Use Dictate in the classroom
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Use Dictate in the classroom

-Use Dictate in the classroom. Dictate lets you type with your voice and it’s built into apps you already use, like Microsoft Word. Use Dictate with students of all levels to encourage hands-free note taking, reading fluency, and
prewriting activities. Let’s see how. Make sure your microphone is turned on and that you’re connected to the internet. Then, open Word. You’ll see the Dictate
button in your Home Tab. Press the button and wait for the red recording icon to appear. Dictate will type as you speak. Pretty cool, huh? Speak clearly like you
would in conversation. Dictate will use state of the art speech recognition technology to fill in punctuation for you. Or, add punctuation by
speaking it out loud like this exclamation mark. Neat! Dictate in action. Dictate allows students
to make connections between written, spoken, and
visual texts in the classroom. Hands-free typing lets students freely generate ideas just by speaking. – [Student] Sharp, pointy, dry, green. – [Narrator] Later,
they’ll have these ideas to reference when they draft
a longer piece of writing. This student is practicing
repeated reading, comparing what he said and Dictate typed to the original text. – [Student] That mostly
live in Antarctica. – [Narrator] Dictate
also helps older students build confidence while
practicing repeated reading on their own. – [Student] It was the age of wisdom. It was the age of foolishness. It was the epic– – [Narrator] You and
your students can benefit from taking notes on the fly, just start talking to
jot down class reminders, email drafts, or brilliant writing ideas. Dictate is built into other apps too, so your students can type with
their voices on many devices. The keyboard doesn’t have to rule the classroom, not anymore. To study up on all things
Microsoft Education, check out (gentle music)

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  1. I need in the item from is Vietnamese and the item is also Vietnamese (Input is Vietnamese, the output is also Vietnamese). In the software in the From section without Vietnamese, please help me, thank you.

  2. I really like Dictate software, I am Vietnamese I speak and write Vietnamese characters, I regret that in the From section, there is no Vietnamese language, someone can help me update the Dictate version but in the From section Vietnamese is available for me to use when writing Vietnamese text and software written in Vietnamese. Thank you very much./.

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