Video Game High School (VGHS) – S3: Ep. 6 – SERIES FINALE
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Video Game High School (VGHS) – S3: Ep. 6 – SERIES FINALE

(Music starts) ♪This place has been forgotten♪ ♪A relic of the road♪ ♪And I am on my own♪ ♪It seems I was only dreaming♪ ♪Of a life that never ends♪ ♪To say goodbye is the hardest part♪ ♪So farewell my friends♪ ♪We shall be reminded♪ ♪Of adventures that we shared♪ ♪While the storm rages around us♪ ♪And the wind begins to tear
Down the door, Down the door♪ ♪We will never know if there was more♪ ♪Just give me one last morning♪ ♪With a sword still in my hand♪ ♪And I’ll slay all them giants♪ ♪Save the princess from this land♪ ♪But I am not your Lionhart♪ ♪I am just a fool♪ ♪Who made believe I was a king
But forgot I had to rule♪ ♪Through all the darkest hour♪ ♪Chasing the setting sun♪ ♪But I am ashamed of what I’ve become♪ ♪This time I fear we’ve gone to far♪ ♪This time I know they’ve won♪ *Sad Banjo Solo* Hey how about Hardcore Gamer Academy? It’s only 200 miles from your place. Yeah. Uh… I could take the bus there on the weekends. Why don’t you two just go to the same school next year? Oh, I have to go back to normal school next year, so. Damn, dude. Normal school sucks. Turns out I missed the deadline for scholarships You know what my grandpappy said , don’t be poor. C-C’mon guys, I’m gonna be fine and plus we’re all gonna keep in touch, right? I’ve got it. I can save the school. Poor Ki, she’s been saying that all week. *Beep* *PA* Attention students, this is Dean Barnstormer and Dean Barnstormer! Here to tell you that due to construction, a 6 PM curfew is now in place! Lights out everybody! *Power whining down* Come on Jax, one last tune. ♪Banjo playing♪ ♪I don’t know what to think anymore♪ ♪There’s so much stuff going wrong♪ ♪It sucks♪ (somber music) (Check out Brian D’s old-school gear!) (Don’t tell me that’s the setup he smoked you with, LAWllipop) (You’re not underdogs, you’re VGHS. Winning is what you do) (Jenny Matrix has almost done it.) (These underclassmen are one point away from the biggest upset in clan tryout history.) (Tank, up front. Games, Moriarty, make some noise.) (Rule number one, Ace, never give up.) (You really want to play this game one last time?) (The clock’s ticking, so why don’t you put that ‘nade on your noggin?) (Final chance for VGHS!) (This isn’t about you and me.) (It’s not about getting back in, it’s –) (it’s about one last chance to play with the best of the best.) (‘Cause at the end of the day, Calhoun,) (it’s all about the game.) – Guys, get up! I’ve got an idea. Grand Theft Auditorium is still open, right? So, let’s get in there and just play some video games. – Brian, it’s like 10 in the morning. – Come on, guys, I’m being serious. This is our last chance to play together as a team, under the lights. Besides, what else are we gonna do? – Brian, you’re so lame! But I’m bored, so let’s do it. – 3v3 deathmatch? – We could turn on low gravity. – And Big Head mode. – And I’ve got a big head! – Alright! – Let’s go, (ALL) – video game! – Dammit! – Guys, we got the Nitro Dog for $10 and Laser Dog for $10.50! Coupons! – And what price is a man’s forgiveness? – That’s not on the menu, sir. – Two Nitro Dogs, then. – And a moment of your time. In one fortday, this school will be no more, but the Drift Team lives in Clutch’s uncle’s basement. Alas, I am graduating, and racing off to med school. But not until I name my successor. Theodore, will you be the — – Nope. I don’t want to be Drift King. Please go away. I do not to be like you. – Then don’t be! Be yourself, Ted. You are the Drift King! – You don’t know who I am! I have moved on! I have a career. – A career? Look at your hat! – It’s called a uniform. And I don’t wear it because I want to, but because I have to. Because I am an adult now. Now, do you want relish on those, or what? – Relish? No. I do not relish this at all. (grunts in frustration) – This school is home to the endangered Red Beaked pigeon. You need to halt construction immediately and perform an environmental survey. – That’s a fake bird with ketchup on its beak, Ki. It’s the saddest try yet. – Well, the topsoil — – Stop it, just stop. Construction’s begun, negoshes are over. VGHS is ours. – But, Shane– – But, but but your world’s over. – Shane train! – How about this: “Napalm 64, so big it