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I was cleaning in my room, and I found my UVIC acceptance letter and my SFU acceptance letter I didn’t actually find my UBC acceptance letter, which is kind of weird considering It’s the school that I actually ended up going to but it reminded me that a few people actually asked me for this video So here I am making it It’s basically just gonna be tips on how to apply to University and a lot of them will be UBC specific But I feel like a lot of them also just be kind of generic I’m also gonna be talking about this from like a Canadian perspective But I think it also applies to a lot of like international students So I hope that it helps you out, and let’s just go ahead and get into the video all right So I have my laptop here with me, and I have a whole bunch of the tips written down But I also have my UBC application on here because I wrote it on word before submitting it online So I still have it And I’m gonna be showing you part of it, so Stay around for that so you have like some kind of idea for it. the first tip is don’t just apply to one University apply to a couple of them and definitely apply to a safety school because you can always Transfer from your safety school to whatever school you wanted initially for example here in British Columbia I know that a lot of people That get into Cap University and didn’t get into UBC actually end up transferring from Cap University to UBC So apply for it even if it’s not the school that you really wanted to in case something goes wrong with your other applications You have something to fall back on tip number two before you apply make sure that you meet all the requirements especially for the program that you’re applying to I I know that a lot of science programs at UBC require that you have things like chemistry or physics or whatever class that you took in high school make sure that you meet the requirement before applying for the program because Otherwise it’s just absolutely redundant to apply or apply to a different program And then you could always transfer into science or whatever whatever works just make sure that you meet the requirements Tip number three is that your grades matter. They really really matter if you want to get into a top university I can’t stress this enough if you’re watching this when you’re in grade 11 or grade 12 or Wherever you may be in life your grades are so so important um when I applied to UBC I had a 92 or 93 percent average and all of my scores on my provincial scores were high 80s or I think I had like 190 But I think that they got rid of provincial exams in BC They only have the English provincial left so when you take your English provincial Just put all the effort that you can into it because it really does matter Your provincial grades were kind of something that they really used to judge you on But I guess I don’t really know how it works anymore since they got rid of provincials But just make sure that your grades are pretty high up there I know for the program that I applied to I had to have mid to high 80s And I had it like I said I had 92 to 93 so it’s kind of nice to just have that relief of knowing that your grades weren’t good enough to get you in the school try and just Do as well as possible in school so you can get into it tip number four kinda relates a little bit to tip number three And it is that your grades are not everything most University Applications will have like an essay section or like a written response section and for UBC that is there UBC personal profile and it It is so so important The way that it works is basically you have your like school grades your averages your percentages whatever And then you have your personal profile Which they give you a score on and then they basically mash the two and that is your applications score So somebody with lower grades than you but a way better personal profile than you might have a better chance of getting in than you Would’ve. So your personal profile is really really important is what I’m trying to say, so don’t just be like oh, whatever I have good grades. I can just get by based on my good grades No, no, no you gotta do well on this and this is basically the chunk of the video this is gonna Take the biggest chunk of the video I mean so yeah Let’s get through it because I actually have the questions that were asked of me when I was applying to UBC And I’m gonna tell you what I wrote about and why I think that those were good Responses so the first question that I had was tell us about an experience in school or out that caused you to rethink or change Your perspective. What impact has this had on you I really thought about writing about my immigration story But I kind of thought that might have been a little bit cliche considering a lot of people have an immigration story But of course if that’s what you want to write about by all means do it so what I wrote about was performing musically in front of a crowd for the first time and I said that it opened The door to a world full of risks and that I kind of stepped out of my comfort zone and learnt that Things that makes you uncomfortable are not necessarily that yeah this whole response was just about me being able to step out of my comfort zone and being able to be a risk taker and Things like that which they do tend to like for you to get out of that’s that comfort zone that you have Question number two was explain how you’re responded to a significant challenge that you have encountered and what you learned in the process Um so what I’m wrote about here Was about my cousin being diagnosed with cancer as well as my grandmother being diagnosed with cancer which is I’m not really gonna get into it, but basically what I said is that I took a Challenge that was there for me, and then I made something quote-on quote good out of it I started a Relay for Life team with a really good friend of mine we were co-captains of the team and we fundraise for cancer and things like that so Basically what I said was that there was a community that kind of changed me And I didn’t know that existed And I kind of had some like leadership skills that I could apply to Relay for Life And I learned to a whole bunch of leadership skills within being captain for Relay for Life And I also said that I was reasonable to ask for help when you need it too instead of like trying to toughen things out Which I think was a good thing to kind of write about and then they have like another Response little section that says, please include any additional information that you would like the admissions committee to consider when reviewing your application It says that it’s optional, but don’t leave it blank give them as much information as you can give them And this is the section where I actually put things about my immigration story and how I moved from Colombia to Vancouver and how much I love the city and how much I really wanted to go to UBC and things like that And then they get you to list I believe how many activities… I think it’s five activities that kind of had outside of school, and then they get you to write about one of them So I’m gonna Get going on that first, and then I’ll tell you I’ll tell you about the activities that I actually Participated in so the question says tell us more about one of the activities that you listed above Explaining what your goals were what you did to pursue them There results achieved and what you learned in the process so here I kind of just talked about my acting career and kind of what I’ve learned throughout it and like what gave me the initiative to start acting and to pursue it and The like risks that I had to take every time that I go into like an audition and things like that But also how I can like Express myself and be able to receive criticism and take it in a positive way and make something good out of it Basically all these applications. Just want all these questions just Want you to tell them What skills you have what things You’ve learned from the experience that you’re gonna be writing about Now I’m going to be talking about the five activities that I did so you can choose a couple of different Like categories so they have a category for sports They have a category for leadership one for creative Performing Arts and one for work/ employment And then the other ones just like other something like that I can’t remember the exact categories But I’m gonna just kind of be putting the things that I wrote about And like my response on like the screen here because I’m not gonna be just reading it out loud to you, but basically What each single one of these things has is that I I told them what I learned from it try and be as diverse as possible telling them things that will show them that you are a good applicant and Yeah Yeah, I think that’s basically it. I’m just gonna be putting them here, and you can pause and see what what What is quote unquote good about them also I know what I’m about to say it’s kind of shitty but I did hear about it from a whole bunch of different people and teachers and While I was doing my application process I was basically just told not to write about anything related to mental health things like depression Or anxiety or things like that that you might have struggled with just don’t write about them I don’t really know what their huge issue is with them, but like my speculation is that they might not want to have to deal with like a suicide on campus or any kind of those stories or they might not think that you’ll be able to handle the pressure of University and that being accepted into University will just cause cost you more anxiety and things that you can’t deal with Which is just absolutely shitty because people with mental health issues are probably some of the strongest people that I know But yeah, just try and stray away from that I feel like that is something that is worth mentioning because I do want you to be able to get into the University and apparently They don’t like that so just try and step away from that and then the next tip is Proofread proofread freaking proofread the heck out of these little essays each one of them is 200 words which is really not a lot But it almost makes it harder because you have to make everything so Concise and precise and just make sure that every single sentence matters There’s no filler thing so you think that 200 words is easier But I actually found it harder than if they’ve given you more space to write send it to your friends your family Whoever like a trusted teacher that will help you proofread and make correct mistakes that you didn’t know were there Alright tip number six is make sure that you choose your references wisely so if you’re applying for the January 15 deadline you need two references, but if you’re applying for the December 1st deadline Which is what I did that was the one for the major entrance scholarship You will be needing to reference letters from two people So just make sure that you choose whoever those people are very wisely I chose my vice principle at my school And I believe one of my favorite teachers at my school as well and there were both people that knew me fairly well So their letters didn’t end up being like generic It’s definitely showed that they knew me as a person so definitely make sure that your references are good and that is basically all you Really need you just gotta submit your grades your essays slash personal profile your two references And then you just pay money to the university to apply if I do think of any other tips I’ll be sure to leave them and in the description down below so you can check those out I will also have a whole bunch of links there if you have any other questions You can definitely ask me in the comments down below, and I’ll try my best to answer them But I’m not an admissions person, so if there’s something that I can’t answer for you I’ll try and direct you to like a link or something that will help you out a little bit better And if you are for some reason a UBC student that is just watching this now and you have any tips that I might have missed or things like that leave them in the comments below as well because somebody might benefit from it and that is all to make sure to give this video a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button and Hopefully I will catch you in my next video or who knows maybe I’ll see you around UBC next year

