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Visual & Media Arts at Suffern Central School District

Art at Suffern High School and art
throughout the district is way more than just copy this picture or draw with your
crayons. Just the balance of cutting this one and then cutting that one, would be
perfect. So I want you to bring in a bunch of different images that relate to
your person. We try to give them opportunities to tap into their
imagination; to truly develop that creative out of the box type of
thinking. We have so many opportunities in different classes to take here. You can
take photography or computer arts, you can take fashion or classic drawing
and painting classes. I like to do wheel. I take a piece of clay and then make
whatever shape you want. And we’re learning the basics of making movies, mostly short films. We’re going to learn how to sew and we’re gonna learn how to make a pattern out of wax. They’re using materials that not only students are using in Suffern High School, but even in college and at the professional level. This is a barren, and you use it to push down on your print, so that all the paint will go onto the
paper. Not many schools get the chance to do this, so I think it’s really great
that we have stuff like this at our school. We’re really developing students
way of thinking. To look at art from all different angles. You never know what project you’re gonna do next and what tools you’re gonna use. Like watercolor or like oil pastels we used in elementary school, but now we’re using light boxes to trace things. We built a
cityscape. Our art program is second to none. The teachers at the elementary, middle
school, high school… it’s just phenomenal what they do. I love how I can feel so free. I think I’ve learned how to be more creative. If you make something bad, not to give up just try again. The grittiness of the art room
is when you make a mistake you’re not just going to get frustrated and crumple up your paper and throw it out. So whether it’s coding on the computers or illustrating using traditional materials at the table, they’re going to work through their
problem until they’re successful. They can bring these skills into other parts of their lives. What’s happening in the elementary and the middle school is they’re allowing the students to explore. They’re doing maker spaces, they’re doing all project-based learning. As they transition up to the high school,
we’re capturing those students who need that creative outlet still, but also want to continue to pursue and figure out how art is going to fit into their
future careers. Being in such a great art program will really help me be able to
do so well in my future and I’m so thankful for other teachers that have
helped me. They have a unique vision and whether they do it in writing, whether they do it in photography, whether they do it in any other medium, they’re aware of their own voice.

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