Video tour of Pembroke College, Cambridge
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Video tour of Pembroke College, Cambridge

Hello! I’m Antonia, I’m the JPC access officer and welcome to Pembroke! Pembroke is one of the oldest colleges it was established in 1347 and we are now standing in Old Court, the oldest bit of it [cheerful music] In this series of videos I will introduce you to different parts of the College which are important for students who come here including the Hall where we eat our food, different courts where there is student accommodation, and different facilities that we use all the time. [cheerful music] This is Porters’ Lodge, this is where Porters are here all the time, so this is like a reception area for the College. They’re also really the most helpful people you could have in the College. So if you have any questions, if you need directions or, I don’t know, have an essay crisis in the middle of the night, they are always here to talk to you the Porters’ Lodge is open 24 hours a day so you can come here any time. They’re also responsible for the security of the College as well as sorting out the post so just over there there is a post room where everyone has a pigeon hole in which the post comes and you can collect it when you’re ready. We’re now standing in the Hall, which is where students come to eat. in Pembroke there are three meals served a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is always a wide variety of dishes to choose from including a vegetarian main, and a simply Pembroke range which is free from all common allergens, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you want to celebrate a special occasion you can also sign up for a formal hall which is a 3-course meal served here in the evenings. It’s a very fun way to celebrate and spend time with your friends, and the food is always very, very good. This is our College Library It holds many books that you can use for your undergraduate degree so you don’t have to worry about buying books. It is also a study space open 16 hours a day, but this is just one of the places you can use. There are 114 different libraries in Cambridge including the University Library and departmental libraries. some students also choose to study in their own rooms and in Easter term there will be other spaces open in College for you to use [calm music] This is the College Chapel. It was designed by Christopher Wren and built in 1665. It is open to everyone, all the time there are many religious services held in here including the matriculation service held at the beginning of the year which some students choose to attend. but it is also a multi-faith space and many different musical events happen in here these include the different recitals and concerts by many musical groups in the College, as well as external musicians, and the College Choir. So now we’re standing in front of the War Memorial. Throughout the First and the Second World War there were soldiers who were associated with Pembroke for example, the alumni, or students and unfortunately 450 of them had died during the Wars and this is our way to remember them and to appreciate what they’ve done for us, and appreciate what we have in the present. In your first year you will live on the main college site whilst in your second and third year, you may move to an external house with a group of friends. The student rooms are spaced in different places in the College including the Red Building, the New Court, and Foundress Building! This is the newest part of the College and the building was built in 1997. There are about 90 undergraduate student rooms but also many facilities for us to use including the computer room the laundry room, and the gym. Now let’s show you one of the rooms [door closing] The College provides accommodation for the whole duration of your degree. We all have single rooms but the majority of bathrooms and cooking facilities will be shared. This is the JP, which stands for Junior Parlour. It is the main social space for undergraduate students to use. Many students come here to chat with their friends or play some games such as the table football or the pool. Elsewhere in College there is also a table tennis room and a gym for us to use. There are various social events held in the JP throughout the term including some karaoke nights, and bops, which are fancy dress parties held at the beginning and end of each term. Attached to the JP there is a cafe. During the day you can come here and buy snacks or a quick lunch, and in the evening it turns into a bar and a social space. [cheerful music]

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  1. This was really helpful because at yesterday's open day i went to Pembroke college too late so there were no more tours being held 😅. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Hi, great video! Just wondering, how many first year students are typically admitted to Pembroke College per year? Thank you.

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