Using a Document Camera in Your Classroom
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Using a Document Camera in Your Classroom

Hi, this video will show you how to use a
document camera also known as a doc cam or visual
presenter. Now, a document camera like this one is a tool used to present
paper documents, transparencies or even 3d objects to your
entire class. Similar to an overhead, the document
camera captures an image and with the help of a projector
displays it for your entire class to see. In this video you’ll learn the basics of
setting up and using the document camera. This
document camera comes on a cart but there may already be a conveniently
installed document camera in your classroom. First, to set up the
document camera locate the power cord wrapped around the
cart and plug it into a nearby power outlet. Next, plug the VGA
cable from the black box into the VGA input on the document cam. Here’s what the VGA cable looks like and
here’s what the VGA input looks like. Now press and hold the power button
on the doc cam to turn it on. On the black box, turn on
the AMX touch panel by touching anywhere on the screen and select the
correct source for the document camera. This should be labeled laptop. The
projector will turn on and once it has warmed up you will see
the image captured by the document camera. You can adjust the camera head and the
light bar as desired. Depending on what type of
object you’re showing, you may want to turn on or off the light.
To turn the light on or off, you can press the down button on the
directional pad next to the LCD screen. Speaking of the LCD screen, you can use
this as a reference when making adjustments
to whatever object you’re showing. On the side of the camera head is the
zoom dial. To zoom in or out just turn it from one side to the other. Now the camera will try to autofocus, but
if it’s not focusing right just press the autofocus button on the zoom dial. Once you have finished using
the document camera, power it off and return the camera head
in the light bar to their original position. If you’re using a document camera on a
cart, please unplug the power and VGA cords, wrap them
up, and return them to their original
positions. So that’s how you use the document camera. Thank you for watching. If you have any
questions please contact ETS Classroom Support. Please visit our
website to learn more about the technology installed in the
Berkeley classrooms.

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