USING THE NEW IPAD 2018 FOR UNI/COLLEGE || organization and notes
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USING THE NEW IPAD 2018 FOR UNI/COLLEGE || organization and notes

Hello everyone! Today’s video is all about how I am currently
using the new 2018 nine point seven inches iPad with the apple pencil. I am using my iPad for three main reasons
– to create notes with the Apple Pencil for classes that require less heavy note taking;
to do almost all of my readings for class using goodnotes and to have access to apps
like Procreate both for my own creative projects as well as for helping me with Youtube overlays. Regarding organization and apps, I’ve mainly
divided all of my apps in four categories, productivity, creativity, social and a folder
for all other apps. I prefer to keep all of my apps in their separa
te folders so I can access easily and by function instead of having to swipe left and right
looking for something specific. In the productivity folder I have apps like
Word, Goodnotes, Excel, Youtube Studio, iMovie, Google Sheets, Adobe and Pocket. In the Creativity folder I have Procreate,
Photos, Youtube, VideoScribe, Spotify, Goodreads and videos. IN the social there’s the typical apps like
messages, wzpad for whatsapp, clips, contacts, podcasts and pinterest. In the last folder I have my settings, tips,
app store, clock, find iphone, calculator pro, camera and banking apps. One of the things that I have been finding
the most useful is how I changed the process behind my readings for college. Reading on an iPad sitting in my couch is
so much more comfortable than being at my desk and it actually makes me look forward
to that task. Also, the ability to pinch to zoom in and
out and use the apple pencil to highlight makes the process easy and so intuitive. I stopped printing my materials so I now save
tons of money on paper and toner so that paperless experience I was going for at the beginning
of the year is much easier to achieve. Also, the ability to use different highlighter
colours, take my notes on the margins and then export it all to my mac via iCloud makes
the experience of organizing and studying notes much easier. In fact, I have been using my ipad much more
as a kind of personal assistant on the go as sometimes it’s not that useful to take
my laptop around, as it is a fifteen inch and quite heavy. One of the things that I love is how all of
my progress color coordination is now synched between the two devices so I know exactly
what I am working on in my laptop Regarding note taking, I have been loving
the simplicity of Goodnotes as an overall great note taking app for someone who is mainly
using the apple pencil and not a keyboard to take notes. You can create individual notebooks for subjects
or topics, customize the cover and do the exact same things you would do on paper. The apple pencil support allows for very precise
writing and after the first couple of hours using the pencil you won’t even notice the
difference between this and writing or drawing on normal paper as the pressure and angle
sensitivity make for a very similar experience. The ability to export, zoom in and out, organize
and re-organize notes with a tap on the screen and erase and rewrite everything makes this
a much more approachable system for people who, like me, dislike the permanent feeling
of writing on a notebook. Of course that the fact that you are able
to synch your icloud account between your devices makes the experience even better. I am now more prone to do lots of planning
on my Icalendar while using the ipad as well as getting into more in-depth to-do lists
and meal prepping preparation. Evernote has been a great ally in making sure
that all of my recipes, snippets and on-the go to-do lists are accessible on my ipad,
mac and android phone. Unfortunately I had to pay for the plus version
of Evernote to be able to synchronize everything between three devices but taking into account
how much I use this thing, it has been making my life a lot simpler. Finally, I also need to refer the split view
function which is so useful when referring to certain documents when taking notes. It makes all the difference when doing something
productive on the ipad and doesn’t break your workflow as much as switching back and
forth between apps. The smaller screen of the nine point seven
inch sometimes makes it harder to work in split view or have enough space to write as
extensively as you want so if you want an ipad and have the budget, that could be a
reason to upgrade to the bigger ipad Pro. Other than that, I think that this is a great
complementary device or even a good studying solo device if you get a Bluetooth keyboard. The non-laminated screen really doesn’t
bother me, the battery life is great and the screen is responsive so for three hundred
dollars and a half plus the apple pen I think it’s worth the money you spend. Next week I will publish a detailed video
on the abilities of the apple pencil and the goodnotes app so make sure to subscribe and
click the bell button if you want to watch that. I hope you enjoyed today’s video and I will
see you next week. Bye!

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27 thoughts on “USING THE NEW IPAD 2018 FOR UNI/COLLEGE || organization and notes

  1. is this the non laminated version of the ipad, how much difference does it make while taking notes.

  2. i noticed at the beginning, you had your name engraved in the ipad. I dont know why people do that. If you ever lose it, just use find my iphone. when you want to resell the ipad in the future to someone else, they probably will not want it because you put your name on it and demand that you lower the price. I wouldn't buy any used product unless it was pretty much brand new. Seems like its just a personality statement if anything. Just buy alphabet letter stickers and place your name on your ipad.

  3. Question: I just found your channel and I was watching more recent videos. Are you still using your iPad for taking notes and going paperless? Or did you go back to taking notes the traditional way?

    I’m asking because I want to have something more practical than my laptop and want to go paperless. But I see you as an expert in productivity and studying and if it didn’t work for you I don’t want to waste money! Love you channel btw!

  4. I still don't know if i should get the 32gb one or the 128 gb one. but then I need money for a case and the logitech k480 keyboard. I can forget about the apple pencil.

  5. I heard on safari you can’t open college assignments and work etc. as well as turn then in, I’m scared to get an iPad if I can’t use it to do and turn in all assignments

  6. Thank you Mariana, this is seriously great. You mentioned you use it for notes for classes with require LESS HEAVY note taking. Can you explain why its not ideal for "heavy" note taking?

  7. I don't think she studies at all. I don't think she took notes, nor did she cook using those recipes. She was just including everything that she thinks the customers might be able to do with it. Sham.

  8. I like the design and build quality of an iPad. Looks sleek and feels thin in my hand. The 9.7 ipad has a matte finish like any other ipad, So without adding any bulk and for the protection I applied a black raptor skin from

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