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18 thoughts on “Video shows Vance Co. deputy slamming, dragging middle school student on ground

  1. Oh crap he should spend a very very very long time in jail ! If he doesn't then I wouldn't blame the father if he took matters into his own hands !!! The cop should never be a cop again not even in the next town over because that's normally what happens , there's no accountability whatsoever and these sick demented people need to be dealt with harshly..

  2. These little mf kids can get disrespectful 🤷‍♂️he probably had a smart mouth good for the officer someone needs to check these disrespectful children if their parents won’t do it.

  3. This officer needs to be locked in a room with the child's parents and all the child's uncles from both sides for… As long as it takes.

  4. After viciously body slamming the child to the point of unconsciousness, he finish the child off with the Jason Voorhees drag

  5. I never understand what needs to investigated if this is the video…..even if the kids said something whatever…. who is the adult in the room?

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