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and get upto $100 bonus for your first deposit. ‘Shobhan, what do our subscribers
got to do get notifications from us?’ ‘Nothing much. They just need
to press the bell icon.’ Who is it? Mom?
Yeah, mom? Son, what’s up?
– I just woke up. – You just woke up? I mean I just reached college.
But the lecturer won’t let me in as I’m late by a minute. Go back to your pad then.
– I can’t, mom. I’m writing down the notes. I’m so proud of you.
There is something important I’ve to tell you. Say it quick. I’m trying to follow the class here.
– Finally, your father is getting transferred. Transfer? Where to? To Tirupati? It’d be cool!
– No. He’s getting transferred to Hyderabad. What! Here I am, son!
– It’s been ages sinces I saw you. Where is dad? Did you divorce him?
– I wish. – Here I am, son. Don’t even think I’ll leave your mom or you.
– Damn it! Aren’t you bored of him yet, mom? That’s why I got myself transferred to Hyderabad.
– Look how neat he maintains this place. Since he knew we were coming,
he cleaned up this place. We should’ve landed here uninformed
and caught him red handed. Just look at him. Stop it! You always chide him. Go inside, son.
– Am I an idiot to chide him for nothing? How can you even think he is innocent?
He looks like a crook to me. Don’t mind him, son.
Go and study for your exam tomorrow. He is still asleep? Ravi, wake up, son.
You’ll be late for college. It is morning already?
Wonder what the time is. It is only 7AM.
I never was up by 7AM ever in my life. I’m sure that idiot is still asleep.
– Mr Rama Rao, I’m up. Screw you. Ravi, here is your breakfast.
I want you to finish it. I’ll go pack your lunch. The only good thing about my parents
being here is the home made food I can eat. ‘Why is this man staring at me?’ The chutney is amazing, mom!
– Thank you, son! He won’t even let me eat in peace.
Mom, I’m leaving for college. You rather stare at the newspaper, sir.
– Son, take your lunch pack with you. Thanks, mom.
See you. You got money on you?
– Yeah. – Alright, bye! – Bye! Where are you going?
– I’ll be back soon. ‘Which way is college, anyway?
Matter of fact, I don’t even remember the name of it.’ ‘How I wish I attended college
atleast a couple of times.’ ‘What do I do now? Is the college this way..’
– Son, you don’t know which way your college is? Of course, I know. I’m just waiting for my friend.
How come you’re here anyway? To catch some fresh air, maybe.
– I guess I should inform mom about it. No! Nevermind.
– I better flee before he is back. Hey, Shiva!
– How come you’ve called me up so early, bro? How do I get to college from my place?
– To college? I don’t know how to get to college
even from my place, bro. By the way, there is no fest going on in college.
Why do you want to go to college now? I’ll explain that later. Tell me what do I do now?
– Ask yourself. I’m going back to bed. Wait, wait.. – Yeah?
– Where is the nearest theatre? Movie theatre? I know them all.
Just a street next to you, there is a PVR. Why do you ask, by the way?
– To go watch a movie. – Watch a movie without me? You’re going back to bed, aren’t you?
– You’re a back-stabber. Hell with you! The weather is so hot. The whistles inside the movie hall didn’t let me sleep.
I’ll go and meet Shiva. How come this girl is here?
She can give me a ride. Why didn’t she stop? Bro, I just saw a guy who looked like you.
– And that guy was me. What! How come you are out in this heat?
– That is a sad story. Please, drop me at Shiva’s place. I’m sorry, bro. I’ve to go pick my dad up.
We’ll meet at the pub in the evening. Pub? And me? This weather is so screwed up.
– And how come you’re out in this hot weather? If fate is ill, even God can’t help it.
I everyday used to sleep until mid-day. Now, I’m being forced to get up by 7AM.
– By 7AM? That is beyond me. It is beyond me too!
My night life, those parties in the pubs those late night drives, I miss them all!
– What has happened, bro? My father got transferred to Hyderabad.
– I’m so sorry for you, bro. Let’s down a beer.
– A beer? No, bro. I’ll be dead
if my mom even gets a whiff of it. Alright.
I’ll down your pint of beer too. Bye, mom.
– Bye! Take care son. Show!
Pay up! Mom, by the way, bye!
– Bye! Number 4! Behind you!
Right behind you! Number 2!
Where the hell are you? Ever since my parents arrived,
I never got a chance to have beer. I finally caught you red-handed. Wifey, come here!
– Dad, no! Please.. Dad, don’t tell this to mom!
– Of course, I will. There she is. What is going on?
– Your son is downing a whole beer. – Not me, dad is! Nonsense! He was downing..
– I know about Ravi. Come downstairs. I’ve to have a word with you. Right now.
– What? How can you not trust me on this? Our son’s college is in the next street. Let’s go meet him.
– Why even disturb him? We will atleast go meet the principal.
– Alright. How may I help you?
– We are Ravi Teja’s parents. – Nice! Come in. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. How may I help you? We wanted to know how well our son is performing.
– What is your son’s name? – Ravi Teja. Ravi Teja who?
– You know who. Oh, right! He is such a bright boy!
He is very polite and very hard working. I told you our son was a gem.
– Something is amiss. – Hell with you. If you don’t mind, could you please summon our son here?
– Not at all. Go bring him here. Sir, you called for me? He isn’t our son.
– He isn’t? Then who is? Ring him up. Yes, mom?
– Where are you? – Where else but in college? Come to your principal’s room.
– To the principal’s room? Come to your principal’s room right now.
– You mean you guys are in.. The college?
Shit! Mom, I’m coming! Wait! Where are you going?
– To the college. – Dressed like this? He is our son.
– This guy? This guy is an idiot! This guy attends college on Fresher’s Day,
Farewell Day and the days of college fests. ‘Shit!
He is bitching about me.’ ‘You’ve been busted.
You’re dead!’ Mom, please don’t kill me!
I’m your only son! Please, don’t kill me! Hi! Are you an indisciplined student like me?
You too would’ve got busted by your parents then. In case you liked this video, comment and let us know
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