Using Speech Recognition for Captioning Classroom Speech
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Using Speech Recognition for Captioning Classroom Speech

The Liberated Learning Consortium is improving
the lives of students with disabilities using “speech recognition technologies”. For deaf or hard of hearing students, visual
learners, or those who struggles with note taking and fast paced lectures, speech recognition
technology can be used as a real time captioning system, right in the classroom. For the best results, instructors have to
create a voice profile, which helps the software recognize their speech more accurately. During
class, the instructor wears a headset or lapel microphone and uses specially designed software
that converts their speech, in real time, into readable text. Once converted, that text can either appear
on a big screen that the whole class can read or displayed on personal laptops or smart
phones. It can even be streamed online for virtual learners. Using speech recognition for real time captioning
isn’t perfect yet, but it is a promising solution that could help students get what they need
in the classroom. Visit Liberated to learn more
about this application.

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