Vocal teacher Jinyoung makes a sweet call that makes Somi blush! [Sister’s Slam Dunk2 / 2017.03.24]
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Vocal teacher Jinyoung makes a sweet call that makes Somi blush! [Sister’s Slam Dunk2 / 2017.03.24]

I can’t figure out the rhythm here. (Jinyoung is practicing the part she wants) Wow, you can sing it in one try. I can’t even bring myself to attempt it. You’re amazing. ♪ Right? ♪ If I sing ♪ I look pretty, right? ♪ The crowd would go… ♪ Want to get slapped? ♪ (Please don’t hit me) Let’s learn the song. We should. (But this is Gapyeong…) (Who are they going to learn from?) Somi, is starting to hum. Mr. Serious. (His warm encouragement made her feel better) I’m kind of into him now. Why are you crying? He made my heart race like 6 times. 6 times? – Call him. / – I don’t have his number. – You have his number? / – Sure I do. You have his number? – You got his number. / – Don’t do this. When did you get his number? How embarrassing… What if he doesn’t pick up? – Are you nervous? / – Yes. Gosh! (I’m so nervous) Hello? Hello, teacher. Hey, Somi. Hey, Somi. So familiar! We’re shooting Sister’s Slam Dunk. – You’re doing the shoot now? / – Yes. So what’s up? We just got our new songs. Have you heard them? Yeah, I heard. What do you think? Very upbeat and nice but that song will be difficult too. You say they’re all hard. Can you come here? – Teacher… / – Invite him over. You tell him. Tell him what? Teacher…. Hey! No! Turn the speaker on. I’ll talk to him. Teacher. – It’s Sook. / – Hello? Oh, hello. So… – He sounds so stiff. / – You got all business-like. (Is this a different number?) He doesn’t deny it. So we have to practice the song… If you send a sound file, I’ll give you feedback. Teacher, we should do this face to face. I have work afterwards so I’ll have to make some adjustments. If I find out you don’t have work… If she finds out… Don’t say you’re going to beat him up. Let me talk to him. Teacher, this is Jinkyung. Oh, hello. He sounded the same! (Notice a difference?) He sounded the same. So businesslike. Can you come over for a bit? – Where? / – Gapyeong. Gapyeong? Gapyeong’s a bit… I have work later on today. Just for a little bit. Can you stop by for a little bit? Ask him to stay for dinner. Then I’ll look into my schedule and move things around. If I can make it, I’ll contact you. Alright, teacher. We’d really love it if you came. – Teacher. / – Hey, Somi. He only calls out Somi’s name. His voice totally changes. The song’s too hard? We just heard it and we like it. Please come if you have time. Alright. Okay. “Alright.” Why did he stretch the word out? Didn’t he keep telling me that he has work? Okay, teacher. I’ll call you when I’m done. Okay. Have a good one. Bye. “Bye.” So nasally. “Bye.” “Hey, Somi.” “Alright.” This is kind of upsetting. Let’s practice. Then while you guys are practicing I’ll cook us something. – Really? / – Really? I even wrote down a recipe. Wow. (For the members who are tired from practice) (Somi prepared a recipe herself) You’re going to cook for us? Really? Go practice. – Wow. / – Wow. This is so touching. So who knows how to make rice? I don’t know how to make rice. Chaeyoung can make rice. I’ll make the rice. I’m good at making rice. She’s so confident… Everyone! The vocal trainer texted. “Somi, I moved some things around. I’m coming to your accommodations now.” (Yahoo!) You girls go practice. I’ll get to cooking. Just who are you cooking for? I thought you were cooking for us! (I’m cooking the rice) (I hope the teacher likes it…) (What’s Somi’s first dish?) (Hehe) (Yummy!) (Slicing some onion and fish cakes) (Stir-fry the cut up veggies and fish cakes) For Jinyoung, our teacher… (Add soy sauce, starch syrup and garlic) (Stir-fry) That looks good. Stir-fried potato slices. (Great with the knife despite her age) (Focusing) (She’s 17 but she could get married soon) (Whose hands are these?) (How long have these two been here?) This should be good. She’s so cute. (This is a lot of work for one person) – Want help with the kimchi stew? / – Yes. (Jinyoung also helps for the teacher!) (Plop!) I’m hungry. I want to eat spam. This looks good. Great. (Add chili flakes, oligosaccharide and sesame oil) It’s good when it’s spicy. Oh, whatever. (The more, the merrier) (The last ingredient is soy sauce) (Please make it better) (Some more) (And more) What is this taste? (Yes, I’m satisfied now!) What’s this smell? Does it smell good? No, it smells sour. The kimchi? (Wrong! It’s soy sauce!) Hey, that’s a lot of soy sauce… No, no, Yewon. – Just trust me. / – Add chili paste instead! Who adds soy sauce to kimchi stew? It’s soup soy sauce Yeah? Come on, Yewon. (Yikes!) Then it’ll become chili paste stew. – This is kimchi stew. / – But it still tastes better. Better than using soy sauce. Wow, this is… It’s good? – It’s good? / – Nope. Hold on. Gosh, I’ve never made anything like this. I’m telling everyone Jinyoung made the kimchi stew. No, hold on, Somi. This is because… I’ll make chili paste stew. Hey! Why are you adding starch syrup? You’re terrifying. Yewon… This is a bit different from the lunch I imagined. (They can’t fix this) Sing it for us once. (Minzy sings out all the lyrics!) ♪ Okay ♪ Do we sing that too? You can or you don’t have to. (You should sing the song to learn it) (Pretty good) (She nails the English pronunciation!) (Terrible pronunciation) – Jinkyung, is that the same song? / – Right. It’s this song. I’m good at this, right? It seemed a bit different. – Let’s keep going. / – This is so funny. We have no kelp. (The magic powder…) – Yewon. / – If you add that, it becomes delicious. Add all of it? It saved the stew. Leave it like this? If anyone says