Use DocHub to edit PDFs Assigned in Google Classroom
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Use DocHub to edit PDFs Assigned in Google Classroom

Hi this is Meri Riddick, Instructional Technology Specialist in Virginia Beach City Public Schools, and the following tutorial covers very specific application. It utilizes a Google Drive app called DocHub to edit a PDF assigned in Google Classroom. However, the same editing process can be employed for any PDF saved in your Google Drive, so the apps’ uses can be extended beyond those in this tutorial. So, what we’re going to do today is to talk about how to edit a PDF file that has been assigned to you by your teacher, and how to upload that and submit it as an assignment in Google Classroom. Teachers, you need to make sure if you’re assigning a PDF to students, you need to do it in a certain way for this to work well. If you are creating an assignment you want to attach the PDF file-like I have done here-and you also want to make sure you have selected MAKE A COPY FOR EACH STUDENT. You don’t want anyone editing the original version of the document. And Google Classroom takes care of making a copy for each student for you, so when you’re making that assignment, attach the PDF (I have done so from Google Drive) and MAKE A COPY FOR EACH STUDENT before you assign it. Now students, when you get into your Google Classroom (and you can tell a student in this Classroom) you want to search for the assignment and open the assignment. And I see the PDF document here, and I know my teacher has assigned a copy for each student, and I’m not editing the original because my name shows up in the title of the file. So the first thing that you want to do is open up the PDF file and we’re looking for a dialog box that says OPEN WITH. I don’t see it so I’m going to go to the upper, right-hand corner to the three bread crumbs that say MORE ACTIONS, and I’m going to open it in a new window. You should see (once this is fully- loaded) a drop-down menu that says OPEN WITH, and I’m looking for DocHub. I see that I don’t have it, so this is how we go to connect more apps. And we’re going to get this Drive app. Once it loads, we are going to search DocHub (D-O-C-H-U-B one word), and this looks like it. Edit and sign, send PDF. So I’m going to click on the blue CONNECT button, and I can see down here in the lower, left-hand corner DocHub has been connected, so I’m going back to the OPEN WITH tab, select DocHub, and the first time you use it, you’ll have to allow it to manage your Google Drive because it is an app for Google Drive. And once your document opens, I want you to go ahead and rename it so that you know which one you’re turning in at the end here. So I’m just going to call mine Final Draft (add that onto the end) and you’ll see you’ve got some tools here. I’m being asked to fill this out, so I think I should put a text box in here. So I’ll say my Lexile score at the start of the year is 1100. By the end of the year, I want it to be 1200. And let’s say I want it to be 1360 for graduation. You can continue doing your text box. You also have some other tools. You have a drawing tool. You can change the width and color, so if you want to highlight or identify any parts there. You also have a comment tool, so let’s say a part of the instructions are unclear, you can type a note to your teacher. There’s also a highlighting tool, or you can highlight a box or text. And once I am done, what I want to do is to go into Download, and I want to save a copy of this to G-Drive or Google Drive. So you click on that. And I don’t really need to see it, so I’m going to go back to my assignment in Classroom. I’m going to get rid of the original because I’m going to put a new version up here. So I want to go to ADD>Google Drive, and the default is to show stuff that’s recent, so I want this one that I named “Final Draft.” I’m going to add that. And I have noticed when you open it up, it takes a little while for it to appear, so if you’re really kind of paranoid about whether you’re submitting the document that really has edits on it you can go into Google Drive and search that file name And this is the one I edited at 6:54. So, I’m going to open that one, and I can see the edits are there, they just don’t (for some reason) load as quickly for you to view. So, I’m going to click Submit and TURN IN because I know that is the right file. And you’re done!

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