Vermont Superintendent Jay Nichols on Student Mobility
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Vermont Superintendent Jay Nichols on Student Mobility

We have a lot of kids, the kids that are in
poverty, that move a lot. They move from one town to another and they
want to keep their kids in the school that they were at before, and they can’t. And they might for the rest of the year if the school boards agree, but after
that, money follows a kid and the law says clearly you go to school where
either parent resides. Our kids that move are much more likely to drop out they’re much more likely to get in
trouble at school, they’re much more likely to have problems with the criminal
justice system. And that’s true everywhere. That’s not just here, that’s true anywhere.
On average, nationally, it’s about three months of achievement gap loss for kids when they move school every single time. That’s national data – about three months
every time. You think about that we look at our test scores and all of our
schools. The kids that are in our schools K through 8 way out perform our kids that have to move several times, and that’s true everywhere in the United States.

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