this tastes bad, they have to taste the first one. For real. (Hahaha) (Was that an insult?) (Or is it just my imagination?) What smells so good? Why does it smell amazing? For the teacher. (They set the table) Goodness! Hello. Hello, teacher. Hello. (Awkward) – Hello. / – Teacher! Teacher! Gosh! – We’re getting ready. / – Hello. – Hi. / – Hello, teacher! Have a seat. You’re very tall. Teacher. You told me that you had work. What? And that you couldn’t make time. The teacher is tired. – Please sit. / – Yeah, alright. – Have you eaten? / – Not yet. Great. So this is the accommodations I saw on TV. (He seems so awkward outside of the practice room) Hello, teacher. (Let’s be nice to him so he teaches us well) Teacher, eat this. It has more Sure. Can we eat now? Somi made all of this. Somi made all of this. – Thank you for the food. / – Enjoy. Eat up, teacher. Here, teacher. Thank you. The rest of you, serve yourselves. – Thank you. / – You only served the teacher. Sook, don’t try to suck up. Peel this. – Teacher, scoop up some rice. / – Okay. – Go ahead. / – Alright… Thank you. Come on, Jinkyung. That’s not right. – Come one. / – What a mess. This won’t do. This goes in your mouth. Straight to the mouth. Gosh! He’s not going to give you more parts like this! I feel like I’ll get indigestion today. (Don’t be like that to the teacher) Let’s eat. This is really good. – Who made this? / – Somi. It’s really good. Somi, this is good. It’s good! Teacher, what do you think is the tastiest? It’s all good. – Pick one dish. / – Out of these. I think the fritters are good. This is good. Anything else? The fish cakes are good too. Somi made that too. Oh, come on, teacher. And the kimchi stew is good too. The kimchi stew. You barely touched it though. Still a lot of spam left. Don’t you think the teacher got a lot kinder compared to the first time? Why did you change so much? I feel more comfortable around you all. Did you change after people wrote that you’re too serious? I think I still keep it pretty serious. I tend to be kind of shy. You got a lot of fans now. You got more fans now. They’re all into you. After our show aired, they all searched for your name. – Did you see? / – Yes. Of course he did. It’s because you and I are in a love triangle, Sook. When did it become a love triangle? I have no idea. Why is this a love triangle? Teacher, are you into me? He has to put up with this nonsense. Gosh, were you really into me? (He just smiles) Let’s be fair. Who’s his ideal type? And say we’re all unmarried. – And we’re all in our mid-20s. / – Yeah. We’re in our mid-20s. Without considering wealth? None of that. Just personality and looks. You can’t include that. – Go ahead. / – I’ve got a shot. My ideal type… He’s about to tell us. I like a girl that’s kind, cute… You lost me at kind. Sexy… And kind of dumb too. That’s Chaeyoung. Why? Kind… And then what? Why is being dumb me? – I’m kind. / – I am too. – Sook, you’re kind, right? / – I sure am. I am too. And cute. I’m cute. (Avoids her eyes) So cute! So cute! So cute! The type of girl I like… A girl so lovely you can’t help loving her. So who among us is your ideal type? – From here? / – Yeah. I bet it’s either Jinyoung of Chaeyoung. Me? Don’t I seem dumb? – Jinyoung. / – Pronounce our names right. (She suddenly feels betrayed) Can I tell you all this later? Why? – You want to know us better first. / – Just because. Come on. Just tell us. – Everyone put their spoons down. / – Yeah. Why did we stop eating? Somi keeps drinking water. Why are you so nervous, Somi? Let’s not do stuff like this. Just tell us. Right now at this table, I’d say Somi for making delicious food. I like a girl that can cook. – Me? / – Yeah. I see sparks. The teacher just said Somi but his ideal type could change. It all depends on how hard we try. We’ll ask you again in a week. – In a week? Okay. / – In a week. – We’ll ask again. / – We’ll ask you again. Someone you didn’t really like could try really hard and win your favor. I never start to like someone who I didn’t like from the start. (It’s just my imagination…) Teacher, what do you think of the new song? What did you all think? I like it. – I love it. / – We like it too. I think it’s trendier than the previous song. The vocals in the beginning are more cheerful and the rapping is strong and very girl crush-worthy. I think it’s a better song for you all. But… Compared to the previous one… How was it? – It’s so high. / – A lot harder. I can’t even sing the first part. Right? The previous song had parts with low notes, mid-range and high notes. But this one starts at mid-range. It’ll be tough for you, Yewon. I think it’ll be tough. It’s too high. But if you lower of the key of that song, it won’t sound the same. There’s a part I really want to do. Which part? I’d like you to focus on helping me with that part. The fact that you want that part… It’s your opinion that the part suits you, right? I think he’s only mean to me. – It’s not like that. / – He’s kind of a jerk. – Is it just my imagination? / – It’s not like that. Have you sang that part for anyone else yet? No. – You haven’t? / – Yes. So we’ll hear it after we finish eating. I saw that you guys eat in every episode. You guys are a girl group. Don’t you guys have to… Restrictions? Stay fit? We have people that are in 40s. – We’d die if we had to restrict. / – Yeah. Eat some more, teacher. I think I’ve had enough. I’ll get indigestion if I have more. Come on. Looks like us girls are getting tougher as we grow closer. We’re not that tough. You haven’t seen a really tough girl. – We’re so gentle. / – Who’s more gentle than us? We’re soft like cotton. Look at his face. (Time for the Unnies to practice their new song!)

