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University of the Cordilleras – College of Accountancy

You know, college is a turning point when
you think of it more than just huge buildings and busy hallways. You think of
which school to go to and which course to take. You consider your passion, your
dream career even your skills University of the Cordilleras has become my home. It’s quite a while now since I first set foot in the College of
Accountancy. Oh, it always feels like the first time. People always perceive accountancy
students live within their own boxes, spend a lot of sleepless nights and
sacrifice their time to socialize. Yes, I guess it’s true but, I must say these are
just specks of what we really do. In my journey as an accountancy student, I’ve
made good friends. We do not compete instead, we help each other up and walk
together in the same pace towards our goal. We do not work only on academic
excellence our educators are profound in the field
and are open to students. I will never forget how they motivate me to
keep on pursuing my dreams no matter how difficult it may seem. Indeed,
looking at these Certified Public Accountants produced by our very own
university motivates me and pushes me even more to go beyond limits. I am so
much grateful for all the shared memories and learning I had with UC. They played a big part of who I am today and who I will be in the future. College of Accountancy offers other
courses that are in line with the most in-demand
professions in our country. So if you’re asking for a sign, maybe this is
it. Be one of us. UC College of
Accountancy, your home of dreams of hope and of reality.

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