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100 thoughts on “Vance County school resource officer under investigation

  1. Fucking investigation my ass just letting time for it to blow over that's all bunch of fucking pieces of shit cops pigs that's why we fucking shoot you fucking pigs

  2. I read this morning he's finally been fired. Still not arrested yet though. Nor has the Father fund him as he's in hiding. I read some quotes in the news implying this Father is actively searching for the former officer/child abuser. I hope he finds him, in public and "fears for his life" as cops say…

  3. The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina condemned the incident, saying officers employed at schools too often use physical force and escalate situations with students.

    “The disturbing and appalling use of force at Vance County Middle School should never have been used against a child,” Irena Como, the group’s acting legal director, said in a statement. “This type of heartbreaking incident is all too common as educators increasingly rely on law enforcement to handle routine disciplinary issues, especially with children of color and children with disabilities.”

  4. There is NO excuses for that. This guy is a violent person, and the police just keeps hiring them, White. Black, I DON'T CARE don't hire violent people to work as police officers. STOP HIRING CRIMINALS!

  5. Let me guess, the officer feared for his life? If there were no video, the officer would have put all the blame on the child. There is no excuse for the officer's actions. He should IMMEDIATELY be fired, then charged with assault and battery, child abuse, or whatever else.

  6. What is his name ? Been checking staff directories all over. Somebody dox him so we can picket his very home address until he is arrested.

  7. "Under investigation"?? He's on video beating the living crap out of the student, what's there to investigate?? Press charges!

  8. That SRO has to do prison time. The victim and parents should get a minimum of $200,000.00 in compensation. See a lawyer before signing any Release (a civil law document). I hope the kid got an MRI. If the victim has brain damage we're talking 2 million to to 5 million $.

  9. Hey let's give teachers guns! That will make schools safe! Trained officer with a gun beats up kid because he talked shit to him. What a big man he is. I bet if the teachers were armed this man would have not attacked this kid………………………………………………………………………

  10. Aye all y’all bitch ass niggas gone stop talking bout my uncle that is a kind Man U should see what happens in the school with all them bad ass children and there poor family members

  11. I just came to see who in the comments are going to blame the kid and the parents. And pardon the cop 100%. 😀

  12. Just imagine if this cop was white? Maybe he is, but the narrative coming out doesn't say it's race-related so we must assume the officer was not white.

  13. District attorney you just lost ur votes buddy not acting with full severity of the law and a sense of urgency to the children of ur voters the education system that’s it ur done thank you next

  14. That  EVIL COWARD 😠 don't deserve NO JOB…. NO PAY … and needs to be sent TO PRISON. Can’t even send your children to school these days. That COWARD 😠 is suppose to serve and protect ESPECIALLY the innocent children. If this COWARD 😠 has children, does he body slams his own children. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. SUE the POLICE STATION AND THE SCHOOL. THEY ARE ALL COWARDS 😠… they ALL need to REPENT. My prayers 🙏🏾 go up to GOD to protect the babies, and heal this child 👼🏾. In the precious Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  15. If you don't have extreme patience around kids – middle schoolers or brats, as is the case with children these days. This is NOT the kind of profession for ya. Simple.

  16. Yes, let's give the abusive asshole a paid vacation. What are these people thinking? It doesn't matter what the kid said/did, the cop had no excuse to throw them like that.

  17. Police do no belong in schools…they are too out of control anyway…and to subject kids to them is horrible and a murder waiting to happen.

  18. How injured the child is should not be as relevant (ie. even if the child is completely fine – of course, if the child was seriously injured, I agree this should factor in) as the fact that this cop blatantly attacked the child in an extreme way (picking up the child and slamming him to the ground 2x). A dude slaps a reporter on the butt (which is assault and not cool), and could face a 1 year jail time, but this cop gets paid leave. How is this fair?

