Vidya – 4th March 2020 – विद्या – Full Episode
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Vidya – 4th March 2020 – विद्या – Full Episode

Vidya, remember that if people
come to know about your marriage… …then the secret about you being
illiterate will get revealed too. I’m leaving. Aunt. Come. We have to make a lot of
arrangements in such a short time. Hardly few months are left. I’ve ordered for all the books. Start preparing for
your examination. Thank you, Avtaar.
I’ll work very hard. Vidya. What were all of you
conspiring at the DM’s house? We weren’t conspiring. We were discussing
about something. Would you like to know it, old man?
– Wow! That’s great! How dare you talk
to me rudely… …at my house? I don’t know what were you
conspiring at Vivek’s house… …along with my wife and my
daughter-in-law who is a widow. You are getting angry just
because I questioned you. Avtaar. Don’t forget… …that till now I’m
the head of this family. Father, you’ve forgotten… …that you are the
head of this family. You’ve forgotten your duties
as the head of this family. Before trying to dominate your
wife and daughter-in-law… …you must fulfill your duties. Have you given up
dignity and shame? How could you argue
with your father-in-law? I’m not arguing with
my father-in-law. I’m just reminding him. Because he has forgotten
that he is my father-in-law. It’s not your voice. It’s the voice of
Vivek’s courage. You old…
– Avtaar. Father is absolutely correct. This is the voice
of Vivek’s courage. Due to his trust and courage…. …I’m able to face
you and talk to you. And… …now a relation is
formed between both of us. I’ve married Vivek in the court. Vidya, what have you done? Why did you tell this to him? This news will spread in
the village within no time. Avtaar. Bablu and father have forgotten
about their relationships. But I’ve not forgotten. I remember that we must never keep
any secret from our beloved ones. I’m afraid that if the villagers
learn about my wedding… …then they will also learn… …that I’m an illiterate. If the villagers learn
about my wedding… …then Vivek will
also get in to trouble. When Vivek will get
in to trouble… …I’ll automatically tell
the truth to everyone. I’ll tell everyone… …that father and Bablu… …had forcefully… …made fake documents… …and made me do this job. They cannot say this to
anyone even if they want to. I hope they don’t lose their
mind keeping this secret. Uncle can never… …keep a secret. Vidya… …you take care. And prepare yourself. I’ll make a move. Aunt! Oh my! Even a normal
person acts crazy… …when he is in love. Done?
– Yes. Sometimes stay in control. Okay.
– You are always flocking around. I was not thinking about Vidya. I was thinking about mom. Mehak, you know… …I have never done anything… …without mom’s blessing. For the first time… …my mom is not with
me when I am making… …such an important decision. Vivek. Vivek… …mom’s blessing
is always with you. She is angry with you for now… …because she is unable to
think from your perspective. But she will never… …want anything bad for you. I know. Forget all this… …and think what
you need to do next. I will help Vidya study
from tomorrow onwards. Wow! You think of her… …and she calls. Wow! Look at you blush. Answer the phone. Yes, Vidya. Hello, Vivek. Vidya, he has been
chanting your name. Don’t listen to
her she is crazy! Tell me. What is it? Vivek, can you come over
to my place for some time? What is it? Is everything fine? There’s nothing to worry about. I want to talk to you
about something important. Please come over. Sure, Vidya. I will be there. What happened? All okay? Yes, everything fine. Vidya wants to talk to me.
I will be back. Give her my regards. And you look after mom. Of course!
You don’t have to mention it. Just go. Bye! Where did Vivek go? Well…
Vidya called him for some work. He will return in no time. Vivek has ordered so
many books for Vidya. Can’t you see?
Are you all blind? Idiots! Listen, ma’am! If I was blind, I wouldn’t have
seen how beautiful you are. Why are you staring at us? It’s your mistake after all.
Why do you look so beautiful? Your beauty will mesmerize
us, right? You all should leave from here.
Otherwise… Otherwise?
Will you be hugging us otherwise? Otherwise I will
behead all of you! Sir! She is DM’s relative, right?
Why are those goons bothering her? Wait.
Let me teach them a lesson. Mehak. Don’t you worry. I’m here now. Please step back.
– Well, excuse me! I can handle them by myself. What! I’m trained in
Taekwando and Jujutsu. Jujutsu?