hurts!” – So bad, I hate it. Try again. – (scoffs) Look I know the 64oz can is awesome, but I just can’t figure this out – There’s not really much to figure out, it’s just a bigger can of Napalm. – Yeah, and plane’s just a bus with wings. When we release the N64, we’re gonna have the hottest brand on Eath. – Even hotter than Mom’s. – Ashley! What the hell, you closed the auditorium? – Uh, duh! We need it for our N64 press conference. – Plus, Mom’s gonna be there, so it’s gotta crush her expectations. – We just want to play one last game. – Uh you did play one last game; against us. And you lost. And your school’s a mall now. (both laugh) – This blows – (grunts in frustation) -Wait! – I have an idea. (both scoff) – Shane, Ashley, What do the hottest brands have in common? – Quality products, strong identity. – Leaders with balls. – Leaders with bowls. – Like cereal bowls? – Like the Superbowl, like the Brunchable’s Melon Bowl, like the Ooh-Ya Bowl like Napalm Bowl. You’ll need an auditorium to play in and a team to play against. Good thing we have both here. – Why would we play them again? – Because you know you’ll win. And because when you win the Napalm Bowl, you get more than just a trophy. You get your team’s name etched across the biggest energy drink ever created The Napalm 64oz Champion’s Game. – It’s pretty good Ki, but I don’t know if it’s big enough for Napalm. – I’ve got it. Boom. 64oz, 64 players. That big enough for you, bro? – Oh, it’s big. You losers think you can get together 32 players by Friday? – You bet your ass we can. -Hell, no. You guys are gonna get slaughtered. – Yeah, the Sebastian’s got a thing going on that day, but um… Hey, buy Napalm. – Help you? After what your psycho boyfriend did? As if. – You guys gonna help us, or what? – Sorry, bro. Shane got us jobs at Bally Total Fitness, so… – So do you wanna play? – FPS sucks, and so do you, and so does everything. – Ugh – They don’t know that you’re talking to me, do they? Stay away from me – Wait (sighs in frustration) – What’s the point, Jumping Jax? nothing’s going to change (groaning) – I’d love to help dude, but my manager’s a real turd about personal days I don’t know… I think I’m done with video games It’s time to grow up, you know – Well, it won’t be the same without you man (wood chopping) – The answer’s no VGHS has been a harsh mistress To be honest, I’ll be glad to get rid of her – I’m sorry to hear that And I’m sorry for everything (chops wood) – Okay so that brings us to…seven We’ve got nobody – Uh guys – Our top story: The best FPS players in the world are going back to high school – That’s correct! Elite pro players from around the globe have torn up their contracts and enrolled in Napalm Energy Drink High School just in time for the Napalm Bowl – We couldn’t be happier that these incredible athletes have chosen to continue their education here at Napalm We’ll see you on Friday, VGHS (mic drop) – Love you guys
– Love ya
– Love you a lot – Okay this is dumb – Well, we can’t just give up– – WE have no team. We’re gonna get murdered – It was a fun idea, but we should just call it off – Having dreams is dumb (child crying)
– You need food You NEED to eat Open up for the stealth bomber (child continues crying) – Noooooo (resigned sigh) – Our top story: The best FPS players are going back to high school – That’s correct! Elite pro players from around the globe have torn up their contracts and enrolled in Napalm Energy Drink High School just in time for the Napalm Bowl – So, Shane and Ashley about the game–
– Mmm my God – We forfeit, okay? You guys win – Uhh yeah, no. That’s not happening – We spent 30 mil recruiting people yesterday Champions cans are printing so, no You don’t just get to walk away without getting humiliated – We don’t have enough players – Aww, well that sounds an awful lot like your problem – I guess it will be a 32 on…7? (Shane and Ashley laugh) – Make that 32 on 8 I never graduated Let’s do this – But you were the Dean I never could say goodbye or pass Gaming History But nonetheless, that still makes me a better student than all you chumps You came here to bathe in the blood of your enemies To game with the best of the best and you have one last chance to make that happen and you’re just going to sit around and do nothing? This school may be going down But I say we go down swinging! Now who’s with me? – I’ll play with you, Calhoun (slams hands on table)
