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UT News – Higher Education Collaboration

[NAGANATHAN] I want to start by saying excellence
in education and efficiency in education must not be mutually exclusive topics – and that
is what we are trying to accomplish here. [VO] On Thursday – The University of Toledo
hosted the presidents of higher education institutions from across Northwest Ohio. The
officials gathered to sign a memorandum of understanding. Community Colleges: Owens,
Terra, and Northwest State – together with UT have created a group aimed at making college
more affordable for students and families. [ZERBEY] – and I’m excited about the possibilities
of this collaboration – we’re going to do great things. We’re already saving millions
of dollars and the future is very bright. [WEBSTER] For us as presidents we understand
the great responsibility that we have to the citizens of the state to increase efficiencies
– to make sure that we are constantly placing the student in the center of everything that
we do. [STUCKY] – and the line between an associates
degree and a bachelors degree are being blurred together in a great way. It’s all about
student success and I want to thank you. [BOWER] It’s looking at affordability – it’s
looking for those high schools that are needed out there in our communities – and I can
say this is a great opportunity. [VO] The group will also communicate with
state leaders, to prioritize affordability and efficiency in higher education – while
ensuring education quality remains strong.

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