Using Book Creator with Apple Classroom
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Using Book Creator with Apple Classroom

Hello this is Dan from the Book Creator team. Today we’re going to look at using Book Creator with the recently updated Apple Classroom app. So here we are in the teacher’s iPad and I’ve added a class but I haven’t added any students yet so let’s do that now. Tap the Add icon and we get a unique number for the class. And now let’s switch to the student iPad and in the iPad’s Settings we find Classroom in the left hand menu. Tap Add My Class, and we’ll enter that code there to join the class. Back to the teacher iPad and we can see that the student has now joined the class and we can see from the icon next to the photo that the student is using Book Creator. So let’s have a look at what we can do now. So tap on the photo of the student and then We have a number of options, one of which is to view the screen of the student’s iPad so let’s do that and see what they’re working on at the moment. So let’s imagine that we’ve set the class the task of creating a single page for a collaborative ebook, and when the student has finished their page they will submit it to the teacher and combine it into one book. So it looks like this student has nearly finished his page. Very good. So now we need to look at how the student can send his finished page back to the teacher for combining, and we’re going to use AirDrop for that. So let’s switch back to the student iPad and this is what the student will do, we’ll tap the export icon beneath the book on the My Books screen and we’ll choose Export as ePub. And now because we’re using Apple Classroom we can see that one of the options for AirDrop is Teacher, so we’ll tap on that and the book will be sent directly to the teacher’s iPad. And we can see in Apple Classroom on the teacher’s iPad that a message has appeared in the sharing section and the teacher can tap on that and get an option of where they want to open the book, we’ll choose Book Creator and there we are, the book opens in Book Creator ready to be combined with all the submissions from the class. Now there’s one last thing we can think about. What if I as the teacher have created a template ebook that I want to share with all of the class at the same time? The recent update to Apple Classroom has extended the ability of AirDrop to be able to send to the entire class at once, so if we follow the same procedure, imagine this Getting Started book is my template book. I tap on Export as ePub and you can see in the AirDrop settings there that actually now I can send it to the whole class. Now, I only have one student but you can imagine how that would work in a class setting.

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