Video School: Educating the Community in Lewisville ISD
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Video School: Educating the Community in Lewisville ISD

Hey y’all. Are you looking for a fun engaging way to
share important information with your students parents and teachers? Well Louisville Independent School District
sure seems to have found one and that’s why we chose this district for
our next episode of video school. I’m here in Texas to find out more about how
they’re using video to get people excited about technology. Let’s go check it out. I guess we all learn in different ways and
for me video is an important way for us to reach
an audience. We look at video as a way that we can package
the message the training the knowledge that we want to share make sure that we’re sharing exactly what
we need. There was no formalized training that was
happening no no resource that people could go to. This folklore would develop where was passed
down by word of mouth from one person to the other in the office. Say well this is how you do your job in the
system. What we wanted to do was come up with a product
that said take the time to get to learn Skyward take the time to look at all the bells and
whistles here because it’s going to be valuable to you. We created an online presence for our staff
to find ongoing assistance with ‘how do I do this in skyward’ or in our finance
system. this is a very very busy world in this day
and age and people’s time is at a premium. I see a lot of value in the very short video
clip that doesn’t take long. I see that as a very good learning tool the
first thing we came up with was telling a story and if you look at any movie you a lot you
enjoyed it to tell a story and then we’ve determined you know videos
tell stories really well. We have meetings once a week and sometimes
every other week we developed the story in a meeting I’ll go out there and do all the shoots. We edit it together then we’ll kind of critique
it and move on from there. Knowing where you’re going know who you’re
going to interview but know where you’re going to get to as well. Come up with a solid story and what you’re
trying to tell and I think the rest falls into place better when you know that. The videos are so engaging and it’s a story
that everyone can relate to so like all the videos for what’s offered
in skyward I could relate to each one like grades transcripts. The first time I used the videos ways for
my daughter that was a senior we were in a meeting with college coaches and they asked to know what her grades were
so I was able to go and click on the video and go back to skyward and provide them with
the grades that they asked for. I think it’s really helpful to the end users
they can actually see and hear the steps at the same time sometimes they don’t pick up unless they can
see the actual steps on on the screen. I’ve got parents that i know would benefit
from understanding what all skyward can do because there’s so much more to it than just
checking grades. They want this information they’re asking
campuses for this information but they don’t know it’s at their fingertips if just went online through the family access
portal. We have a spanish population and we have a
translator with the district so with the lower thirds you know they’re
in english and of course we have we also have some with
some audio narration and so i’ll just send it to her and she’ll translate
it. Anytime you’re dealing with multilingual or
diverse populations the more visuals that you can have to support
the language that’s coming out of your mouth the better off you are. Schools are changing a lot and mostly that’s good the world changes. So the idea that getting information is held
to specific times does not work for a lot of families and so it’s kind of our responsibility to find
ways to make sure that information quality information and learning is available
all the time. Videos are a great way for your district to
captivate your audience and share important information. Have some fun with it and we bet your viewers
will too. Stay tuned for the next episode of video school
coming soon.

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