Valley Springs school board meeting regarding coach stipends takes turn
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Valley Springs school board meeting regarding coach stipends takes turn

SATURDAY. IF YOU HAVE SOME LEFTOVER MEDICATIONS YOU NEED TO GET RID OF, GO TO KARKáDOTáCOM TO FIND A YEARáROUND DROP OFF LOCATION NEAR YOU. IN ONE ARKANSAS COMMUNITY, TEACHERS ARE SPEAKING OUT DETAILS. A few weeks ago the Valley Springs school board and the Personnel Policy Committee agreed to a salary schedule. That included raising teacher pay to the new state minimum, and increasing the stipends for some coaches with additional contract days. If you look at the basketball coach’s stipend, this past year he got $1,500, plus in an the coach the entire 20 extra contract days he had before. ((super: Leah Lake/ Personnel Policy Committee)) “Your actions are speaking way louder than your words are,” said Leah Lake, with the PPO, to the board. “When you come back to us with these proposals, you’re not telling us that you’re as concerned for us as you are our coaches.” The superintendent and teachers said those contract days add up, and the school is already having to raise teacher salaries, and there’s no guarantee how much the state will help out with those salary increases. Starting next school year, teacher’s minimum salary will be bumped up to $32,800 under state law. Over the next four years that will go up to $36,000. But the school board Thanh Ketchum/ School Board Member)) “None of y’all are getting paid what you should be getting paid,” Thanh Ketchum, a school board member, said. “You know that. We all know that. My goal is to get them up to where we said we would put them, which is comparable with other districts.” Teachers argued some of those other districts also have higher teacher salaries. IN THE END THE SCHOOL BOARD

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