watch.

    Thanks again for your insights. 🎤🎹🎶

  26. Loved this!! You should react to Roger Taylor’s best vocals (drummer) his voice is incredible and he deserves way more recognition for it, this song and the band in general wouldn’t be the same without him!!

  27. Please! How could you say you didn't know Roger Taylor's name? Great drummer, great voice! Got a school scholarship because of his singing when he was a boy. I'm glad you seem to have loved the whole performance!

  28. Hello Valerie, under impression from him passing away let me suggest musical song Maria from West Side Story perforemd by Karel Gott. He has been popular despite the comunism in Western Europe and in RU at the same time! He will always be called by Germans "Golden voice from Prague". I am not fun of that other nick "Sinatra of the East" as he is belcanto tenor with unique color of voice and technique…used in pop-music. Give it a spin please. I know you must be flooded though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHBQad1CYjE

  29. queen wasnt freddies group they were a quartet of 4 very talented people, all 4 wrote their share of their greatest hits, unlike a lot of bands where the lead singer or frontman is the band, all 4 freddie mercury, brian may, roger taylor and john deacon were queen.

  30. Freddie was NOT a big, tall man. He was 5 foot 7 or 8 and slight of build. Why do people spew foolishness like this? To make themselves sound important! A little of your own "improv"? Freddie did have a rather large face, which he made certain was minimized in photographs. If you will find the group photo of F and friends on the front porch of an old house (in England), the size of his face is noticeable. F's famous fist-raised, head down pose displays his prominent cheekbones, seen from above his head! Freddie's natural voice was baritone. He had no vocal training other than singing in the chorus at his private school in India. His voice improved so dramatically and rapidly in England, I have to wonder where he found the privacy to practice, practice, practice. He arrived in 1964 and sang with a couple of bands BEFORE 1970 when Queen debuted – five years to train himself.

  31. I literally just watch Watch Bohemian Rhapsody Last Night and All I Kind Say is WOW amazing movie and also Rocketman Movie Mr. Elton John is something else I knew they could sing but Damn I’m so glad I’m a 80’s Baby and til I’m til the Good Lord Calls me home I will always listen to this kind of music and Beautiful I had to Subscribe to your Channel 😊

  32. "Ok let's do it…" A true giant on the loose, hammering our hearts with vocal love. The man is so indescribable authentic on stage, it's almost as if he's a fully liberated being.
    Watch and Listen, it's on!

  33. Look i like you and your review but…. you talked over Freddie singing… pause is your best friend here….. just saying. 🙂

  34. A little trivia about Brian May’s guitar for you. It’s called the Red Special and for years it was one of a kind. He and his father built it out of Mahogany that they.got from an old armoire, if I remember correctly. That is how he got his unique sound. That and he always used Vox AC30 amps turned up to ten. Also, John Deacon is such an underrated bassist. Check out his amazing driving grooves on Another One Bites The Dust or Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

  35. The only pop singer that comes close or on a par, I think is Stevie Wonder. I can't listen to Stevie without welling up, superb.

  36. Don't you just love him. I seen them in 79. EXACTLY LIKE THIS SHOW. So much fun and ENERGY. I want to GO back. We. As teenagers. Took this for granted. This was our music. These were our music God's. I guess we thought it would keep going. Great band's like this. How wrong we were. So blessed to be a part of this time in music. We seen them all too. EVERYONE.

  37. First off, the was NEVER "Freddie Mercury and Queen" it was just "Queen."
    And, Freddie was a natural singer.
    Trying to critique a 'natural' singer is like trying to critique a sunset, it just 'is.' Enjoy the splendor and majesty of the spectacle.
    I REALLY do appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to reaffirm something that we have KNOWN FOR 30 YEARS!
    Queen ROCKS!!!
    Sorry babe, saw them live. Glad you missed it, you would have sat on the sidelines and judged, instead of enjoyed the show.

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