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Vivi – Transforming Classroom Enagagement

(happy music) – [Narrator] Imagine how
productive a classroom full of happy, engaged, and
attentive students could be. Knowledge would be
retained, ideas explored, and creativity unleashed. But we know how challenging
it is to achieve this. With students on phones,
others losing focus, or falling behind when
content doesn’t resonate. Not to mention, constant technical hitches when connecting and presenting. Teaching is challenging. And while you’ll never
find 25 perfect students, we can give you the tools to drive better classroom outcomes. Introducing Vivi, a classroom engagement solution that is designed by
educators for educators. Vivi is easy to set up and reliable, ensuring that precious
class time is not wasted. Vivi negates the daily connection hassle, as well as the need to
contact your IT department due to technical issues. With Vivi in your classroom, you’re in control, yet mobile. Students can share their work seamlessly in a collaborative environment, while you continuously monitor individual engagement and wellbeing. With features designed
for classroom management, thousands of teachers to date have given Vivi a glowing report. Plus, Vivi’s always improving, with regular software updates, and new features crowdsourced straight from Vivi’s community of users. To find out how Vivi can transform your classroom engagement, please contact us on and arrange your demo today.

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