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41 thoughts on “VIDEO: Teacher in Auburn under investigation, paid leave

  1. "I'm just in so much shock"?? Hmm.. Imagine that. A PREDATOR that has a job w/ KIDS. Yeah, no one coulda saw that coming. 😂 Lmao. What a dumb**s country bumpkin.
    She's obvsly never heard the term "hiding in plain sight."

  2. For anyone wondering they don’t want to name him because of the video is fake it would ruin an innocent mans life. It’s not fake but they have to make sure.

  3. Bahahahaha van eaton really be clownin, might as well call him Van Epstein. I had his class but i never thought he was like that

  4. "He always came off as a very professional, very stern man, so to know hes attracted to younger children is a shock"
    What kind of comment is that?!?! Hes a predator not infatuated

  5. That's crazy. Everyone at school was talking about it today. And it wasn't even at riverside. Everyone in Auburn talking about it

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