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#UtepIntern Mariana, College of Liberal Arts

I was interning at the Truck Tire Division
at the Communications and Marketing Department. And I got to do a lot work in advertising
as well and I was assisting the marketing manager of the department. I felt so welcomed and they’re so good to
their employees. I’ve never been in a company where they just
really value you as a person, as an employee, as a human resource of the company. I think an internship should actually
be a requirement to graduate. It’s so important, I don’t think people realize
that it’s really the only way to get actual real-world experience. You know if you just stay in school for four years, you’re not really gonna get exposed to anything you know? Just your classroom basically. And a good internship is really what’s gonna
make you stand out from other applicants once you’re out there actually looking for a job.

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