– As will I – Yeah, count me in! – Me too
– Team Ham stands with you – And jams with you – We got nothing to do
– Yeah, I mean, I guess – Wow An old man, A cut-rate FPS team Aaand… twenty-three random students Is that it? Does anybody else want to get humiliated tomorrow? – I do! If this grown up’s in, then it’s grown up enough for me – We’ll see you at the game – Tomorrow we’ll be playing Deus Five That’s no respawns – What’s Deus Five?
– Don’t point your (explosion) – Now this is a team assault map – What’s a team assault map? – Duchess, you pulled your pin
– What? (explosion) – What the hell does no respawns mean? – It means, you’re all going to die – I’m stuck (explosion) – Alright, so you take this bomb, punch in the code place it here, and that’s it Got it? – Got it (chaos) – What do I do, what do I do, what do I do what do I do – Punch in the code Wendell
– I can’t! I’m freaking out (smacks Brian in the face) I’M SORRY (throws bomb) (explosion) – Oh my God you’re all bad – Come on guys, you can do this – No we can’t – Ughh we’re going to get thwomped out there – You play like this is Video Game Preschool – We’re not an FPS team, we suck at this game! – You’re right D.K, you do but you know what you don’t suck at? Drifting – Fighting gamers, get in there and hit somebody Where are my platform speed runners? – Sup
– Sup Sports gamers, come on Aannnd, you Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before – Exactly – Don’t know what that means, Ki – It means I have a plan – Okay – Come on! (fighting) – Ted, D.K, circle back
Randall, take them out – Stick with your team, stick to the plan, and remember to have fun and we might just pull this thing off (explosion) (cheering) – Actually, that’s a lie you probably won’t Most of you barely play FPS and, a crazy plan and six hours of training isn’t going to change that So yeah, we’re probably going to lose But, for the first time that actually doesn’t bother me Because win or lose, VGHS is gone You know tomorrow we all go home I don’t want to say goodbye Because this is my home and screw it, you guys are my family I love you guys If I do have to say goodbye, I am happy I get to do it playing with all of you Anyways, um, I will see you all in the morning Get some sleep – Screw sleep
– Screw sleep – Let’s party! (everyone cheers) – To the Frag Floor! – I know who our last player’s going to be – Oh? – Oh… You sure you want to do that? – Not really but he’s the reason I got into this school He should be there when it ends – 3 dollars? You polo shirt wearing dickbag, I paid 50 bucks for this game – I understand you’re upset sir, would you like to unfortunately, the rules are the rules but if you want to exchange the game for anything in the store five dollars to a credit, I can do that for you–
– No one wants store credit I want my money back I wanna get my skateboard and get out of this hellhole! And oh yeah, by the way, get me a Napalm, cripple – Hey Law I know that we haven’t always gotten along But I really– – Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up I know what you’re here for, D. and I’m in (smashes glass) – Woah woah woah woah woah, hold on a sec – Hey Jerry! I QUIT – Nono I’ll join the reward programme! No come on man, no! – I’m gonna put your teeth in New Law’s mouth so the police misidentify BOTH your bodies! – I’ll take the store credit!
– IT’S THE PERFECT MURDER! – Hey, hey Law– – Wait in the car, Brian! – I rode my bike – WAIT. IN. THE. CAAAAAAAAAAR FOREVER’S GONNA START TONIGHT NO ONE WILL KNOW NO ONE WILL EVER. KNOW – Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m actually kind of glad that he’s back – …Yeah – I can’t believe it’s almost over After tomorrow, most of us will never see each other again – We’ve still got one more night, Ki – Yeah Hey Ted do you want to go make out for a while? – Heck yes I do – Okay
– Let’s go, let’s go – Bye guys
– Have fun, you two – So… about school next year you should just choose a place that’s best for you – A lot of those places are really far from you – I know You were amazing today, like seriously Amazing You were born to do this, whatever it takes and whatever that means for…us This was the best time of my life – Mine too – Not much of a pep rally, is it – You ready for Round Two? – Let the games begin – Let’s rock and roll!