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100 thoughts on “UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE APPLICATION TIPS + HOW I GOT INTO UBC || My Grades, Written Responses

  1. EDIT NOVEMBER 2019 – a few people have brought to my attention that apparently reference letters aren't required! You'll just need the contact info of your references to put on your application. Should've written this when my sister applied but didn't think to write it on here.

    EDIT DECEMBER 2018 – I'm getting A LOT of the same questions over and over again, many of which are very easy to do a 2 minute Google search and will give you an answer much quicker than I'll be able to reply. There's also lots that will easily be answered by clicking the links in the description box of this video – including admission requirements. I can try to help, but you guys also gotta do some of your own research (it's definitely a skill you need to be at UBC anyways, so might as well practice it!)!

    I left tons of helpful links in the description of this video!! There's also a lot of other useful resources online that will be able to help you out with your application (I didn't want to include everything cuz this video would've been 10 years long), just remember to do your research 🙂 Also I just realized there's a typo, for UVIC it was a $2500 scholarship and it was their entrance scholarship– so if you're planning to apply there just based on your grades you can get that much money!

  2. I applied this December and I can attest that questions have changed. I hope you all good luck on your applications!:)

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    I just want to knw like you said that students apply in safety schools as well and if they don't get in their desired university then they go in these safely colleges only and then transfer later on. so how this transfer process work like if they are not getting admission initially then how they get admission after getting in other college.
    It would be great if you could share inf on this( for an international student) 🙂

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    The personal profile questions did change a bit, but mostly everything was the same :-O

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    Generically speaking, whats the prerequisite average for admission into UBC? If you don't mind sharing, what were your grades like in high school?
    From a social standpoint, how was your transition into uni? (Is it easy to make friends on campus?)
    How relevant is the IB diploma/bundle in the scope of UBC admission? (Do IB students have the upper hand over students enrolled in academic classes?)

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    And I guess it is not sth like depression or sth that makes the uni thinks I'm gonna get them into trouble.
    So do you still think it is better not to mention it?

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  34. update for 2020 high school grads:
    Some of you may or may not know but there is no more provincial exams for any subjects for our grad year. Your grades are everything, so work hard on your grades, join a lot of clubs and fully complete your capstone project if your school is implicating the course.

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  43. High school is a joke, study 2-3 hours a day, almost anyone can score an A and get accepted into UBC. Just go on the admission web site and all the info are there. No tips required. The real challenges come after your undergrad when applying into Law, Medicine, Dentistry, and other competitive professional programs. Enjoy your time in grade 12 and don't stress too much about it kids.

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