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Using Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] Welcome to the Khan Academy. The goal of this video is to show you all the different things
that Khan Academy has. It has videos, it has exercises, it has an adaptive,
super, I guess you could call it robot tutor
thing that will guide you through content and
make sure you master it. So let’s just take each
of those one by one. Many of y’all are probably
coming to this saying, “Hey, I have an exam tomorrow on DNA,” or “I didn’t understand quite
what’s happening in class.” There the best thing to do might just be go to the search bar,
let me make sure you can see the search bar, to
go to the search bar and you could search for DNA. When you do that you see your first choice right over is a DNA video. This is actually the main video on DNA and which you could start watching. Or if you look to the
right right over here, you see that there’s
all other related videos under heredity and genetics. Then you can start browsing from there. You could say, “Okay,
let me back up a second. “Let me go back to just all of biology.” I can see all of the sections are there. Similarly, you might wanna search for something in mathematics. You might wanna say,
“Oh, I have a question “about quadratics.” Quadratics. I’m gonna do a search there. Okay, well let’s see, there’s something about using the quadratic formula, factoring quadratics 2. I don’t know which of
these is right for me, so let me just go into one of these and start getting a little bit of context. You see that what I
actually just clicked on is actually an exercise that gets me to solve quadratics by factoring two. I need to write my answer here. If I don’t know the answer,
I have a bunch of hints. If this all looks like Greek to me, I can click on a video that solves a very similar problem. Or I might hey, this isn’t
what I was looking for. But look over here, they’re solving a quadratic equation by factoring. Factoring quadratic equations. Maybe this is what I need to learn. Or maybe I’m not even
thinking about this stuff, so let me just move up a level to quadratic equations. Now I can see the whole topic here. Solving quadratics by taking square root. Solving quadratics by factoring. Completing the square,
the quadratic formula. Quadratic equation, graphing quadratics. In general if you just wanna browse, you say “Let me just see all the subjects “that are available on Khan Academy.” You can go this drop-down right over here. This starts to give you
a sense of the breadth of the content on Khan Academy. Just in math, each of
these is an entire subject. K-2nd math, you have pre-calculus, goes all the way up to
multivariable calculus, intergal calculus. If I were to click on
any one of these things, it’s going to take me into
something called a mission. A mission is going to give
me a set of exercises. We call this right over
here the mission warm-up. Based on how I perform on
these calculus questions, the system is starting to get a sense of what I know and don’t
know and it will use that to give me guided practice
so I can learn more and more and more calculus. Eventually mastering calculus. At any point if I have difficulty, there’s always videos
here that will help me understand the actual calculus. Once I’m done with that, I
will go to this dashboard and it’ll just tell me
about how much have I progressed in integral
calculus, what have I mastered, what have I not practiced yet, what are my different badges. If you do not wanna move immediately into this mission world and you wanna say what does Khan Academy have when it comes to calculus in an unguided way, that’s where you go view full list of integral calculus content. Then you will go to this page, where you see the breadth and scope of the integral content. Integrals, integration techniques, integration applications,
sequences and series, AP calculus practice problems. If you click there, you see the different tutorials within, indefinite integrals as anti-derivative, area
under a rate function as net change. Hopefully that gives you sense of things. We don’t just have math and we don’t just have science, we have whole section here on computer programming,
which is tons of fun where you can write your
own computer program. I’m using my son’s account right now. This is a computer program that we wrote. This right here is a computer program that we wrote together the other day. It was good father/son bonding time. And we have things in
the arts and humanities, like history and art history, which is also very, very, very exciting. And we have partner content. We have partner content from the likes of The Museum of Modern Art, Explortorium, JP Getty Museum, The British Museums. So a lot of stuff here. Hopefully this video gives you a flavor of the different ways
you can use Khan Academy.

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37 thoughts on “Using Khan Academy

  1. It has been several years but we are still waiting for Khan Academy qualifications or certifications that employers will recognise??

    Please make some qualifications or certifications that students can use to help get a job. PLEASE. PLEASE.

  2. Who can tell me how can Khan Academy makes money. Everything it provides is free. Its hard to imagine how the company makes money…

  3. I would just like to say I truly believe in the great work you and your team are doing! Keep inspiring minds all over the world!


  4. Wonderful video which lacks the single most important piece of information.  Where do you find the Khan Academy website that has all these lovely links to all the organized information?  This video seems to be a a great demo of a hidden resource.

  5. I've always wondered how to get started with Khan Academy. 
    Thanks for showing me how.
    An unexamined life is not worth living!

  6. The only thing Khan Academy lacks is spaced repetition. Once there's that system, this site would be perfect.

  7. Heading back to college after 20 year break. I’m using Khan Academy to help me study for my assessment test.

  8. Im an igcse student but you give a complete knowledge for a topic includong things im going to learn Alevels so is there a way we can seperate and study

  9. Im an igcse student but you give a complete knowledge for a topic includong things im going to learn Alevels so is there a way we can seperate and study

  10. I am 36yr old useing khan academy to brush up on things I wasn`t so good at in school, I got by level by level like from trig to geometry then algebra 1 and 2 then calculus I whant ro learn as much as I can, but I never know wethere to do it like this section by section or use the world of maths and hopefully that has all the maths in it or just do it by level, because I like to learn something new each time.

  11. I love learning new things, so I am useing khan academy now im 36yr old to catch up in the gaps of my knowledge I failed to in school, And im at algebra 1 learning polynomial and quadratics, but iv not start trigonometry want to make sure I have the algebraic side of trigonometry before I start trigometry, but im never sure weather to continue up level by level in maths or use the world of maths and khan academy and you tube to research that and before doing it, what does anyone think is the best way to do it.

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