Using Swivl for Classroom Observations
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Using Swivl for Classroom Observations

So video can be a really powerful way to
observe one’s self teaching. So when recording it and then going back and
looking at what it is that you’ve done, how you facilitated learning, things you
might have missed, so it’s a really powerful tool for self-reflection, but
then also sharing your practice with other people and analyzing it because
now you have a record of practice and that’s what video does. It’s also really
helpful for observing student teachers because you get a chance to see them in
their natural environment where you’re not an extra person in the classroom you
can see how they interact with students, how they interact with their colleagues,
if their other colleagues in the room, but also just their movements. How do
they move? How do they facilitate learning? Where do they stand?
Where are they spending their time? How do they work with students in small
groups or large groups? It’s a powerful tool for supervising
student teachers, but also then for ones on professional college. Here at Grand
Valley, we are using swivel to observe student teachers from a distance in
order to provide quality feedback on instruction without being physically
present. The swivel works with most mobile devices and allows students to
create quality recordings of their instruction with their smartphones,
tablets, or other recording devices using infrared. The swivel base follows
teachers as they’re giving instruction. Additionally, the swivel marker, which is
housed on a lanyard, also acts as a wireless microphone which provides
superior audio when compared to most built-in mics on a mobile device. This
technology allows us to extend our reach to students at a distance while at the
same time being able to provide them with the same quality feedback that
comes from an in-person student-teacher observation.

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