  19. Blue Isis terrorist at work again it's time to start standing up America and show these terrorists we ain't taking their shit no more

  20. Imagine this: the praise the cop would get from the media and Democrats if the kid had been wearing a MAGA hat

    Imagine this: the outrage from those same people if the cop was the one wearing a MAGA hat.

    Just saying……

  21. Only Americans need officers in their schools. Lol. Blame the officer, but every time something like this happens, it's the parents fault for turning their country into a police state.

  22. All cops are bastards. Especially whatever bastard cop you're related to that you're about to come onto my comment and defend.

    This Child Could Have Been Killed.
    In this day and age WHERE PARENTS ARE CHARGED WITH CHILD ABUSE for doing way less than that (just because a THIN BLUE LINE GANG MEMBER TYRANT does this ) they want it to be different standards for cops. If the school RSO is not booked AND charged with Assault and battery against a minor then Sheriff Curtis Brame needs to be REMOVED and replaced with someone that will actually uphold THE OATH THAT THEY SWORE TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. These public servants that are supposed to serve us MUST be held to a higher standard so when they become criminals as this one CLEARLY DID they need to be prosecuted to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. NO THIN BLUE LINE LIES will be excepted THIS TIME.
    If someone doe not go to jail then WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO take to the streets in LOUD PROTEST and vote these fools out.
    No b.s. stories or excuses should allow this criminal act to go unpunished. We also expect CBS, CNN and all other MSM SOURCES to follow up on all criminal proceeding in this case . If justice is not given then the people will have to speak for these victims. If the D.A. is not going to make criminal charges because they think that the child's injuries where not very bad then they need to always dismiss charges to all suspects where no one is hurt Because that is selective enforcement . Assault and battery is assault and battery no matter if the victim is lucky enough to survive extreme injury or simply end up with less than severe injuries. The Child could have been killed. How extreme does the D.A. really want things to be. What a bunch of crap from this D.A. We all need to get on the phones and start calling this D.A. out if they do not DO THEIR JOB. SHAME ON THESE BLUE LINE TYANTS that are even thinking about a cover up or letting this crime go un-punished.

  24. Where the outrage? If this was done the other way around & noticed they said STUDENT…I bet the MEDIA wished it was a WHITE COP & a black student so they can get more RATINGS & RACISM out of it!

  25. Should be charged with every possible count. Child abuse, assault, etc. Hopefully he doesn’t get hired with another department as sometimes (often?) happens.

  26. Let me guess…the victim is a white boy….this thing doesn't even make headline news and no talk shows are talking about it, no riots or burning cities. Now imagine the attacker was white and the kid black…hell would break loose…..

  27. Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen.

  28. I said yesterday on yahoo posting why "paid leave?" Clearly this was ASSAULT on a young child!!! Other people get fired for stupid made up stories. The video says it all and should have been fired on the spot..guess the powers that be heard the peoples voice. They should make the company he works for pay for counseling for the victim, clearly the victim will be traumatized for a long time😞😥


  30. That kid could have called the SRO every name in the book, but there is NO excuse for this physical abuse. Get a job slinging fries or scooping ice cream and keep repeating the mantra, "Serenity now."

  31. Cowardly scum bag piece of shit ! If I was that kid's father , trust me I would be the 1 in jail, after I got through with that cowardly MF !

  32. Dam that is sorry as hell no matter what the kid said or done. That guy deserves a ass whipping and death. Also no offence but thank god he was a black man. I mean that just in how much worse that would have looked.

  33. The cruel tyrant should be in prison depending outcome! Someone as evil as this pos shouldn’t be walking freely around children! 😡

  34. Horrible story aside..ever wonder why the poor reporter guy has to wait outside the school in the rain at night to tell us what happened at the school earlier that week? I mean I'd still believe him even if he was nice and dry and in the studio. Lol

  35. Disgusting. He was walking beside that man calmly. I really don’t care if the kid mouthed off, he didn’t deserve that. He’s a child.

  36. OK control,control,its pride that drove him to physical action,because the kid was in control…..and there's nothing he could do about it!

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