UNT Dallas – Dr. Shappeck & Dr. Welch – Winners 2015 Innovative Teaching with Technology
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UNT Dallas – Dr. Shappeck & Dr. Welch – Winners 2015 Innovative Teaching with Technology

Our course is called the Language of Now
and it’s a linguistics course and many people I’ve talked to through the years,
they either hate linguistics or they love linguistics. We were hoping
to make this course one of those lovable linguistics courses. We like to use an inductive approach, that is, instead of telling students this is how language is and theses are the rules of language, we like to give them some examples try to show them some different instances of language being used then let the students themselves figure out out what the rule is. So, we like to, instead of just starting with the punchline we like to give little pieces of information,
bit by bit so the students can construct their understanding of how language works. Many students that
come into our class, they have certain ideas of what is good and bad grammar
and we introduce him to the Linguistics prospective study of language so our
approach to teaching language has a lot to do with describing the type of
language that’s out there are already very into discovery exercises with the
students themselves doing the work out how language works we introduce a complete wide leather of
resources and information and things that by themselves would be very
meaningful but in the context of studying language or other kind of
social phenomena can be very useful for folks to find resources in the future to
analyze other types of bombed themes or topics are for data and they get to go
into further on the various topics that we’ve covered her face to face class
cool custom broader issue is that the latest language what is correct you wish for
how to social class relate to language that we use every day and then we asked
the students to go into their online fashion really be able to look at real
data often their own data on their own and would use and not necessarily to
come to any conclusion really to raise questions to to grapple
with some of the issues that we are talking about sometimes showing a video
during a face-to-face class can be effective and typically the videos under
five minutes and you’re really trying to give something that is considered Ethan
talk about that’s a great idea but maintains videos our best to be viewed at one of our
goals that we have the students work through it involves looking at two
different videos from YouTube one of the videos Weird Al Yankovic he’s in a parody video
of Robin fix blurred lines and the videos hartford crime so we have the
students watched that video as they’re watching the video we have to tutor and
different questions we want to be engaged we want them to be engaged at
home or in their online modules and we want them to come to the class excited
about the materials and we found that engage and motivate creates a lot of the
dialogue a lot of twenty years coming in class and discussion boards and I as we
respond to the student assignment as a student talk to each other on discussion
boards new questions are raised that we can then used to fuel the following to realize that there’s actually a lot
going on in the film minor choices that we make playing with clear whether we
say y’all are you guys that reflect a part of our identity so I guess I hope
in this class is to introduce and to guide students into seeking out reliable
information and I need for developing techniques to interpret that the
students come in and knowing that they’re going to come in with certain
preconceived notions about how language for how we use language to think that
that’s all they need to know that’s not anybody needs to know about language but
a study of language or dialect or four different writing styles you want them
to have a way of paradigm shift where they have formally conceptualize the
world or language as one way and when they leave with force all the same thing
if they initially thought about how language works or what certain dialects
are are not want him to re-evaluate those preconceived notions that they
come into the faster we hope throughout the semester that they have various aha
moment where they realize that perhaps there’s more Q language and initially
meets the eye

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