University Guidance at EF Academy New York as told by Michael Muska
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University Guidance at EF Academy New York as told by Michael Muska

Greetings! My name is Matthew Gonzales and I’m the Deputy
Head of School for Academics at EF Academy New York. I have the distinct pleasure of introducing
our Senior Associate Director for University Guidance, Mr. Michael Muska. Michael comes to us with over 40 years of
university experience. He has worked at Brown University, Cornell
University and the Philips Andover Boarding School in Massachusetts. In addition to these work experiences, Michael
has co-authored a book entitled “Getting In,” tips and strategies for university placements. I would now like to turn it over to Michael
who will share with us specific strategies and techniques for getting into the university
of your choice. My approach to university advising is to really
look at each student as an individual. We know that every student is different and
they come to the table with different academic expectations and different dreams and goals
of how they hope the college process will go. We look at what they’ve accomplished in their
time here at EF, we look at what their aspirations are and we try to find the right fit for them. One of the pieces of that is trying to find
a school that they’re the most qualified to get into and I think we’ve done really in
terms of placing our EF students in some very, very good universities around the world. Last year, we had a couple of kids accepted
to Yale, to Columbia, to Cornell, to just give a few examples of some of the schools
in the Ivy League. But we’ve also done extremely well outside
the United States. We’ve really broaden the net in terms of all
kinds of schools that come to visit us here at EF, but also the kinds of schools that
our kids are now attending. Mr. Muska has really helped me in trying to
narrow down what I want to do for university, what my next goal is, what my targets are
and what I want to do next because although universities may seem really easy, you always
forget how broad your choices are. Mr. Muska has helped me decide what I want
and he has helped me find what I want. I think my friends and I all agree that our
counselors have really helped us in what we do next because sometimes things may be really
confusing such as undergraduate versus graduate. A lot of people at this stage may not know
that because they may not have done enough research on that but Mr. Muska really helps
explain things for me and how my university path is now a lot more clear thanks to him. One of the things about Charlie that I really
like is she is so versatile in terms of some of the things that she’s involved in. Academically she is one of our top students,
she’s a really good spokesperson for what life at EF is all about. And she loves the diversity and the international
flavor and feel of what the school is all about and I think that’s what students really
thrive in when they get here at EF. I think what one thing that a lot of families
don’t realize is that American universities, in particular, like the fact that a student
has spent some time here in the United States prior to going to university. By having that experience here at EF versus
say, staying in China or elsewhere prior to coming to university in the United States,
they’ve got that little bump and that little plus. They know what they’re getting into, they’re
not going to be homesick, they know what life in the United States is all about. I think that’s an important aspect of why
we really encourage students to think about coming to EF for a couple of years before
they go on to university in the United States.

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