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100 thoughts on “Vocal teacher Jinyoung makes a sweet call that makes Somi blush! [Sister’s Slam Dunk2 / 2017.03.24]

  1. I honestly wasn’t a fan of somi before but seeing this series makes me really like herrr, she’s adorable, cute and talented. I understand why she’d get nervous & have low confidence considering that people hv way too high of expectations and having to compete with other talented idols, it must’ve been hard. And minzy….. SHE KEEPS MAKING ME FALL FOR HER ALL OVER AGAIN

  2. Teacher is so lucky. I wish I was him, there, can pick one out of any of girl that I like. Of course Somi its the obvious choice, she can cook, talented, beautiful, and obviously the one you will want to choose is a person who’s really into you and you can clearly see those thing in Somi.

  3. Somi is naturally beautiful and her smile is innocent…. Every one wants to fall in love with her and I already fall in love with her 😍😍😘😘

  4. Somi is literally better at cooking than Jinyoung. That kimchi soup, turned into soy sauce & corn starch soup…lol

  5. Aww man I really shipped them
    And he doesn’t look that old at all .
    I heard that he has a girlfriend and will get married or is married tho that’s a pity she may joke around but I do think she kinda likes him

    Somi fighting ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Nov. 2019 who's still watching this? Somi is just too innocent and i love that the teacher doesn't feel or make it awkward for somi and just go with the flow ❤

  7. This vocal teacher got MARRIED last year or this year then Somi is preparing for her college entrance exam. time flies so fast. 😊😁

  8. when i was at the same age as her, i can't even cook like that, all i can do is buying foods outside or like cooks a simple egg -_-

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