VICE News Daily: Chilean Students Clash with Police Over Education Reform
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VICE News Daily: Chilean Students Clash with Police Over Education Reform

it’s Friday April 17th and here’s some of the news beyond the headlines recovery teams have gained access to the last debris fields from the Malaysian Airlines flight that crashed in eastern Ukraine nine months ago dodging a Malaysian investigators say they will carefully inspect the remaining burn sites for human remains two of the 298 victims still have not been identified Dutch prosecutors believe the Boeing triple7 was shot down accidentally by russian-backed rebels but are also open to the theory that it was shot down by Ukrainian Air Force jet Greece is releasing thousands of migrants from it’s holding centers and allowing them to openly move about the country the government made the decision because of overcrowding and poor conditions in its seven holding facilities Greece is struggling with the influx of migrants arriving to Europe by sea the European Union has already fined Greece 1 million euros for the state of its detention centers many migrants have nowhere to go once released some Athens residents say they are worried about the strain the newly freed migrants could place on the already weak economy students clash with police during a protest demanding education reform in the capital Santiago Thursday the demonstrations started off peaceful but some in the crowd who agitated when police used water cannons and gas students demand free quality public education and denounced political corruption Chilean President Michelle Bachelet made kindergarten through high school free this year and is looking at a bill that will do the same for university education in Diaz cattle industry is worried that the ruling Hindu nationalist parties promised to ban cow slaughter will include all types of cattle Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised a nationwide ban on cow slaughter during his campaign to win over the votes of hardline Hindus India is the world’s fifth largest consumer and second largest exporter of beef despite Hindu beliefs that female cows are sacred check out the vice news YouTube channel for more original reporting and documentaries from around the world the inner edge of my pen was inches my my my brigand pillow can also

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30 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Chilean Students Clash with Police Over Education Reform

  1. Even if the rebels shot down mh 17 why was mh17 flying over a warzone? While ukraine knew that the rebels could shoot down planes. They shot down many ukranian planes and still give the order to mh17 to go of route and fly over the warzone.

  2. well done to the Chilean students, not sitting back and taking it up the ass. wish more people were like this.

  3. Russians are at fault on MH17.Nobody else.

    Who supplied SAMs to the rebels?
    Who trained them to use SAMs?

  4. rofl, in Chile they get all pissed when university education isn't FREE??? here in the US it's difficult to imagine university education being even HALF OFF.

  5. Fuck Putin Pinko commies! those red bastards are destroying the American Dream and Democracy! AMERICA

    The negro president of the united bourgeoisie of america are ravaging the people with their greed. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! RISE UP AND RAISE THE FLAG OF THE HAMMER AND SICKLE! 

    That's my trolling limit of the week. good day.

  6. Chileans want a nanny state and to love off the government so be it, I'll chill in my non socialist USA. G3T 0N MY L3V3L, MURICA!

  7. Free university education? DAYUM even the "civilized" western world hasn't figured that out. IM LOOKING AT YOU CANADA.

  8. I'm surprised that you didn't report that the Muslim migrants from Libya are throwing Christians into the ocean to die.

  9. Delusional Indians believing that  the cow is sacred  yet most humans there live in absolute  filth.Isn't your body the most sacred thing?

  10. Why are we still talking about the Malaysian plane that was shot down? If you you are not going to fight for the victims of that disaster to have justice then who fucking cares.

  11. Greece should send those people to either Israel, England, or Turkey and if more boats are coming then just start blowing them up in the middle of the water until the stop…problem solved

  12. So if all the college students in America revolted and rioted against the overwhelming cost of college, they'd make it free too?! HA

  13. If it wasn't for Indians not eating beef the strain on the world environment would be greater, and it would be more resource demand.

  14. Illegal immigration is causing neighbouring and first world countries to give more shits in a ripple effect.

  15. Fucking EU. Instead of aiding Greece with their migrant problem they just fine them. They are almost more of a joke than the UN.

  16. Get your news straight vice. It has been proven by the dutch that it was a buk rocket operated by russian terrorists. Not a jet not a accident but russian terrorists

  17. 0:44 I don't see much of a difference between that and this:
    If people would only investigate where the modern Golden Dawn got its name from.. It's not a coincidence. It all began like that.

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