– Jiu-Jitsu! People will die after
listening to it’s name. By the way, I thought
you were Ms. Mary. But you turned out
to be Mary Kom. So you understood, right? Then keep the distance! Quiet! She is extremely dangerous man! Leave me! Can’t you see?
Are you blind? Why did you bump into me? Yes. It was my fault. I bumped into you.
Can I tell you something? I’m not a villain… …but a hero. And you know well… …when hero and heroine
bump into each other… …they fall in love.
Like I’m in love with you. I’m sure you too will
be in love with me. Are you crazy? Call me crazy or call me silly. Tell me whatever
seems right to you. But you look great
when you speak. What! Hey… …address me as Avtaar. Mehak! I love you. You are amazing.
You dealt with… …a couple of goons back there. And now you’re
scared of dogs here. It means you are brave… …and innocent. When you jog… …the weather
become very pleasant. May I say something?
– Sure. We would look… …good together as a couple. Oh, hello. Number one. Down. You seem to have
very high hopes. Now be back to your senses. I’m a girl hailing from Delhi. And several others… …like you have proposed… …to me in Delhi. Did you know? Whenever they’ve… …proposed me… …I have answered them as well. Oh, this seems to
be a big problem. Oh, Lord. How many boys have you loved? You… I just asked you… …to hold my hand with love… …and not to slap me. Mehak, you hail from Delhi… …but I also hail from Deogarh. I will make sure that… …both these place unite. If I have lost my heart
to a Delhi girl… …then she will
definitely be my bride. Oh no! You idiot. She bites so well. Mother! Hold on, Vivek. Don’t come in. What happened, mother? Hold on! Come, DM sir. What should I say to you? Shall I call you
son or son-in-law? I’m very confused. There’s no need
to get shocked… …as the alliance is fixed. Address him as a son-in-law. He will be our son-in-law
as he is married to Vidya. Vivek has come to our house for
the first time after marriage. Let me welcome him. Stay blessed. Please place your
right foot forward. Sure. Come. Wait. Hold on! Hold this for a moment. Take this.
– Mother, this? You don’t have to give this.
– Son. I know that you are a
District Magistrate. But accept it as my blessing. Son. Goddess will definitely
help you with the task… …that both of you have taken. But mother… Why did you tell him about it? Son, you don’t worry about that. Vidya has explained him well. He won’t even think
about doing anything bad. You go inside. Vidya is inside. Okay, mother. I won’t speak about this. But I can’t promise that
I won’t do anything bad. Dad, we are stubborn… …we never learn our lesson.
– Quiet! You! Are you out of your mind? How will we get by if Vidya
gets married into their family? What will happen to us? He is useless.
He is not capable of anything. I had a good son
who got martyred. How will we get by? We will live happily
by running a shop. How long will you survive
on your daughter’s paycheck? About this Bablu… He will go to the city
and make a living. And you listen to me. Stay away from Vidya. Or else I will make
your life miserable. Dad, what did she just say?
– She is out of her mind. Vidya. ‘There will be no
rituals at the wedding.’ ‘But there will be wedding vows.’
– ‘Which we will take together.’ ‘For the objective…’
– ‘Which we will achieve together.’ ‘We will not live together
as a husband and wife.’ ‘But we will be together.’ ‘At every step.’
– ‘At every step.’ ‘With every breath…’
– ‘We will work on the vows.’ ‘Which we have taken bearing
the Holy Gita as witness.’ ‘We will fulfill the promise… …that we have made to
ourselves and to mother.’ ‘I accept Vidya Singh as
my lawfully wedded wife.’ ‘I accept Vivek Vardhan Singh
as my lawfully wedded husband.’ ‘I do!’
– ‘I do!’ Tell me, Vidya. What’s the matter?
Why did you call for me? Well, Vivek… I have asked Avtaar to bring… …books from fifth
to tenth grade. They are kept over there. I was wondering if you could… …start tutoring me
from today itself. I want to waste no time. Vidya. I have also ordered
books for you. I had asked Mehak to
give them to you today. I thought we would start
studying from tomorrow. But you want to start
studying from today. I am glad to know that. As they say… …do today what you
planned to do tomorrow.’ Time once lost can
never come back. So, Vidya. Let us start. Right now. Just a minute.

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