University of Toronto: College Selection
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University of Toronto: College Selection

Hi! And welcome! We’re glad you’ve chosen to find out more about college selection at the University of Toronto, and how to make it your home away from home. Our unique college system is a very important part of academic and student life in the Faculty of Arts and Science. College membership means having a home on campus! Colleges are communities that provide academic support, residence accommodation, social activities, athletic pursuits, co-curricular experiences, and so much more! Let’s start off with some important points: Point Number 1: Every student enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science on the St. George (or downtown) campus is a member of one of the colleges. Students in other faculties (like Engineering) are only members of a college if they live in a college residence. Point Number Two:The colleges are for both students living in residence and those students who commute to campus. Point Number Three: You’ll have access to any program offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science, no matter which college you choose. Each college accepts a similar number of arts, science and business students. and Point Number Four: Each college offers Foundational Year Programs, or College Ones. College Ones provide unique learning opportunities in small classes Here’s the BIG question: how do you decide on your college ranking? You won’t find a college system like this anywhere in Canada — it’s part of what makes a University of Toronto education so rewarding. Each college has its own sense of community, fostered by: its students, academic programs and traditions. When you apply to the Faculty of Arts and Science you’ll be asked to rank all seven colleges in order of preference. Then you’ll receive one offer of college membership. The most important thing to know is that they’re all good choices. I’m the Faculty of Arts and Science
offers over 300 programs. If you’re interested in a program that’s sponsored by a college, this could help guide you with your ranking choices. But remember, you’ll have access to all programs in the Faculty, regardless of your college membership If you’re planning to live in residence — learning about the different types of residence accommodation each college offers, might be important to you.
You can choose dormitory, or apartment style,
How about a common kitchen? Do you prefer non-coed or Coed? And a meal plan is an option too.
Or it could be the size of the college that influences you. Some are small with about 2,000 students, and some are larger with over 5,000. But every college offers academic and personal support that is so important. The architecture of the college might be what attracts you — some have classic architecture while others are more modern. Some colleges give preference to the students who selected them first. How you decide on your ranking is a personal decision – but all the Colleges are great, so you
can’t go wrong! We hope that you’re now a little more confident about making your college choice. But it’s always best to do your own research.
Each college has its’ own website with a wealth of useful information.
And if you can, come for a campus tour! We’re sure that, whatever college you belong to, you’ll agree that the colleges are a unique, exciting and rewarding feature of an Arts & Science education at the University of Toronto. We look forward to welcoming you to your campus home!

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  1. you end up never being involved with college activities anyhow! its just a place u get ur osap and marks! university of Toronto is a tough university to attend and is the most boring place, if you are going there to party and have fun memories from there this is not the university for you but of u wanna remember forever what you study and be taken seriously by your colleagues at work go to u of t! social life at u of t is horrible! but gives you the best education guaranteed.

  2. Hi!
    I have a BS(research) in life sciences.
    I want to pursue courses like genetics/neuroscience/clinical research..
    Which of these courses are available there?

    It would be kind of you to help

  3. Hey guys I'm looking forward to applying in this university… I'm an Indian and currently persuing in information technology and i wanna pursue ms in computer science… An advice would be really helpful… Thank you..

  4. All the colleges are great, colleges don't matter much after first year but its a good place to start when you first get into uoft

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