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100 thoughts on “Video Game High School (VGHS) – S3: Ep. 6 – SERIES FINALE

  1. 45:24 Ki: hits every shot no miss hip fire
    45:37 Also Ki: one non moving target, aiming shot, 5 shots all missed


  2. What a great series! I can't believe i watched the entire thing in 1 day. it may sound weird but as soon as i watched the first episode i just got so exited to see the rest and now here we are at the ending of it all……

  3. Im sad its over😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  4. This was one of the best series i know on Youtube and i am happy i found it thank you so much RocketJump for making this…..

  5. So many plotholes
    When did Ki become such a great shot?
    When did anybody become such a great shot besides the FPS team?
    Why dont the enemies start shooting the moment they see someone, instead of walking towards them and waiting to get shot?
    Why did no one shoot Jenny? She was probably the easiest one to shoot as she was carrying a huge sniper. The one scene where she was punching one of the enemies, she was in clear shot of an enemy but he waited to get closer
    But its just a show I guess…

  6. its sad to see that its a series finale and not a season finale. all of vghs and fun memories it had to offer are gone now. no more thrills. its all over. I literally cried watching this last episode. thank you rocketjump for making such a great show.

  7. Who’s here in 2019

    Just wanna see
    And if this get enough likes and comments rocket jump might see and make another seizes hopefully

  8. At first I thought it was bogus that ki would be so accurate and good at fps, but then I realized shes good at every game

  9. Am I only one who is sad to see Brian and Jenny apart?? I hoped Jenny would fall back to Brian… Sad.. Really sad…

  10. I just rewatched this for the third time, as a 17 year old. I hated the ending when I was younger, because I thought it would be horrible to lose your love like that. I thought there was never any closure.
    But now I understand. Happiness is more about just being together, it's about seeing the people you love happy and thriving. Even if it means they're far away. And at the end of it all you know you made the right decision. And that the future holds countless possibilities.

    I just want to thank the creators of this, because it's become such a founding part of my childhood and my growth as a person. Thank you, for giving us all a story of friendship and love that was realistic while never forgetting to be imaginative, entertaining, and funny. Thank you, VGHS

  11. Rocketjump, please make all the vghs fans proud and make a season 4. I need to know if Jenny ever sees Brian again :_


  13. Honestly, I know you can’t make s4 because of Jenny and Brian D marrying irl and then divorcing, BUT PLEASE MAKE a spin-off with new crew or same rough actors pls and it’s not like it’s bad for you, you guys make millions and rightly so. GG

  14. “It’s all about the game”, this show taught me to enjoy the ride and don’t get caught up on how things are going to end…

  15. Is there going to be season 4 of vghs i watched it yesterday from season 1-2,3 and i loved it hope there will be a season 4 of this vghs (btw im from the 🇵🇭 sorry if my gramar is wrong) so ahhm yeah hope you read this rocket jump😁😁😅😅 (and when i watched it i feel in love of it😆😆😍)

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